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File: 1460490810257-0.png (372.16 KB, 670x350, 00f03de0-8bcf-0133-3946-06….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1460490810257-1.png (494.46 KB, 710x350, omgyes-app.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 131e042c48 No.6033[Last 50 Posts]

anybody have pics and or vids from OMGyes? so many hot amateurs

ID: 6f89264caa No.6126

File: 1460847538493.png (132.64 KB, 392x190, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at ….png) ImgOps Google

girl on right

ID: 6f89264caa No.6128

File: 1460861668022.png (1.01 MB, 1165x689, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at ….png) ImgOps Google

girl with glasses

ID: 42f25ce0aa No.6163

oh shit! where'd you get these? any other pics??

ID: 42f25ce0aa No.6172

File: 1461034262598.jpg (41.03 KB, 835x443, OMGYes Zoey.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

got pics of zooey?

ID: 42f25ce0aa No.6246


ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6255

They're screenshots from the videos. Here's a torrent to download most of them.

Parts 11 and 12 are missing.

ID: 131e042c48 No.6263

File: 1461622955652-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, jillian-hand-demo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1461622955652-1.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, olivia-laying.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1461622955652-2.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, zoey-talking.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

link wasn't working.anymore screenshots?? These girls are gorgeous

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6265

Links working fine for me. Do you know how to use torrents?

ID: 6f89264caa No.6270

File: 1461652122245-0.png (877.65 KB, 1227x688, Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1461652122245-1.png (1.11 MB, 1227x687, Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at ….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 131e042c48 No.6284

I'm not really familiar with torrents. I try going to the posted link but it wont load. also, do any of the girls get off in the demo vids?

ID: 131e042c48 No.6314


ID: 0866eab0df No.6355

Any non torrent download links?>>6263

ID: 6f89264caa No.6356

the girls do get off in the demo vids but they are "more realistic" that porn if that made any sense.
so no screaming orgasms.
i think pirate bay has the torrent. search for the title and you should find it.

ID: 0866eab0df No.6361

Please upload more pictures

ID: 131e042c48 No.6366

no luck there unfortunately

ID: 6f89264caa No.6367

This should work.. this is how I got the vids

ID: 6f89264caa No.6368

File: 1462208744388-0.png (1.11 MB, 1189x682, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1462208744388-1.png (856.48 KB, 915x684, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at ….png) ImgOps Google

some more pics.. plus a vid
i think that's a temporary link so watch or download if you can within 30 days. i uploaded anon

ID: 131e042c48 No.6369

Damn Alba's got some killer tits. Thanks for all the good work anon, this site needs more like you. Sadly video got pulled for copyright. Maybe momless will work better

ID: 6f89264caa No.6371

File: 1462216989243-0.png (995.39 KB, 1214x678, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at ….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1462216989243-1.png (763.99 KB, 1215x677, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at ….png) ImgOps Google

i know right?
well, that was quick. I'll keep trying other sites. the site w/o mothers require an account to upload. as you can imagine i like to upload anon for copyright stuff.
Meanwhile, enjoy Lee's "O" face.

ID: 42f25ce0aa No.6372

She is absolutely magnificent.
Maybe anon-v, or mega would be good places to put them. And again, thanks for putting in all the effort anon, lord knows you don't have to

ID: 0866eab0df No.6384

Yea, thanks man. These girls are amazing. The more you can post the better :P

ID: 6f89264caa No.6393

re-uploaded it again. maybe this time it won't go away.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6394

another one… just cuz i have time.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6395

duh, forgot the link sorry

ID: 131e042c48 No.6396

Damn,thank you!! could you post one of the vids where the girl cums next?

ID: 0866eab0df No.6398

Any vids of the blonde?

ID: 40ea0a895c No.6407


The latin girl would be awesome!!

ID: 6f89264caa No.6410

Hey guys.. here's a couple more.. anon-v is quite painful to upload but hey, beggars cant be choosers…

ID: 131e042c48 No.6416

Thanks so much man!Damn they are so hot. Is that as graphic as the vids get, or are there some where we actually see them reach orgasm?

ID: 6f89264caa No.6421

since the vids are instructional in nature, we dont get to see much on the girls orgasms. there are other videos that show more but not much in the orgasm area. But the closest to hearing one of the girls orgasm was the interactive video of the blonde girl with glasses. unfortunately, the interactive videos are not part of the torrent file.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6422

i actually cant wait for "season 2."
I know it is a fantasy or hoping a lot but since emma watson raved abt this website, I hope they ask her to do a demo of her own. I would pay 10x their subscription for that video.

