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File: 1490388865804-0.png (569.53 KB, 1027x810, Austin Breezy.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1490388865804-1.png (1.93 MB, 1980x1109, Austin Breezy 2.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1490388865804-2.png (701.85 KB, 560x972, Austin Breezy 3.png) ImgOps Google

ID: f6b63a33c9 No.8191[Last 50 Posts]

Anyone have any of her new content or great videos from her past? Goes by Austin Breezy on Xebo and
Chelsea Folk on vine / St0lenL0ve

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8195


ID: 3b77799c38 No.8199

bumpin tf outta this

ID: 89baf10c43 No.8231

Bumpy bump

ID: 121b79928d No.8232

All u have to do is google her name and put fucking after.

ID: b0f240b077 No.8234

I purchased about 6 videos of when i had a thing for her haha. Someone tell me how to grab them from the website

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8244

Use mega.nz

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8261


ID: 7b5bd0617c No.8297

Bump for the 6 videos

ID: bef17ae250 No.8335

got over 10 vids of her and her riding real dick. we did business before.

ID: 7c08579e04 No.8339



ID: 96601492b8 No.8342

Drop please

ID: 528fd508be No.8361

Bump vids please anon

ID: 1ca83ed411 No.8370

www.shesfreaky com/video/austin-breezy-75405.html#:k4

ID: 89baf10c43 No.8373

Bump for the 10 bids please

ID: 6e03377a0a No.8375

He's lying guys dont fall for this shit buddy came outta nowhere with no proof whatsoever just stirring up shit and geting your hopes up

ID: a05bd79e03 No.8394

I asked how to grab them from xebo not where to upload them.

ID: 393e028fdb No.8398


this should work.

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8422

Bump for got6

ID: bef17ae250 No.8433

lol bet. when i provide proof dont ask to see shit!

ID: 6e03377a0a No.8442

Fuck off dude you aint got shit so do us all a big favor and quit trollin yourself and us bro

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8450

Can you chill bro. We all want to see what he has and if he's trolling then oh well

ID: b5acbb9bdf No.8455

Be patient guys. Ill come through

ID: 4e56a22972 No.8456

File: 1490979586910.jpg (278.1 KB, 786x786, IMG_3838.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Ight I won't be showing any now because that fag. I have these in the pics you see and few more of her fucking and riding guys in another folder. Missed out for being a fag.

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8458

Fuck that guy just post them he was thevonly one doubting you

ID: 17f17db855 No.8467

That Marcuz guy always gets hella butt hurt.

ID: 6e03377a0a No.8473

Lol u fucking lame ass dude i knew your bitch ass was trollin dont get mad at me cause your lyin to yourself says he has stuff of her fucking but yet still i see no proof tho lol so again fuck off

ID: 4e56a22972 No.8476

You mad over a washed up girl I'm sleep. Be mad at her not me G. I'm still that nigga 🤣😎

ID: 45866ba03e No.8479


Screw that guy that was talking crap. I got this video from an earlier post. Great obe! Please share for the other people.

ID: 17f17db855 No.8480

This dude comes into every thread claiming to have videos and then proceeds to get mad every time. He's an attention whore

ID: 6e03377a0a No.8484

Brodie tf i got to be mad for? Take yo werid lame ass tf on somewhere i been knew u aint had shit i aint thirsty like some mfs in here to believe lies i just called yo bitch ass out on it lol and then this fuck nigga wanna use the scapegoat of " i was going to share but since someone is calling me out on it im not now" lmao nigga please u aint shit in the the first place boy lol just a fuck nigga lookin for clout so from the bottom of my nutsak once again sincerely… Fuck off

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8493

I just want the videos bro that's all i care about

ID: 4e56a22972 No.8501

Y'all know i got vids I always show proof and then y'all be like "that's not actual proof "trying to see more. I am THAT nigga and you will respect daddy.

ID: 8bb38dd700 No.8504

Gayest shit I read all year.

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8505

Bro it's one person denying your proof nobody else was saying anything. We just want the videos i can care less about this dude your arguing with

ID: 7222d5b178 No.8510

fuuuuuuuck yooooouuuu

ID: 055e8b3e5a No.8513

Marcuz4Lyfe is so gay

ID: bef17ae250 No.8531

lol I'll be gay.

ID: 5b8340bf7a No.8537

So you gonna post or what?

ID: 944dfbd48e No.8541

This guy nigger does the same thing in multiple threads for attention.

ID: 80dc7a0dfa No.8542

You spend so much money on videos only to come here and brag? Lmao. Sad.

ID: bef17ae250 No.8561

ewww why would i pay for these hoes vids. my social media accounts are HUGE and they do anything for a lot of followers lol. just wait until you see who else i got.

ID: 17f17db855 No.8564

Don't come here to brag. Post or gtfo

ID: 39386d946e No.8569

Mega says i beed a decryption key

ID: 528fd508be No.8578


ID: be260f5791 No.8583

someone can reup please

ID: 528fd508be No.8644


ID: 528fd508be No.8669

Up up up

ID: 43bceb95a8 No.8672


Nothing new but this is all I have from her old stuff.

ID: 800eb1f7a2 No.8675

Twerk vids?

ID: 528fd508be No.8706

Thanks anon!

Bumping for newest vids

ID: bef17ae250 No.8874


I'll post the doggy angle and others within 3 years as well!!

