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File: 1497589328920.jpg (38.89 KB, 512x384, tmp_21842-1363832337486-20….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 180be57f66 No.2228

My hubby wants to cuckold me out for alot of men to enjoy my body as he watches me getting fucked. Anyone interested?

ID: 180be57f66 No.2230

He wants me to try at least 10 men for my first session or is it to many or not enought

ID: 54a16629cf No.2246

My pussy needs to be fucked by at least 10 men.

ID: 54a16629cf No.2247

Your cunt looks really loose. I hope you get your ten Cocks and even more.you lucky dirty girl.

ID: 0afd0dd4d6 No.2250


ID: 54a16629cf No.2256


ID: 44809bb78e No.2312

Where in England?

ID: e3a117589b No.2314

File: 1499062087736.jpg (37.7 KB, 512x384, 1363832340894.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 1289bec466 No.2332

I could be interested

ID: e3a117589b No.2337

How many guys would there be?

ID: 1289bec466 No.2339

Just me and a friend, you would have to get the other 8 men

ID: e3a117589b No.2340

OK my friend that's 2 Cocks for me. Thanx

ID: 1289bec466 No.2341

By the way when are you planning for this to take place? And would it be in Essex?

ID: e3a117589b No.2342

File: 1499326791577.jpg (56.97 KB, 512x384, 1363832337749.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

When I reach 10 men. Where are you and yes in Essex.

ID: 1289bec466 No.2343

That’s so hot. We are from the Midlands but can travel to Essex.

ID: e3a117589b No.2344

Thanx boys. And what's hot?

ID: 1289bec466 No.2345

Your stretched pussy is hot.

ID: e3a117589b No.2346

File: 1499328564600.jpg (59.27 KB, 512x384, 1363832338051.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Thanx again. I'm glad you like my pussy. And soon you could both be fucking it.

ID: 1289bec466 No.2347

I can’t wait, will be a lot of fun.

ID: e3a117589b No.2348

It will be mostly for me. And you guys to.omg my pussy close up pic is so graphic that you can see inside me and my pee hole too.

ID: 1289bec466 No.2349

WOW your husband is a lucky man. Do you have any more pictures?

ID: e3a117589b No.2350

File: 1499330286858.jpg (99.1 KB, 1011x1266, 20170521_214858.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I keep telling him that. Yes more pics.

ID: e3a117589b No.2351

File: 1499330429533.jpg (64.91 KB, 512x384, 1363829767272.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

And more

ID: 1289bec466 No.2352

I can't wait to pound that pink pussy in front of your husband.

ID: e3a117589b No.2353

Yes I'm very pink inside.he will love watching me making all you guys cum. He wants to see me covered in it.

ID: 1289bec466 No.2354

Your husband won't be be disappointed.

ID: bf8d89c891 No.2361

Hi, how is the search going?

ID: e3a117589b No.2362

My hubby has got 3 of his friends involved and I know them well to.but it will be a bit strange having them fucking me. Half way there.

ID: bf8d89c891 No.2363

Sounds amazing. Btw do you have any videos you could post?

ID: e3a117589b No.2364

I have a few films but I don't like watching myself on camera. I may post them later. Yeah got 5 guys and counting need at least another 5. Are you offering yourself too.

ID: bf8d89c891 No.2365

Could you please post them?

ID: e3a117589b No.2366

I'll see. It's just me naked and having sex. Uve seen my pics. The gangbang may be filmed to.

ID: e3a117589b No.2367

My best friend now knows what I'm going to do and will be there for moral support. But she won't participate at all.she will help clean me up and give me lube if I need any.

ID: bf8d89c891 No.2368

Would be great if you could post them.

ID: e3a117589b No.2369

File: 1499411695217.jpg (60.45 KB, 512x384, 1363832341727.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Can you post films on here I'm not sure. And haven't you seen enought already.

ID: bf8d89c891 No.2371

It would have been nice to see a dick inside your pussy, but never mind.

