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File: 1490314556225.jpg (80.28 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a963f3d259 No.3016[View All]

anybody got anything?..now doing nudes/premium snaps

Snapchat: itsbunnybxtch
Instagram/periscope: @bunnybxtch
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ID: 801711d5f4 No.3501

… Is she seriously out here selling 10 sec "movies", & wondering why people are talking shit about her?
I thought she was already a McDonald's cashier…

ID: 58c4bbc262 No.3555


ID: 2fbfb235c4 No.3577


ID: d676c1b5b3 No.3603

bump, she started selling for $20 again

ID: 9c147695bd No.3604

Yeah she's charging people and not uploading . She's running a scam now

ID: ab71214a1d No.3607

As she should, anyone shelling out money for 10 second low quality clips on a garbage ass app deserves to be scammed.

ID: a2d7eae04a No.3610

You niggas are the reason she stopped posting. Just enjoy the content. Don't fucking spread it like wildfire dumbass

ID: 5d9cd333c7 No.3612

>>3610 what are you her bodyguard? why keep coming back?

ID: a2d7eae04a No.3615

Lol @ anonymous niggas trying to pipe up. Just saying why are you bitching she isn't posting when y'all are the reason.

ID: 5d9cd333c7 No.3616

>>3615 just saying it sounds like she sent you here. Yaknow since you just used an "@" instead of replying directly to me. Maybe anon isn't for you. I don't see why this girl is any more or less deserving of having stuff shared than others. You care too much and you aren't scaring anyone.

ID: ff48af51ec No.3738

sendvid and eroshare are shutting down -_-

Also I really hate snapchat -_-


ID: ff48af51ec No.3740

Snapchat sucks.
Anyways there are 3 vids so enjoy, when the link goes down, if you downloaded.. re-up for others!


ID: b68a670ac8 No.3742

reup please

ID: 6005954a9d No.3768

Wish I came here before buying smh only put up 2 pics since yesterday wtf I'm gonna report all her accounts get her deleted since she's being a scamming bitch

ID: e2cbcf24ef No.3772

ID: 58b0c432b5 No.3792


ID: a0f7a68dd9 No.3804

her friend kiki started a premium so she says

ID: 337b9af60d No.3820

kiki is underage though i don't want that case + she already showed her kat on snapchat . that shit looked like roast beef

ID: ab71214a1d No.3825

Then why is she selling nudes and vids?

ID: 976612961c No.3842

someone reup the vids

ID: a54927590c No.3843


It really isn't worth it dude, she's like that episode of Southpark where people look crazy hot in photos but in real life they're ugly as shit.
she's crazy fat not just plump, and just sags in the wrong places.

TLDR: Camera angles are deceptive, ugly in vids

ID: 96c4964767 No.3844

Lol, I hate when a chick looks kinda good in clothes, then she's sloppy and gross af when she's naked.

ID: f09af654f8 No.3948


ID: 19797ab15b No.3950

bump, someone up load her vids to mega please

ID: a2d7eae04a No.3953

This thread is dead bro. Just stop

ID: ebab9dcc93 No.3960

word. shit wasn't even worth saving. she's taking shitty pics on a motorola flip phone or some shit. Only thing sad is that some of these poor guys got ripped off paying for that nonsense.

ID: 79ef3ce6b4 No.3985

What about her friend then? Nobody is posting anything with her

ID: 882b81038b No.4001


ID: 429303ef08 No.4093


ID: b40957c6ef No.4152


ID: 6d805b52b3 No.4153

Fucking idiot, stop posting direct links and download the vid and re-post to a file sharing site

She monitors the thread and she could get the videos removed

Fucking idiots always have to make things bad for every one else.

ID: 32f7a2a89e No.4158

Why do y'all get so upset over porn?

ID: b40957c6ef No.4159

Shut the fuck up you virgin go cry somewhere and idc if she monitors this thread the shit she is doing gets zero respect or sympathy but she is fine as fuck and really thick

ID: da2609e010 No.4163

Fucking idiot. If she gets the vids removed off SF. How else will ppl get future content.

You dumbasses don't ever think, do you?

ID: c853cf581a No.4317


ID: 2ce3ac1805 No.4463

File: 1504934697965-0.png (9.3 MB, 1242x2208, C3321C30-B47D-4E8C-8D4B-02….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1504934697965-1.png (4.2 MB, 1242x2208, 4B59E52A-9861-4F1C-B4E9-E7….png) ImgOps Google

Is the 20 bucks worth it???

ID: a54927590c No.4468



Fuck no.

ID: a54927590c No.4469


dude… she makes jabba look athletic…

I love plump girls, more cushion for the pushin, etc.

But this girl is literally all camera angles to hide the cellulite, her tits are nasty, not that pump girl full, but flabby like a half full water balloon.
Her arse looks like mars, and it's only slightly less red from all the work it has to do keeping her ample frame upright.

Put it this way, from the right angles, with the right filter and with the right strategically stretched out skin… EVEN A WHALE CAN LOOK LIKE A DOLPHIN.

ID: 06f0040d42 No.4646


ID: b68a670ac8 No.4822

Does anyone have wins from her friend bummy kiki premium? I heard its lit

ID: 5b2950f380 No.4823

What’s her friend Kiki look like and what’s her snap?

ID: b68a670ac8 No.4900

Sc mixedbixch

ID: e8a3077d12 No.4901

Here is a 10 sec preview of kiki's premium, sorry for the lag!


Looks like it's deff worth the buy

ID: b68a670ac8 No.4903

thanks anon can some get the goods please this bitch is much better than the savannah hoe

ID: d5db0d2bbb No.4918

Why are y’all so butthurt over probably the ugliest chick I’ve ever seen 😂

ID: b68a670ac8 No.4934

The fuck is you talking about

ID: b68a670ac8 No.4977

if you got anymore goods please share anon

ID: 0736ba3e39 No.5025

Another preview of kiki's prem snap


ID: 806eb39a25 No.5040

Shin chan

ID: b68a670ac8 No.5061

Thanks surprised shes taking white dick

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