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File: 1486007116756.jpg (118.33 KB, 629x960, 1409659466954.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 7676772b46 No.24825[Last 50 Posts]

I had 4 videos and many photos. I lost everything. Does anyone have them? Especially the videos, please!

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.24827

I love her MM profile -

Shoot nudes: No

LOL!!! A little late for that Becky…

ID: bfc6f3009c No.24847

Holy fuck. She's hot as hell. Bumpppp

ID: e29df0c44f No.24898

Despite being a few years old, there's still plenty of her early amateur stuff around on the web. Her pics are still common, but, most of the links I found contain her full name and place of residence, so I don't think they'd be welcome here?

Have you tried looking around in the Massachussetts board here and on the anon-ib archive?

ID: 7676772b46 No.24909

Yes, but I did not find anything. Maybe I do it wrong. I found some pictures on the internet, but not the videos. I can not believe I was the only one who saved them!!! Fucking ard drive!

ID: 28d62a3700 No.24914

Look up "dont get hit" on bing. Or ddmitg on motherless

ID: 7676772b46 No.24915

Thank you! I found 3 out of 4: good start. But my favorite is not in the 3. There was one where she wore her beautiful little skirt, as in the photo. It's no longer on motherless.

ID: 7676772b46 No.24916

I found!!! Google was better than bing. Thank you for your help!

ID: 7b3814318c No.24974

No problemo theres a 5th with her in a blue dress that shows her face while she plays with her pussy watching porn but i only found it once and cant find it again.

ID: 7676772b46 No.24981

That's all I found on motherless


If someone finds something else…

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.25006

File: 1486199500442.jpg (57.52 KB, 400x400, 75328224.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


it is right there on motherless - google ddmitg (just as >>24914 said) and it is there.

ID: 6e815ad7d3 No.25232

www (dot) modelmayhem (dot) com/beckybabe

ID: 221cc086cd No.25254

She retweeted something about selling nudes this week. Who's trying to DM her to find out

ID: 32ed488021 No.25261

I have a bunch of her if anyone wants em

ID: da7ca920cd No.25271

If its the old stuff then no. Really want to see new pics and nee vids of her

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.25277


what is her twitter? I kind of doubt it is legit - some scammer for sure

she really should just do some hardcore porn. she was hotter back when she took all those nudes - she shouldn't waste her time pretending she is going to be a "model"

ID: fad0e27835 No.25283

new stuff and hard core would be nice

ID: 051656b45b No.25286

@ilovesoma_95. It's definitely her. She best postings one stuff that leads me to believe she would be down. Who's going to take a shot

ID: 051656b45b No.25287

@ilovesoma_95. She seems legit to me.

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.25311


that does seem legit. I would very much enjoy some more of her in that wednesday adams outfit - and out of it as well

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.25448

File: 1486598943905.jpg (77.65 KB, 720x960, Becky - 077.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 0784759e76 No.25458

post the rar then

ID: c821a81aae No.25472


ID: f5f797433a No.25481


ID: 497e2fd162 No.25482

whats her snap?

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.25661


wish I knew. I would be interested in seeing if she was serious she was about nudes. I have always had a thing for Wednesday Adams (well, at least since Christina Ricci played the part)- she makes a real good Wednesday….

ID: 5913048e94 No.25664


ID: 5913048e94 No.25706

Not updates in 3 years on model mayhem

ID: e5f328863d No.25758

File: 1486879908543.png (18.83 KB, 591x187, bss.PNG) ImgOps Google

ID: a4431d36f1 No.26329

Bump. Gotta be something new

ID: 7320af266a No.27184

anyone try buying some? maybe you can pay her to have sex then record her

ID: a4431d36f1 No.27491


ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.27575


yup, would love to watch her getting a big facial - or, preferably give her one

ID: be387a41c7 No.27622


ID: da231db5f4 No.27962

Nothing happened?

ID: a4431d36f1 No.28525

Welp, looks like this well has dried up

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.28533


yeah, too bad. it would be nice to see some current pics/vids, especially some raunchier stuff

ID: bdb2e08c40 No.28534

I don't think it's likely to happen. The girl got doxxed back in the day, as the thread itself suggests. I can't imagine anyone would release nudes twice having gone through that, unless she wanted to have a legit career as a glamor model. It would seem she's more into cosplay modelling, which believe it or not is about keeping your clothes on…. Besides; a good look at the geotags/timestamp/exif data from the original pics reveals some interesting facts when you consider her nudes are at least 4 years old.

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.28570


"interesting facts"? I do not have any original pics, would you be so kind as to expand on this?

ID: 0d5dcacc10 No.28576

Well I have 7 vids so was there really 5?