ID: e3a117589b No.2372

File: 1499413282959.jpg (26.89 KB, 512x384, 1363832343108.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

How about a fist just about to go inside my hole.

ID: 8a03f29fbe No.2404

Hi, I am the guy from the other day from the Midlands. I just wanted to ask how the search is going and if you have an email so we can talk to each other in private.

ID: 8a03f29fbe No.2405

Btw the last photo is so hot. Do you like fisting?

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2418

There's 8 guys so far including you 2. All friends of friends if you know what I mean.fisting is hard but pleasurable if I've been stretched open first and lube used.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2419

Ok sounds great. Thanks for replying

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2420

That's OK. I can't believe that 8 guys actually want to fuck me. Oh my what have I let myself in for.i don't want to be known as a whore.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2421

I won't consider you be a whore or anything of the sort and definitely won’t tell anyone.

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2422

Thanx but I'm not sure if my friend will feel the same as she will be there looking on and help guide you guys inside me.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2423

If she's your friend I’m sure she will understand. Can I ask why you invited her if you are embarrassed?

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2424

I'm not embarrassed. I told her about it and she said she would be there for some female support. She's never seen me naked and the first time she will there will be alot of guys fucking me.im hoping after I've been fucked a few times I won't even care whose there.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2425

I understand that at first it could be a bit awkward for you, but I'm sure we'll all have a good time. Btw you have an amazing body.

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2426

Thanx. Yeah very awkward at first I'm thinking. But as long as we all have fun and cum alot I'm sure it'll be fine. Did u find anymore guys for me? And has your friend seen my pics aswell.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2428

Unfortunately I have no one else for you. Yes my friend has seen the pictures and thinks the same as me.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2429

That your pussy is amazing

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2430

File: 1499759531577.jpg (154.23 KB, 768x1024, 500644472.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

OK boys. Thanx. I'm glad u both like my pics. Can I just ask your ages aswell please? We are getting close with the numbers to.we may have permission to use a friends gym and he will lock us in. But probably watch too.what do you like about my pussy.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2431

We are both 23 years old. Is that ok or do you prefer older men?

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2432

That I can't wait to pound it

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2433

23 is fine. I'm a bit older but one guy is 17 omg. My friend will be so jell that a 17 yr old is fucking me.hes prob not seen a pussy my size.lol.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2434

I am sure he hasn't haha

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2435

He will probably cum just as I open my legs so he can see. Cheeky.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2436

That's one less. More time for me hahah

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2437

File: 1499760772668.jpg (135.57 KB, 1024x768, 500643603.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Funny.I want more though.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2438

I can't wait to suck on those nipples

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2439

I've got big nipples and a big pussy. You guys are going to have so much fun.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2440

For sure.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2441

Your husband will also enjoy

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2442

File: 1499761712767.jpg (46.33 KB, 540x360, 1363832538262.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I'm sure he will. I might call my pussy a cunt for the nite as it sounds really dirty.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2443

You do have a nice cunt that's for sure

ID: ba9d053d12 No.2444

Thanx yes is does sound dirty too. Later boys.

ID: 5b7e208176 No.2445


ID: 0cc14a5073 No.2479

Hi, it's the guy from the Midlands again. I just wanted to ask if you have kik?

ID: eb842c60f4 No.2545

I'm from Liverpool, ready to make it 10. Asking same as above, do you have Kik?

ID: eb842c60f4 No.2546

24 here btw

ID: 1463655199 No.2550

Hi I think it must be over 10 by now. As it's friends of friends that could be coming too.omg. I don't have Kik sorry.

ID: 1463655199 No.2551

Ps I'm asking is 24 your age I hope and there's not 24 of you? Lol.

ID: eb842c60f4 No.2554

Yes that's age
How do we contact you?

ID: 1463655199 No.2559

That's good I thought there could of Been over 30 guys turning up. Omg.

ID: 775c073c3b No.3684


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