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File: 1426355498530-0.jpg (132.51 KB, 958x640, 29330_1410456494684_123_46….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: ffe0a24b4f No.70[View All]

She, apparently, did a gangbang scene. Have a link with the pics here, but no video.


Her photos can be found starting from 1135.jpg to 1469_thumb.jpg.

Can anyone ID the name of the scene, her ID in there, what website created that scene or any thing that you can think of? Because I tried everything. It's completely elusive. It's like it was never released.
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ID: 1f3c62642c No.1747

Hi Hanna,
Have you any links to the other stuff or video clips?

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1748

a clip would be proof

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1749

you could attach it to a message

ID: fb72e237a4 No.1753

Hey Hanna, don't listen to the idiots and waste time making a clip.

If you could simply take a picture of yourself,clothed is fine, and have a time stamp written on a piece a paper with you in the photo, that would be more than enough.

ID: 3e46db2b49 No.1781


ID: 3e46db2b49 No.1782

For what is worth, this comment "Hey guys, wow you all tried so hard to find more ha!" is spot-on Hannah! That "ha" in the end sounds very much like her when I did a shoot with her years ago. Either it's she or someone is trying really hard (and well) to impersonate her :)

ID: 2ad936416e No.1783

You have to prove claims like that

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1784

No clues where the "more to be found" is?

To the photographer, are your shots available? or are they the Cosmid sets?

ID: 3e46db2b49 No.1785

sorry, what claims are to be proven?

ID: 2ad936416e No.1786

That you did a shoot with her. What shoot?

ID: 2ad936416e No.1789

I guess not then…

ID: 3e46db2b49 No.1792

Haha, I don't care about proving my claims :) I just offered a piece of info, if you want you can use it, if you don't then don't :) What change would it make to you if I proved that I did a shoot with her? It was from back in her modelling days and the shoot was arranged through Model Mayhem. Photos from that shoot are on various portfolio sites.

ID: 2ad936416e No.1793

Was only asking dude :)
What was she like? Just curious to know if any other photos or material are knocking around

ID: fb72e237a4 No.1795

If you smiled as much in real life, as you are in your written statements, I'd be beating the shit out of you.

> Don't fucking feed the troll!

ID: 3e46db2b49 No.1800

File: 1490259179217.jpg (413.27 KB, 900x1350, hannah.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Sorry mate, I really did not want to sound like a troll. This will be my last post here because it's starting to get a bit out of hand.

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1801

Thanks for posting that.

Is that picture set above available anywhere?

Hanna says she is doing bits & there more to be found, but this seems to be all there is.

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1802

Sorry that you feel you have to stop posting, I feel that people are getting wound up because there is the possibility of more content from her, but it cant be found.

I think Hanna is very popular & should consider doing more work for her fanbase

ID: 2ad936416e No.1858

The trail went cold again :(

ID: 1caebbe8c2 No.1862

I have the full set from OP. You can find it if you look hard enough.

ID: 2ad936416e No.1863

Yes that's already been shared. But if you look a few posts up it turns out more material potentially exists

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1864

Where can that set be found?

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1866

What is OP ?

ID: 5afbd000cb No.1867

File: 1492450229933.jpg (254.13 KB, 1600x1068, 647765717_079_123_165lo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There's a vid of her on Pornhub if you just search Hanna Bollie. It's just a striptease though.

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1868

I have that, its the "full set from OP" that I cant find - Any pointers to where to look?

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1931

All gone cold again

ID: e7780295cd No.1986


ID: 1f3c62642c No.1987

Hi Hanna
Any new photo sets?
I also read that there is a video of the gangbang, is that available anywhere?

ID: 2ad936416e No.1990

Where did you hear that? It's been widely reported that no such video exists

ID: 1f3c62642c No.1991

On Fetlife

ID: f4b82f812c No.1996

Link to this discussion?

ID: 2d86fc02cb No.1997


ID: e8862f81a3 No.1999

>Sorry my friend, you need to be logged in to get to that page.

Printscreen or grab the pics, pls

ID: 2ad936416e No.2001

Have you tried messaging the user and asking about the video?

ID: e8c32d01ca No.2002

Someone asked about whether there was a vid in that discussion, their reply was: Yes…but I only share those in person ;)

ID: 2ad936416e No.2003

But if you send him a private message it might be possible to negotiate getting the video

ID: 82b5b5d42c No.2040

I'm really sorry guys but I never took part in videos apart from the strip tease ones so if anyone is offering you them for money or whatever then you are being scammed.
Sorry to disappoint :)

ID: 65f17c1598 No.2041

Hi Hanna. Is there any way you can give ua proof to verify this is you we're talking to. You were great btw. Shame you quit

ID: af418489d0 No.2104

i thought that it said on fetlife that the gangbangs had been videoed - Hanna must have copies?

ID: 33903d99c0 No.2385

It looks like this has finally died

ID: 65f17c1598 No.2391

I think this thread has 'finally' died about 20 times over. If anything does exist the people who have it won't let up

ID: 7c2b8a7ae5 No.2595

File: 1509938326620.jpg (105.12 KB, 1024x683, 37869154012_1f33dbcf31_b.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Sorry, necro.

ID: 99a8de6558 No.2596

Where's this from? Is this new?

ID: 7c2b8a7ae5 No.2597


Given who the photographer is, someone also that used to be on Fetlife, I doubt it's new. A lot of the surfacing pics from them are sometimes a year or more old, they just hoard them and delete their online profiles over and over for some reason.

Pretty sure they've already deleted it from their flickr which highlights my point.

ID: 46b0e2637c No.2601

Hi Merp,
Who was the photographer & do you have any other pictures?

ID: 46b0e2637c No.2602

Cheers in advance for the info

ID: 7c2b8a7ae5 No.2606

Don't have any others, sorry. Was a photographer called Erotobot on Fetlife. They also have a flickr account which is where this and some other pics of other models were from but both the above pic and other recent ones have been deleted or hidden from the account, which as I've mentioned above is a common occurrence with them.

All that can really be done is checking for updates every now and again and hope you spot them before they get deleted or whatever.

ID: 46b0e2637c No.2608

Cheers for the info

ID: 203ef7d15c No.2658


ID: 3b4dfdff23 No.2711

File: 1512381886751-0.jpg (324.51 KB, 533x800, 52ba16a676e9e.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1512381886751-1.jpg (246.92 KB, 533x800, 52ba16730d580.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1512381886751-2.jpg (62.52 KB, 399x600, 52dba06479bf3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I believe these have not been posted yet…. Waiting for any clips ! :-)

ID: 65f17c1598 No.2712

Where did you find these?

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