ID: 131e042c48 No.6427

That's too bad, but I can't complain, these girls are super sexy. Any videos where we at least get some moans or some sign of pleasure being had?
That would be awesome but it's never gonna happen. Emma won't even show her ass in a movie, so i don't think she's gonna diddle herself on camera. Most I see her doing is talking about what she does (which would be cool) but I high doubt that as well

ID: e4abdfb565 No.6448

L is amazing!! Do you have the full video of her?

ID: 6f89264caa No.6454

unfortunately, the videos were made to be more instructional rather than for arousal. So there are no videos that showed further than the ones I shared. Typically, they cut off when the girl's about to let loose her "o" face and sounds.

Unfortunately, L doesn't have a longer video. Her other videos only show her talking about how she pleasures herself (or how she wants her partners to do it). She has another video that focus more on her vagina.

As the site promised, the amateurs are just there to "instruct" how they do their thing. I can't wait for season 2 though.

ID: e4abdfb565 No.6460

In that case, do you have the other videos of L?

ID: 131e042c48 No.6463

ah well, still top quality stuff. Thanks for going through all the trouble to post the vids you did

ID: baac90d8a6 No.6649

Bump for more of her!

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6651

Has anyone been able to find the last to parts, 11 and 12?

ID: 6f89264caa No.6664

unfortunately, the anon who did the torrent has not updated the file.
From what I've seen, it's mostly interviews from the women. Only 1-2 women had more demos and they are not the ones requested here.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6665

File: 1463946932829-0.png (826.15 KB, 1366x768, 1.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1463946932829-1.png (857.04 KB, 1240x760, 2.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1463946932829-2.png (821.38 KB, 1366x768, 3.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1463946932829-3.png (817.57 KB, 1366x768, 4.png) ImgOps Google

The best i could do. I did screen shots of her interactive demo.
So the interactive demo is basically a full close up of the girl's pussy with instructional arrows on how to get them off. it has sound that "reacts" with your performance and they tell you what they want/don't want. best done on a smartphone. another cool part is that the body parts move with the "touch" of the user's fingers.
Let's just say, i'd like to be part of the team that made the interactive demo. damn.

ID: 4764691e68 No.6670

File: 1463972278941.png (148.24 KB, 605x191, Lee E.PNG) ImgOps Google

not sure if its actually her but she will be on ifm 29may

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6671

Definitely looks like her. Anyone know a site that post IFM content regularly?

ID: 6f89264caa No.6680


ID: 6f89264caa No.6681

never mind. i think i found it. If she is on IFM, then there should be more. searching….

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6686

Had a look through the IFM video profiles and haven't been able to find her

ID: 4764691e68 No.6688

it will be her first contribution so she will get updated when her video is going to come out

ID: bdebbc9a53 No.6689

what is ifm?

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6690

Ifeelmyself. It's a artistic porn site about chicks rubbing one out

ID: 6f89264caa No.6695

yeah, i saw in their forum that it would up May 29. Also confirmed that it is Lee E. one asked if she was the girl from OMGYes. No answer. pretty safe to say it is confirmed her. can't wait.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6763

any word or any one have the vid?

ID: bdebbc9a53 No.6774

vid is out and we get to see her cum multiple times! can anybody find a download?

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6777

Have you seen the video? Also there should be a download for it sometime tomorrow.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6784

will be waiting tomorrow.

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6787

File: 1464653568566.jpg (130.82 KB, 700x446, s2436_s.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

DL now. Will rehost on zippyshare and post again.

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6790


Here's the video. Gonna put it on anon-v for streaming to

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6792

Heres the streaming link


ID: bb1b6b4bd3 No.6794

bump for zooey, she's really hot. I love the part where her pussy pulsates in the one on edging. >>6270

ID: 6f89264caa No.6796

thanks anon. dling now.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6954

it looks like Lee has another IFM vid coming up. June 10

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6956

I'll post it as so as I can

ID: 6f89264caa No.6965

thanks man.

ID: 6f89264caa No.6971

File: 1465629914682.jpg (41.24 KB, 480x270, lee.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it's part 2 of her solo vid.
any leads on dl links?

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6990

File: 1465700737300.jpg (130.08 KB, 700x446, s2448_s.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

downloading it now

ID: 5fd89a62ec No.6991

IFM Lee_E 2


ID: 6f89264caa No.6992

hot damn… thanks man..
IFM is a good source.

