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File: 1480643946615-0.png (1.08 MB, 1204x904, wuwei.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 4f3ea08655 No.8392[Last 50 Posts]

never before seen. cap from gif. i have a lot more :D

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.8393

nice. post the gif?

ID: 5997f0c095 No.8394


ID: ce1d370930 No.8395

This would be hype as hell!

ID: 7bb7822b27 No.8396

this is wu____wei (without underscores)


ID: 86b7481428 No.8398

Well then… why don't you post?

ID: 0d9cdb696e No.8401

She's showed nips in plenty of gifs in the past.

ID: 7bb7822b27 No.8431

Found this


ID: 14b3382f43 No.8448

Seen everyone but 1 but thanks anyway for the link

ID: 00dc0e931e No.8462

Are you guys really that thirsty to like this landwhale?
Just another worthless attention whore with saggy tits and cellulite all over her gross ass, there's plenty of hotter girls at gifyo

ID: 11eef4b14d No.8468

Thank you for sharing your views. Even though your experience with women is very limited - pornhub most likely - you sure know how you like them.

ID: ce1d370930 No.8469

>>8462 Okay bye then

ID: 188db050c8 No.8473

this nigga always throwing shade at this girl, his bitch ass prob got rejected cause of his baby dick lmfaoooo

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.8474

either way he sure likes bumping her to the top

ID: e480b0578c No.8500

Then why dont you post them you fucktard

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.8574


ID: 75699e2cbf No.8682

please post more!!

ID: aaeff17c3f No.8691

File: 1483325497818.jpg (6.1 KB, 225x225, Wuwei.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Private gifs (over 600, yes 600):

Masturbation, item insertion (brush, etc), shower, bath, showerhead play, feet play (licking, cream), blowjob (beer bottles, etc), lingerie, pillow riding(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

ID: fc8e3c5602 No.8692

For $50 you can keep them.

ID: 4bfacf2bb4 No.8694

600+ gifs? she must be the most active slut on gifyo lel

she was charging 50 for 10 gifs though…. dirty skank deserves it

ID: 3488396f5d No.8695


ID: d9b382dc0a No.8696


Not paying for it.
I don't charge people when i share here, i won't pay for it.

ID: 5997f0c095 No.8698

I will buy if I can see some proof. If you would like to discuss further we could exchange emails.

ID: 0bb24e09ca No.8700

Post your email then.

ID: e32b197675 No.8701

seems pretty unlikely you have 600 to share. while i love the idea of it, you'd be better off selling 50 of them for a lower price first to verify their existence

ID: 5997f0c095 No.8709


ID: e480b0578c No.8747

>>8694 She never charged anything. This guy is just a retarded scammer. Theres maybe 20 pics floating arround and you can find all of them

ID: 60ae031a35 No.8756

You realize that the guy who asked you to leave your email isn't the same guy? lmfao, there is already his email in his name fucking newcommers.

He sent me the proof and there is that many private gifs, not all are naked but a lot are. I don't have any btc so I won't pay for that shit and just wait for someone to leak it at some point.

ID: 3488396f5d No.8758

Could you post the proof, then?

ID: aaeff17c3f No.8761

File: 1483406520714.jpg (1.45 MB, 1395x823, Proof 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

That's what I got

ID: 1775dfc42c No.8767

thanks, ordered!

ID: 3488396f5d No.8768

Not going to ask you to post everything after you buy it but maybe one or two great ones?

ID: f82bd3f913 No.8830


ID: d9b382dc0a No.8845

Now this one is great, first time i see it.

ID: 964d633f3d No.8847

lets crowdsource this mf

ID: 3488396f5d No.8848


I sincerely appreciate it. She is astounding.

ID: 3488396f5d No.8869

I've never wished I could contribute to a thread more.

ID: bead9ea52a No.8871

Same, hope someone shares this

ID: e167d1ab66 No.8921

Anything else new?

ID: d6f048456b No.8923

About half of it is feet shit, no idea why

ID: 3addffbbc2 No.8924

There are like 10-15 feet gifs, stop exaggerating lol

ID: 3488396f5d No.8926

Please, guys… please.

ID: 5cfd03b867 No.8929


Kek, for fucking gifs.

ID: e480b0578c No.8930


Pretty sure nobody actually bought them and its the seller samefagging all over

ID: 8ccf1383d1 No.8931

I've noticed many other girls showing feet in those leaked private gifs. It's most likely because feet fetish is actually a huge thing and perverts would hit those girls up with cash for feet gifs. They do jerk off to this, but after all it's just feet, no nudity so girls would happily go for it.

ID: 430dcccc5f No.8932

post some feet please guys

ID: d6f048456b No.8934

Emailed you

ID: 17485ed525 No.8950

File: 1483814412155.gif (1.74 MB, 415x415, wuwei.gif) ImgOps Google

If this is the same girl from gifboom who had the same name I have more. let me know?

