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File: 1507373868261.png (205.11 KB, 439x347, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at ….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48619

Post your S.F Bay models here…

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48620

Trixie repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48621

Francesca repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48622

Sammi sex repost:mega.nz/#F!BxhSTJwD!5HQh6xhzb6mVqaSUoFMKBQ

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48623

Leila repost:

ID: 5eb7a52757 No.48669


ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48789

Grace repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48790

Christina repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48791

Fran repost:

ID: 42a1bf2f99 No.48806

Thank you for everything

ID: f161efd60b No.48807

Thanks Fred. Any chance we could see Mely?

ID: 84f4f700cf No.48850

who is the girl in the photo

ID: 6091c88d79 No.48896

Any one has Liz OR LUZ?

ID: ceb9f011bf No.48899

File: 1507615199101-0.jpg (102.6 KB, 1024x648, rK8Lxj.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507615199101-1.jpg (100.24 KB, 1024x648, rK8Vry.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507615199101-2.jpg (104.54 KB, 1024x648, rK8Xba.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1507615199101-3.jpg (96.13 KB, 1024x648, rK8YiH.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

who is "ac"? super hot

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48901

"who is the girl in the photo"

Audrey Bliss.

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48902

Kamiyah repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48903

Lauran repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48906

"Thank you for everything"

Thanks, but I can't take credit - I'm just reposting what others have uploaded before.

ID: e1994b07fc No.48921


ac is Angela Crow. Also known as Jen Mateo.

ID: 47ad98bfa3 No.48946

Here's my collection of SFBay/LOM/(18)OMG models doing HC (mast/fuck/suck). Enjoy. I'll have to take it down soon to free up some space, so better get it soon.

ID: 47ad98bfa3 No.48949

Whoops. Forgot the link. mega.nz/#F!NFRyCDDZ!kM059i5-Kz3s589OoWdEmQ

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48988

Fran report:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.48989

Anais repost:

ID: a5a25b6125 No.48995

any lauran pics? there were a lot of sets posted on the old site

ID: ad35a91f8a No.49024


Do you have marieoc or sarin song HC?

ID: 1cb4cc347f No.49025

Any j@zmien

ID: 05ffc6b344 No.49033

can anyone share audrey bliss?

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49087

Jennifer repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49089

JayLee repost:

ID: 8a93602084 No.49092

Thank you for the relentless effort, Fred!

And to those who contributed the repost Fred is sharing.

ID: 64ecab36b7 No.49096

Wow, nice share. Thank you!

There are a few 0 byte files there. Do you still have those?

ID: 11da74b28d No.49107

Alyssa vids only:

ID: 2fa859f4d9 No.49108

Any one can upload the Katie (also Jessica lim on some sites) videos?

Any idea why none of these have sound?

ID: 11da74b28d No.49111

I need a time to upload vid
Does anyone have Fiona vids?

ID: 47ad98bfa3 No.49119

Damn. I thought I replaced those 0-byte files. OK, I'm reuploading. It'll take a few hours for all of them.

I notice that someone else's repost of the Alyssa files also has some -byte files, and some of them are the same as mine. Apparently some files (which play correctly) cause problems for Mega.

ID: 1c27649639 No.49133


This girl is truly amazing and so naturally. And the preview is very helpful! A pity she doesn't have hc moments. Thank you for these

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49150

Uploading the full AC LOM catalog now. There are a few other Jen goodies to go along with it. Only getting 2MBs UL so hold tight. You won't be disappointed.

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49158

File: 1507845642434.jpg (113.9 KB, 993x598, 51_884 - A_C_18o_Vid10_scr….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

This is the first, and best, Angela Crow set. Each folder has a pic set and video. The videos are far superior to the sets. All videos have a thumbnail so you can preview. Vid5-10 are the best ones but all are good. I will share the rest as they finish uploading. Enjoy!#F!xA83WArZ!HlMSUk-TSDPX-l_cdKp_wg

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49160

I also recently uploaded a bunch of stuff on to a.b.models/modelsz/bungalow on Usenet if any of you use it.

ID: c3722121da No.49176

Thanks a lot for your post, got in on bungalow. amazing.

ID: c3722121da No.49177

Thanks a lot for your post on usenet, got in on bungalow. amazing

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49188

glad to see people still use! If you can sort bact on Supersearch or any other older than 1100 days there is a lot more. That was all in models group though.

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49189

Angela Crow Gallery 1 and 2 complete. More to come…

ID: 40e40a963b No.49203


Cheers on the USENET post! I think I have a spare drive to try to save it all to.

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49209

Anastasia repost:

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49210

Bianca repost:

ID: 3099fa7fe1 No.49213

who has audrey bliss please

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49223

File: 1507891071113.jpeg (128.15 KB, 1024x641, SFBayMely04.jpeg) ImgOps Google

mely videos

ID: 6fec6fe6ea No.49247

Hey all - So how do we access the actual files from usenet, instead of the nzb? Anyway we can get the videos?

ID: 6a1876fd1b No.49260

File: 1507918592525.jpg (301.75 KB, 1000x1500, image-1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Thanks a lot guys !
Bump for Nikki photosets

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49274

You can get a cheap block account from Usenet-News or any of the others. Just google Usenet block account. I like Usenet-news because they have US servers. You can download using SABnzbd through your browser.

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49276

File: 1507925757070.jpg (168.07 KB, 1248x799, monica1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Monica/Mona APS videos. She started with SFBay as Gina. If anyone has any of those videos or sets please share!

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49286

Here you go

ID: 1a0d782906 No.49287

File: 1507935016954.jpeg (129.53 KB, 1024x641, SFBayNora07.jpeg) ImgOps Google


ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49296

Cynthia repost:

ID: 42d92f31b3 No.49299

File: 1507946029191.jpg (88.17 KB, 800x1200, JZ New 4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Does anyone have Jessica Z.?

Aka Asian Jessica

ID: 859765dc28 No.49302

I got excited when I saw Arianna in there. No HC though :(

ID: 4112fda178 No.49307

File: 1507960958696.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2590x1120, F8095DC0-A1E4-4F7A-98A4-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Wow, AWESOME thread gents! This is literally what makes this site great lol!

Apologies if this is slightly off topic but does anyone have any of the recently found m0delingdvds stuff, like the “Heather paint splatter” video or any of the other newer stuff from the now vanished site?
Thanx in advance!!!

ID: 178776d9fa No.49314

Why don't you make a separate thread for this offtopic request? It's not like no one would see it if it weren't under this topic.

ID: 5b10dab8c7 No.49315

Thanks for the Katie upload!! Do you also have joan? Pref in a megs with videos, not .zip

Regardless, thanks all for the loads

ID: 9dcbed2140 No.49324


She's my fav by far. Very wet.

ID: 47ad98bfa3 No.49330

Sorry about the Arianna files. Apparently I got a few extraneous files in the upload.

ID: d7e9a9adde No.49332


Not sure if there are 338_24694 to 338_24696

ID: 75356d211a No.49352

man i always thought those were all the same sites but who cares I just want hot chicks and heather is fuckin hot

ID: 6091c88d79 No.49387


Nightstaker come through

ID: d40b6619ff No.49476

Bump and thanking everyone's contributions

ID: 7ae3519e3f No.49480

Nancy repost:

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