ID: 738dfebb1a No.7348

bumping for more vids of Alba

ID: 6f89264caa No.7392

The other alba video

ID: 6f89264caa No.7393

i forgot the link. sorry

ID: d3b72090f0 No.7635

Anyone been able to find more of these girls or parts 11 and 12?

ID: 3ef2677937 No.8087

File: 1473982496294.jpeg (310.57 KB, 873x675, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

So is there any videos online of like their full masturbation sessions? I just bought the membership and was really disappointed that it barely showed them actually masturbating and there was maybe 2 orgasms only kind of shown. Would especially like to see more zoey.

ID: 2ff782cd66 No.8091

Are there any working downloads currently?

ID: 6f89264caa No.8095

hmm yeah.. same disappointment here. At least Lee went on IFM. Don't know about zoey though.

also, they need to hurry up and finish season 1 already.

ID: 8b2aa9949f No.8097

They really do need to finish season 1. The website said season 2 was going to include penetration techniques, so that should be better. Definately gonna torrent the videos instead of spending all that money again though, now that i know what to expect.

ID: d3b72090f0 No.8100

If you have a membership could you upload parts 11 and 12?

ID: 9447562aea No.8121

use internet download manager (get from TPB) and firefox to download the video streams

ID: b295921172 No.8208

Yeah, from watching Zoey's 2 videos, it would cut to her fully naked and masturbating. (They also show a small clip of her orgasm.) Leads me to think they shot a full video of her getting off. It has to be out there somewhere! (Maybe needs to be leaked? :P)

ID: 6f89264caa No.8260

yep. someone needs to hack their servers… need those uncut vids

ID: 4a9f147e42 No.8262


ID: dfab143f02 No.8264

What's this a torrent of? Since the post directly above it is spam i'm just a little wary is all.

ID: 9447562aea No.8271

the torrent is of the regular 1-10 eps t hat everyone already has.

someone with an account, get IDM and rip the site!

ID: 3d5b027fc2 No.8274

Would love to, give me some tutorial and I will try.

ID: 6f89264caa No.8275

if only we have zooey's last name or any other video work..

ID: 4a9f147e42 No.8276

some of abbywinters is way better than this omg

ID: 9447562aea No.8277

1. download qbittorrent (google), free and open source

2. go to thepiratebay (.org) and search for "Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.25 Build 25"

3. click the upsidedown magnet and download

4. follow the instructions in the download and install IDM

5. open IDM and follow the instructions to integrate it with firefox

6. go to OMGyes and view a vid. make sure you are playing it in top quality. IDM will place a download button on omgYes by the video. click to download.

7. post for world to see

8. Everybody wins!

ID: 855e034828 No.8578

Anyone found anything new?

ID: 6f89264caa No.8601

sadly, no. they need to release a new video or release the BTS footage.

ID: 55855f75c4 No.8666

Can someone post more videos to anon-v?
Would love to see Diana or Maria

ID: abf641565b No.8880

Has anyone got eps 11-12? The only torrents I've found end at 10.

ID: 6f89264caa No.8953

Here's one of Diana: sendvid.com/u6k4u1m9

Here's one of Maria:

Anon-v is being a bitch to me right now so hopefully sendvid would stay up.

ID: 02a5d82466 No.8995


ID: fd39ec1542 No.8996

Nice find. Hope there's something for zoey out in the wild

ID: 69543f4ec9 No.8997

None of the vids are working for me, how did you watch them?

ID: fd39ec1542 No.8998

it's a premium site so you'll have to pay. I haven't watched them but I am tracking down her videos

ID: fd39ec1542 No.9000

I've found the EMERALD LEE video and pictures. Give me a couple days to DL them and upload them and I'll post here

ID: 85309984f4 No.9015

in the meantime here are some free pics of lee naturalhairywomen.net/emerald-lee/

ID: 6f89264caa No.9026

you are a hero.

ID: 6f89264caa No.9046

I found one of Emerald Lee's Naughty Hairy vids… thanks for the lead.

I hope there's more and somehow we find the other girls as well.

ID: 6f89264caa No.9067

maybe this link works..

ID: 6f89264caa No.9069

duh, forgot link… sendvid.com/43he01en

ID: 55855f75c4 No.9375

It would be incredible if someone could upload a lot of the videos to motherless or something. Would especially love to see more Maria and more Alvba

ID: 5493fe58cd No.9411

i'm not the uploader, i just found this link elsewhere.

However, here's a link to all videos (~4,3GB):


ID: 738dfebb1a No.9471

Does anyone know if Carla has a demonstration? or if Maria has another one? I feel like my collection might be missing some

ID: 6f89264caa No.9575

Carla has no demos and Maria has only 2 vids I think.

