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File: 1507776398939.jpg (334.8 KB, 1080x1920, KKC016-020L.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 91cc5bf711 No.49080


ID: 9aaaf3fbb3 No.49085

hopefully someone has more snaps to contribute, would like to see some more skin

ID: 13f1e9bbdb No.49216

Any hints? Im not one that normally would need a hint but I cant figure it out. Thx

ID: 35bc67925a No.49217

Can't figure out what?

Figure out who this is? You have her initials, you just have to add "ris" "arson".

This is her other thread in this category, that no longer bumps, and is soon to fall from the grid.

Or if you're talking about the link, it is for a vola room. (That currently has almost as much non-related content to her, as it does of her stuff. But, I guess it helps keep the room active if you continue to post win, whether related or not.)

If it's a different question you have, just post it specifically.

ID: 35bc67925a No.49218


ID: fbbd64d8c6 No.49446

thread gone

ID: 45456d4e37 No.49464


But, the vola from this thread has already made this thread a thousand times better than the previous (rumor, drama, fever-dream claims, depressing updates… filled) thread.

I hope anons will continue to share, re-up, add even "related" posts; and keep that room active for at least a little while.

I know I'm appreciating even the classic videos/pics. Some have been higher quality than the copies I had saved. So, they have been a welcome update.

ID: e14389c08d No.49550

Aaaaand she's pregnant. It's been fun!

ID: 231a89c916 No.49551

lol wut? she was JUST on her snapchat. proof?

ID: 75692790f9 No.49557

she posted on her insta, its with some greasy russian too. Sad.

ID: 005d6ca187 No.49560

got any proof that she is pregnant….

ID: 2eba28b292 No.49585

Proof? Don't be absurd. Simply stating something makes it true on the internet.

ID: 821ed3e991 No.49587

She posted a photo of four pregnancy tests, all showing positive, then followed by a photo of her dude saying she's pregnant. The photo of the tests was on her story and it's already expired. I would post a screencap but at this point there is no telling if she wants this IG account to be publicly known.

ID: 2eba28b292 No.49597

IG accounts can be set to private. If hers isn't then she clearly doesn't care.

ID: 722071429a No.49605

File: 1508306344300.jpg (221.86 KB, 612x818, kris.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: ea9d5285a5 No.49619

There goes her modellung career

ID: 2cc62167a6 No.49632

that vola room is fun….posted by OP at top of thread….lots of fun stuff in there…

ID: e9476580bc No.49671

Yeah, best vola I've seen in a while. The classic Kris content is higher quality than my saves that I had to collect over a long period of time and from numerous places. And, many of the non-Kris material being posted there is well worth checking out.

ID: 0d21a133d2 No.49675

File: 1508380222780.jpg (49.08 KB, 435x640, 005.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

did she just delete her instagram? i can't find it all of a sudden. I was just checking it out 2 days ago.

ID: 2cc62167a6 No.49679

the vola room is going nuts…lots of people uploading stuff…

ID: fbbd64d8c6 No.49701

Must have been good cuz it's gone.

ID: edc2cca1d5 No.49703

gotta love the ass backwardness of a free file sharing room getting shut down vs. subscription file sharing sites still up and running <_<

ID: 1ccca18b20 No.49706

Son of a bitch. There were so many good vids that I had not gotten to. For me, I was still trying to get all of the hd KK classic vids being posted by barkybarky, pisscunt, and phoenix.

The downloads were going really slow… then stopped mid-download with the notification that a moderator had closed the room.
I hope all of the awesome individuals sharing in that room, will end up back in another room.

ID: 64b4370a8e No.49709

Once the V-mods close down a room like that, then they will be actively hunting for rooms with the same content. They end up closing up mirror rooms within hours.

ID: 5de0184fe7 No.49710

Fuck that room was awesome. Damn.

ID: 50878f45ce No.49712

There was some great new content shared. I really liked some of the Sydney /danni pics

ID: 1ccca18b20 No.49713

There were several videos of a model I had not heard of before, I think her name was Sofi. I previewed a couple, and was looking forward to grabbing them some time in the next two days. Bastard mods (I know they are just doing their job, but screw them anyway).

ID: 82a2faecba No.49719

Any chance someone with KK videos could make a mega?

ID: 2eba28b292 No.49722

Sounds like Sofia from Teenstarlet. Her stuff can be found all over the place but it was nice to have them all in one location, and without download restrictions. I grabbed as many as I could but missed out on a few.

ID: df0c151426 No.49729

Make a discord for this. Invite people to it by sending the owner of the discord channel a pm on reddit. Anyone wanna start it up?

ID: 5ad49303e3 No.49733


Probably changed the name.

ID: 5ad49303e3 No.49734

Have any of these dopey models besides Nextdoor Nikki successfully managed to have a kid and then continue modeling? Granted, she had years of stable updates to build a fanbase – but this latest crop of trailer trash from Florida are amazing in their ability to screw things up for themselves on such a massive scale.

ID: c92946706e No.49736

File: 1508431307952-0.jpg (240.59 KB, 1000x1500, ttb-Tina1_2-censored.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1508431307952-1.jpg (255.94 KB, 1125x1500, ttb-Tina2_2-censored.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1508431307952-2.jpg (24.64 KB, 320x240, ttb-Tina3_20070710194654-c….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

from the nuked room…

Anybody have these uncensored?

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