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File: 1501931899270.jpg (153.69 KB, 1080x1265, 20346963_486794131678667_4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 2947fc7814 No.4987


ID: bb842b2c40 No.4989

I smell a rat from the 'Cord.

ID: 88ba4d3a44 No.4993

File: 1501999820138.jpg (45.42 KB, 480x360, TrippleBarrelShotgun-Hicko….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

All Americans living in Tennessee have guns.

ID: 2947fc7814 No.5042

File: 1502629937327.jpg (65.78 KB, 665x878, 1502072506792.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: b9545471f0 No.5043


I think you meant to put this in the other thread, son

ID: 4b6e237c43 No.5044

Whoa were'd you find this?
Is she finally using her Snapchat?

ID: fac642486e No.5048

She doing new nudes?
Thanks for this btw!

ID: 36aeb79dc1 No.5050

whered that come from?

ID: 67e87cfdea No.5053

oh shit! post everything you've got.

ID: 67e87cfdea No.5056

>using a point and shoot camera

ID: 2947fc7814 No.5057

File: 1502708184384.jpg (40 KB, 470x795, 1502078315726.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 67e87cfdea No.5059


ID: 37c9cd9644 No.5073

You don't get to post new nudes and not explain. I've got a semi hard on now and I need to bust to some new material

ID: abd2804486 No.5078

What's her snap name?

ID: ba97d27470 No.5088

damn…she's gotten fatter

ID: a31c34a027 No.5091

Ready to see her taking it in the ass.

ID: 36aeb79dc1 No.5203

so anyone got new info on her?

ID: 0524c1908f No.5264


ID: 2e990944a6 No.5445


ID: fac642486e No.5449

File: 1507028537483.jpg (292.47 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0461_20161220_015618.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Anyone have new nudes?

ID: 2b9e082572 No.5451

File: 1507043859142.jpg (330 KB, 966x1288, IMG_0512.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Just this from 4chan. Yours is new, though.

ID: 368b974c50 No.5455

For someone who says repeatedly that 4chan ruined her life she sure does like to go back to that site a lot

Sadly, I think it is the only thing keeping her relevant so she clings to it. I feel for her a bit but can't help her if she doesn't respond to my FUCKING messages

ID: 2e990944a6 No.5457

She could also maybe try losing some weight and go on chaturbate more regularly.

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5465

just searched 4chan couldnt find them where are thay on 4chan?

ID: 2b9e082572 No.5466

That was days ago, thread is gone.

ID: fe3ed93cfa No.5467

We need more of this

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5475

fair enough
i agree anon

ID: 6e9518d015 No.5480

Oh shit! we need the rest of this

ID: 6e9518d015 No.5482

where did this came from? anon, i'm begging you, please tell us

ID: fac642486e No.5487

File: 1507373385557.jpg (325.5 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0464_20161220_015516.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

From last year when if you sent her money she'd send nudes rather than nowadays where you get excuses.

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5498

oh god more i love jessi id plow her meaty cunt any time

ID: 2e990944a6 No.5501

So what's her fat ass up to these days?

ID: 7cbac783b4 No.5507

File: 1507544585732.png (230.17 KB, 902x387, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

Not sure if troll or real, but she appears to have been on 4chan last week…can anyone confirm?

ID: c4e10b9186 No.5510

idk mane

what i know is that 4chong hates her shit. Her threads and specially her nudes are taken down within minutes

ID: c4e10b9186 No.5511

that sucks, how much do i need to spend on her if i want some nudes?

ID: 2e990944a6 No.5513

At this point, nothing. Don't bother. She's too goddamn lazy.

ID: fac642486e No.5514

Don't do it. I sent her money for nudes over a month ago and have received nothing but excuses.

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5538

how much you send? & i hope for more pics & vids surface

ID: fac642486e No.5540

60 dollars for a bate vid and some pics.
I ain't seeing either.

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5542

60 not that much she told me 150 for the same but also a 10min skype show

ID: 27bb4339d9 No.5543

Maybe that's the price to actually get them!

ID: c53b4f66fd No.5545

She also told me 60 for a 10 min vid and some pics but as soon as i was about to pay she bailed. I guess good since she seems to be scamming people

ID: fac642486e No.5557

You got lucky. It's odd as she's always bitching about having no money and has had no qualms about going nude before. Guess I'll spend my nude teen cash elsewhere. >>5545

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5570

File: 1508032865264.png (2.46 MB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20171015-125903.png) ImgOps Google

Well heres why jessis been quiet lately seems shes got a bf seen this on her instagram

ID: 368b974c50 No.5574

Isn't "Daddy" just typically the guy who is her SugarDaddy aka guy paying her for sex?

Wouldn't necessarily mean a bf

ID: 0238e140a8 No.5578

no on her discord, the dude really is her boyfriend, but has only been for couple of weeks at this point. she bought a new strap on to try on him, but as he's never done anal before, she is/was just fingering his butt for the moment.

ID: fac642486e No.5580

File: 1508108301670.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-235653.png) ImgOps Google

Her daddy is a potato.

ID: 2e990944a6 No.5581

oh dear lord

ID: 2947fc7814 No.5583


Those pictures are not on her Instagram. Did she delete them?

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5584

whats her discord?

ID: 442f432cf9 No.5585


dont bother going there. youll get nothing out of it. shes surrounded by like-minded mentally ill people and she constantly posts that she wants to die/kill herself. Its all very tiring and old.

Plus like others have said, if you pay her for content youre just going to get scammed. Shes too lazy to make easy money, thats how retarded she is.

ID: 17dfabda4f No.5587

im curious to see it what is it?

ID: 4a43d39402 No.5588

It was an instagram story.

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