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9576

Too bad about Carla, she's cute. Has anybody used the demonstration app? What's it like, do the girls moan?

ID: 6f89264caa No.9627

the demo app is nice. works better on the phone for touch purposes. some girls moan if you do it right. lee's demo is my fav. there's one girl's demo i forgot who that no matter how fast i "stroke" her bean, it's not fast enough for her. damn near lost my finger prints doing that

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9628

which girls moan? would love to see video of these at work

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9694

bumping for demos

ID: 6f89264caa No.9701


Zoey's demo: sendvid.com/dfqkxgha

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9702

Thanks man!! How'd you get that vid? Any others?

ID: 6f89264caa No.9704

screencap… there are others… just wanted to try if it works… i'll upload some others… as you can imagine, it take a bit of work since I assume you want the video that "made them cum" and not the failures.. lol

ID: 6f89264caa No.9706

another one… alba's demo. A bit shorter cuz "I made her cum" really fast.. i recommend headphones with the volume up

ID: 6f89264caa No.9707

Another one.. Lee's demo. sendvid.com/t7vgc69s

last on for the day… my wrist hurts.. lol

ID: d981fe2142 No.9708


Thanks man

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9752

anybody have diana or sonya's demos?

ID: 738dfebb1a No.9842


ID: 4ade5a1683 No.10109

bump. anymore diana?

ID: 6f89264caa No.10135


ID: b5c192af4a No.10689

Has anyone found anything else with Alba?

ID: 14e02fad4b No.11002


ID: d981fe2142 No.11514

Anyone had luck finding new content?

ID: 6f89264caa No.11563

looks like the company has yet to finish their season 1 content. No updates for months. As for the girls, we only found more of Lee. The others probably used fake names and such… hard to find. Would love to find more of Alba and Zooey.

ID: d981fe2142 No.11843

has anyone been able to find if any of the others have done stuff like Lee?

ID: 6f89264caa No.11861

it's quite difficult cuz the women here either used fake names or perhaps have not done anything else like Lee.

ID: d6bb6d575c No.11871

The red head is on Honey-Cream as Michelle, also known as Penelope Lynn and did a couple handjob and glory hole videos.

ID: a9686eb57a No.11872

Nice find! I wasn't sure it was her at first cause the hair looked so different, but her hip tattoo matches up perfectly. She must have a wig on in the OMG vid. I can't find her handjob vids though

ID: 8cfb1d12ae No.11876

Her thread on freeones has all of the info

ID: 6f89264caa No.11885

great job you guys. Perhaps someone could find out who Alba and Zooey are.

ID: 701f7f5903 No.12232


ID: 6f89264caa No.12312

bumping to keep thread alive.
no updates from OMG YES unfortunately.
Also seems like Lee has not been doing a lot of other stuff lately… sad.

ID: 81c4834212 No.12535

bump for zoey

ID: 1884b47532 No.12588

so I guess work is being done on season 2 and it will be about " internal and g-spot stimulation with fingers, but also includes the first-ever scientific research about techniques for 'squirting,' different ways of simultaneously stimulating internally and the clit, ways that breathing enhances pleasure and specific ways of exploring and discovering new kinds of pleasure." and future seasons will be about "oral sex, penis-in-vagina sex, anal stimulation, toys, male pleasure and lots more." so looks like we could be in for some good content in the future

ID: 6f89264caa No.12626

where did you get this info? any eta on season 2?

ID: 849a4cef84 No.12639


scroll down to "season two and beyond"

ID: 6f89264caa No.12657

thanks. they need to hurry up and finish Season 1 first. It's only 91% complete.

Hopefully, they'll start showing the women orgasm and squirt. With the exception of Lee, they cut off too early.. lol

Also, more Zoey and Alba!

ID: 3d9f3de9d4 No.12665

whole season 1 in this torrent

ID: 1884b47532 No.12676

that one have the last two parts that are typically missing?

ID: 03bf7931fd No.13208


ID: 9447562aea No.13209

Uploaded:2016-10-26 23:28:10
4.25 gig

I dont think so.

ID: 534873e663 No.13552

Any Zoey stuff?

ID: e067df71bb No.14509


ID: 81c4834212 No.15146

Any updates?

ID: 81c4834212 No.15661

has there been any updates

ID: 03bf7931fd No.15672

no updates. Season 1 is still at 91%. Either they didn't make enough money or the girls decided not to continue rubbing their beans on cam.

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