ID: 8c2b5ba945 No.8878

Wtf? Who wants to see some blurred out video? Either post shit or gtfo. Its that simple. Does it make you feel better to say you have a video or 2 and not share it?? Lol, Im guessing you were the little brother that never got enough chicken and grape drink at dinner time. Go settle your issues with a therapist, not here.

ID: bef17ae250 No.8879

So salty. Come eat this dick

ID: 0da592ac80 No.8893

^^^^ Gaaaaaaaayyyyyy

ID: 8c2b5ba945 No.8894

Heres some old stuff some may not have. (FYI None of its blurred out and or 15 seconds long) Sharing is caring!

ID: 7d293b8cae No.8920

Common post the unblurred fuck video


ID: bef17ae250 No.8923

nah. and that vid u posted sucks. the ones i have are all dildos and real dick of her.

ID: 0c5775a943 No.8924

^^ "real dick of her"
Super gaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

ID: 55e51a356d No.8943

i love my fans <3

ID: 0c5775a943 No.8946

Yeah, clearly you love the attention from all these dudes, you faggot.

ID: ea20103100 No.9328

File: 1492673316344.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, image.png) ImgOps Google

ID: be1898632b No.9541

Still not going to post those vids huh?

ID: b05e6aeb63 No.9829


ID: b05e6aeb63 No.9830


ID: 88590398ba No.9866

AB is retired.Whatever is on Xebo now is the last of her vids.

ID: 7819ed0e8c No.9905


ID: de63aa49aa No.9918

Alright guys i just counted how many videos i purchased & theres 16 in my cleeng/xebonix account.

ID: 6e34d7eed2 No.9941

Dropbox them bruh. BUMP

ID: 38e3ef856b No.9960

hmu if interested.

ID: 7819ed0e8c No.9976

bump thoooo

ID: 574be4207f No.10803


ID: 8111941d99 No.10965


ID: 1ced9a17db No.10973

Y are you guys bumping. I told yall to hmu

ID: 249b63316a No.11198

Bump bump bump

ID: 249b63316a No.11374

Bump…we need that sex clip

ID: 249b63316a No.11463


ID: aea388b24a No.11486


ID: 249b63316a No.11710


ID: 249b63316a No.11846


ID: d9a05e2ca1 No.12838

Bump thooooooo

ID: b8aecee471 No.13426


ID: 8e1072a9ed No.14015

Dude please share

ID: a53be4e615 No.14016

that dude who posted blurry shit doesnt respond on kik, which sucks cuz thats some prime shit. on the other hand i have every ab vid from xebo. hmu on kik: twerkbruh18

ID: 474e53536a No.14036

I have the video.. trying to figure out how to upload

ID: 211e90e1f8 No.14193

Bump for Austin breezy fuck vid

ID: 38839681c5 No.14261

Says your KIK has been offline for a long time

ID: 0e77e78ec5 No.14266

To the top be a hero please

ID: 0e77e78ec5 No.14323


ID: 7819ed0e8c No.14353

Bump that vid!

ID: ea20103100 No.14441

Upload the video please

ID: eaea1bb7fc No.14515


Fuckin shame 😟

ID: 249b63316a No.14640


ID: ea20103100 No.14930


Is this her?

ID: 249b63316a No.15259


ID: 69a8a56922 No.15648


ID: 88590398ba No.16335

Not a twerk video but here ya go:


ID: d8038eea4f No.16464

Damn he’s really going to hold out on that sexy video lol

ID: d8038eea4f No.16465


Sex video *

ID: 49946e29d0 No.16687

Can we just get a screen shot of dick in her pussy that would be awesome

ID: e55280892c No.16750

Right 😂. Somebody must have it

ID: 69a8a56922 No.17192


ID: 249b63316a No.17667


ID: 69a8a56922 No.18734

Damn bump

ID: 69a8a56922 No.19742


ID: 69a8a56922 No.20103

File: 1509406559293-0.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, photo jun 30, 6 15 38 am.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1509406559293-1.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, photo jun 30, 6 15 48 am.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 69a8a56922 No.20114

Can someone upload this post?


ID: 69a8a56922 No.20734

File: 1510189800559-0.jpg (117.09 KB, 720x960, IMG_1766.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1510189800559-1.jpg (107.84 KB, 720x960, IMG_1764.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 34e6d40a5c No.20747

Come on! Someone has to have some more wins.please someone lol

ID: 5989df9705 No.21777

Bump for this

ID: a53be4e615 No.22146

File: 1511913283703.jpg (204.46 KB, 1280x960, IMG_1119.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

heres another

ID: 45b79b9f4e No.22194

Bump it! Please anons

ID: cea0c7ed16 No.22196

she has a great twerk in the black outfit

ID: 45b79b9f4e No.22209


ID: 45b79b9f4e No.22329

Mas Por favor!

ID: 45b79b9f4e No.22356


ID: 89baf10c43 No.22428


ID: a53be4e615 No.22714


ID: 88590398ba No.22777

someone reup that plz..wetransfer deleted it

ID: 7486ac6fbe No.22788

Yeah what was it?

ID: 69a8a56922 No.22905

Bump for re-up

ID: 69a8a56922 No.23115

ID: 9c3cfde202 No.23119

Bump!! I miss this girl!

ID: 8cbaef0b2e No.23311

Bump Bump Bump

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