ID: 8ccf1383d1 No.8951

She posted a while ago that someone is pretending to be her on there gifyo.com/wuwei/13609163/

ID: 7f42cf78e4 No.9002

Did anyone purchase the 600 gifs? We're they for real?

ID: 40a9829158 No.9096

shes stil at it

ID: 7d1a9d09d3 No.9123

reups where

ID: 5fe36b3b8c No.9142

reups bs

ID: 738594fe96 No.9215

skype vids pzl

ID: 5cdf3840b1 No.9218


ID: c9393eeba7 No.9234

Does she even have a skype vid?

ID: ff88e1e7e7 No.9255

ID: f1a975855f No.9281

Can you post more previews?

ID: 010c4eef49 No.9312

You've made the world a better place

ID: 1e4fb62d93 No.9314

She was saying on her snapchat that they're updating the site to make it more secure and stuff, but it will be coming back. (Congrats to everyone who bought a $50 script which will now be useless lol).

ID: 9c16adae87 No.9316

Didn't pay 50 for the script, they paid 50 the 600 gifs lol

ID: dc68335ff9 No.9356

bump for wuwei dump

ID: d9b382dc0a No.9357

Those who bought it will never dump it.

ID: 398e798b03 No.9417

we did get a feet imgur link in a dump thread, so there is hope we'll get to see the other stuff

ID: 2a528fd1ef No.9429

this one?

ID: bead9ea52a No.9446

post more plz

ID: dc68335ff9 No.9456

fuck yeah

ID: 9b9a6a9a02 No.9464

one of the best girls on gifyo, hope we get to see those 600 gifs someday

ID: dc68335ff9 No.9571


ID: e167d1ab66 No.9671


ID: 430dcccc5f No.9673


ID: 7b1b3b85f0 No.9682

Yes we know you like feet. Why bother posting the same album?

ID: d6f048456b No.9685

Because footfags are autistic. In his aspie mind he has done no wrong.

ID: 430dcccc5f No.9695

salviatrip´s feet imgur.com/a/IqjCe

ID: e167d1ab66 No.9721

gifs ive come across imgur (dot) com/a/PPMou

ID: f2f4203d9f No.9724

ffs. This is ALL shit that was ON her gifyo.

ID: 7d679b68df No.9787

Will we ever get that 600 dump :(

ID: 2de47bf1e5 No.9801

Someone wanted to trade in another thread

ID: 51b2fd9d1a No.10359

Can someone dump this already. Gifyo been dead for awhile now.

ID: db46576e3c No.10432

Re-up all her private gifs + some pictures: tinyurl.com/n4ybofh

ID: 67892359d1 No.10434

What's in that Ssilver zip then?

ID: d9b382dc0a No.10435

You'll have to pay 30£ to know.

ID: f2f4203d9f No.10438

Mate. You got fucking banned for being a total prick. And still you come here and try to sell this. Fuck you man you worthless waste of fucking space. Email forwarded to alexa, she can probably take it down

ID: e167d1ab66 No.10493

does anyone have her insta pics, also is she any where else other than that and tumblr?

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.10703


ID: 078aa1d3cc No.11000


ID: e167d1ab66 No.11103


ID: e155ce08e9 No.11113

the real mvp
do you have any moar?

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.11116

thanks man. great gifs

ID: d691345fd2 No.11515

since i see so many sharing, here are the privates i was able to upload. #F!w3g2kBQa!hVFvkXi3EPfu864H96VAmA

ID: d691345fd2 No.11516

I've seen so much sharing lately so here are those privates. #F!w3g2kBQa!hVFvkXi3EPfu864H96VAmA

ID: e48cf3b0be No.11519

They aren't working?

ID: f6ba5d7fe7 No.11521

Gods gift on Earth, you and her both.

ID: fc8e3c5602 No.11524

Best collection I have seen on her, thanks for sharing

ID: d9b382dc0a No.11527


Blessed be your name

ID: 3dfed50a1c No.11530

Now that is a HELL of a collection. Tons and tons of unseen content and plenty of win. Thanks for sharing! This is exactly what this board needs.

ID: f9e5cf8a7a No.11531


ID: 3dfed50a1c No.11538

y u mad bruh?

ID: 849f077577 No.11579

How do I access those files? What site?

ID: e167d1ab66 No.11637

ID: e167d1ab66 No.11800

anyone know if she still does stuff?

ID: 078aa1d3cc No.11801

she sleeps a lot if that counts

ID: d9b382dc0a No.11804

If there's no vids of pics, it doesn't.

ID: e167d1ab66 No.11810

haha, not exactly what i was talking about

ID: dacef476a9 No.11818


Why are you directing people to some bitcoin site?. What is actually wrong with you?

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