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ID: 131e042c48 No.6033[View All]

anybody have pics and or vids from OMGyes? so many hot amateurs
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ID: fd39ec1542 No.9000

I've found the EMERALD LEE video and pictures. Give me a couple days to DL them and upload them and I'll post here

ID: 85309984f4 No.9015

in the meantime here are some free pics of lee naturalhairywomen.net/emerald-lee/

ID: 6f89264caa No.9026

you are a hero.

ID: 6f89264caa No.9046

I found one of Emerald Lee's Naughty Hairy vids… thanks for the lead.

I hope there's more and somehow we find the other girls as well.

ID: 6f89264caa No.9067

maybe this link works..

ID: 6f89264caa No.9069

duh, forgot link… sendvid.com/43he01en

ID: 55855f75c4 No.9375

It would be incredible if someone could upload a lot of the videos to motherless or something. Would especially love to see more Maria and more Alvba

ID: 5493fe58cd No.9411

i'm not the uploader, i just found this link elsewhere.

However, here's a link to all videos (~4,3GB):


ID: 738dfebb1a No.9471

Does anyone know if Carla has a demonstration? or if Maria has another one? I feel like my collection might be missing some

ID: 6f89264caa No.9575

Carla has no demos and Maria has only 2 vids I think.

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9576

Too bad about Carla, she's cute. Has anybody used the demonstration app? What's it like, do the girls moan?

ID: 6f89264caa No.9627

the demo app is nice. works better on the phone for touch purposes. some girls moan if you do it right. lee's demo is my fav. there's one girl's demo i forgot who that no matter how fast i "stroke" her bean, it's not fast enough for her. damn near lost my finger prints doing that

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9628

which girls moan? would love to see video of these at work

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9694

bumping for demos

ID: 6f89264caa No.9701


Zoey's demo: sendvid.com/dfqkxgha

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9702

Thanks man!! How'd you get that vid? Any others?

ID: 6f89264caa No.9704

screencap… there are others… just wanted to try if it works… i'll upload some others… as you can imagine, it take a bit of work since I assume you want the video that "made them cum" and not the failures.. lol

ID: 6f89264caa No.9706

another one… alba's demo. A bit shorter cuz "I made her cum" really fast.. i recommend headphones with the volume up

ID: 6f89264caa No.9707

Another one.. Lee's demo. sendvid.com/t7vgc69s

last on for the day… my wrist hurts.. lol

ID: d981fe2142 No.9708


Thanks man

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9752

anybody have diana or sonya's demos?

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9842


ID: 4ade5a1683 No.10109

bump. anymore diana?

ID: 6f89264caa No.10135


ID: b5c192af4a No.10689

Has anyone found anything else with Alba?

ID: 14e02fad4b No.11002


ID: d981fe2142 No.11514

Anyone had luck finding new content?

ID: 6f89264caa No.11563

looks like the company has yet to finish their season 1 content. No updates for months. As for the girls, we only found more of Lee. The others probably used fake names and such… hard to find. Would love to find more of Alba and Zooey.

ID: d981fe2142 No.11843

has anyone been able to find if any of the others have done stuff like Lee?

ID: 6f89264caa No.11861

it's quite difficult cuz the women here either used fake names or perhaps have not done anything else like Lee.

ID: d6bb6d575c No.11871

The red head is on Honey-Cream as Michelle, also known as Penelope Lynn and did a couple handjob and glory hole videos.

ID: a9686eb57a No.11872

Nice find! I wasn't sure it was her at first cause the hair looked so different, but her hip tattoo matches up perfectly. She must have a wig on in the OMG vid. I can't find her handjob vids though

ID: 8cfb1d12ae No.11876

Her thread on freeones has all of the info

ID: 6f89264caa No.11885

great job you guys. Perhaps someone could find out who Alba and Zooey are.

ID: 701f7f5903 No.12232


ID: 6f89264caa No.12312

bumping to keep thread alive.
no updates from OMG YES unfortunately.
Also seems like Lee has not been doing a lot of other stuff lately… sad.

ID: 81c4834212 No.12535

bump for zoey

ID: 1884b47532 No.12588

so I guess work is being done on season 2 and it will be about " internal and g-spot stimulation with fingers, but also includes the first-ever scientific research about techniques for 'squirting,' different ways of simultaneously stimulating internally and the clit, ways that breathing enhances pleasure and specific ways of exploring and discovering new kinds of pleasure." and future seasons will be about "oral sex, penis-in-vagina sex, anal stimulation, toys, male pleasure and lots more." so looks like we could be in for some good content in the future

ID: 6f89264caa No.12626

where did you get this info? any eta on season 2?

ID: 849a4cef84 No.12639


scroll down to "season two and beyond"

ID: 6f89264caa No.12657

thanks. they need to hurry up and finish Season 1 first. It's only 91% complete.

Hopefully, they'll start showing the women orgasm and squirt. With the exception of Lee, they cut off too early.. lol

Also, more Zoey and Alba!

ID: 3d9f3de9d4 No.12665

whole season 1 in this torrent

ID: 1884b47532 No.12676

that one have the last two parts that are typically missing?

ID: 03bf7931fd No.13208


ID: 9447562aea No.13209

Uploaded:2016-10-26 23:28:10
4.25 gig

I dont think so.

ID: 534873e663 No.13552

Any Zoey stuff?

ID: e067df71bb No.14509


ID: 81c4834212 No.15146

Any updates?

ID: 81c4834212 No.15661

has there been any updates

ID: 03bf7931fd No.15672

no updates. Season 1 is still at 91%. Either they didn't make enough money or the girls decided not to continue rubbing their beans on cam.

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