ID: 0d5dcacc10 No.28577

Lol nvmd the other 2 r of her talking so no one wants to hear that bitch so it's back 5
But did everyone find all the vids if not they could be posted

ID: 642bf40d77 No.28583

Thank you dude! people can't really do simple math can they

ID: bdb2e08c40 No.28584

I'll spell it out for you just this once.

Let's say the twitter handle in this thread; "*****_95", is real and contains her birth year. That would make this girl 21/22 in 2017. If you were to say the exif data on some of her original set shows the pics were taken in January 2012, and you applied some simple math to that sum, what would you get?

Answer: The thread pruned or deleted.

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.28591


sorry, I didn't realize that when you said "interesting facts" you meany "the blatantly obvious".

you really think anyone believes the contrary? I find that difficult to fathom…

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28696

Sex Tape exists.

ID: 642bf40d77 No.28729

Where is it then

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28733

On my phone. Haha.

ID: 3dea01836c No.28737

doubt it and no one will believe it without atleast screenshots

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28739

And I'm supposed to care what people believe because…….?

ID: 1d1e688993 No.28740


it's a good question, but since you keep posting here trying to convince us, clearly you do.

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28785

I haven't made any attempt convince anybody. I stated the fact, I'm just responding to you now.

ID: 7e502b56b6 No.28800

yeah no

gtfo nigger queer

only homosexuals make unsubstantiated claims on the internet to get attention from random male strangers

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28802

Lmao. Well if I was gonna post, definitely not happening now. Peace guys. Maybe next time.

ID: 7e502b56b6 No.28808

File: 1489853532737.jpg (91.85 KB, 604x358, DanBackslide-405348_604_35….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

stay gone

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28835

File: 1489882120866.jpg (27.27 KB, 640x360, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"Nothing of Value"

ID: 98721b42d3 No.28917

>Nothing of Value

she could be playing with a gameboy.

although it's intriguing

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.28918

More of a joystick, if anything else.

ID: 44a87063da No.28919

probably but i'm intrigued

ID: 85e0e24086 No.28926

Please upload the vid… :/

ID: e5d3e0d135 No.28938

Forgive us for being faggots bro. Post it on mega

ID: 620bfa4876 No.28941


ID: 678cb4b5e0 No.28942

whats her snap?

ID: 857347349d No.28944

Bump. Gotta be something new

ID: 85e0e24086 No.28948


Link does not work :(

ID: e9fc7957b0 No.28952


ID: a288f0e3e4 No.29045

Whoever has the sextape/bj vid, email me and we can trade. I got a rip of her gmail and yahoo using leakedsource and some magic. Lots of pics, solo vid, and a cople b/g vids.

ID: 61c4e23721 No.29046

how do i buy this off from you?

ID: 051656b45b No.29078

Do you have stuff that isn't already accessable would be interested in possible trading/purchasing

ID: 2e747d722b No.29105

Emailed, him didn't respond yet

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.29112

maybe a gofundme would convince her to get into hardcore….

ID: a9561c12f9 No.29128


this shit's always a scam. No proof or screenshot or folders or anything

ID: 8937fc8c47 No.29141


ID: 6ff71a40b1 No.29200

Nothing's happenings folks. Everyone was lying.

ID: 6ff71a40b1 No.29202

I heard she doesn't do that anymore anyway. Not after the first leak. She also said there was no bj video

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.29230


>She also said there was no bj video

that is why a gofundme needs to be set up - it would give her good reason to make some

ID: cb63d84a78 No.29236

Unless she lies and the videos exist

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.29250


while I do hope that is the case, I doubt it - they would have to have surfaced….right?

ID: 1e9d0630a3 No.29271

Her stuff has come out months and even years apart. There's always someone new she fucks over.

ID: 20484b47fc No.29276

One - They exist.

Two - it's not a BJ video, it's a BJ/Fuck video.

Three - There are dozen's of different videos and unreleased pics, but nobody has any incentive to post them. Mainly because nobody here looking for them, has anything to offer in return so it's completely pointless.

ID: 0921c55cd7 No.29278

Email? I'll pay

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.29340


Me too.

Which is exactly why I do not believe there are hardcore vids - people willing to pay yet they still don't surface

ID: 4c494c98e3 No.29363


You're talking shit.. There's only ever been one "leak" of this girl. Most of her NN pics came straight from her MySpace page. The nudes were posted to an older version of the tumblr board back in 2012, which precedes the current anonib archive. There were over 250 pics, some nudes, some handbra/underwear and a lot of NN, and some video. She used to go under names like "bskeeezy" and "gameboy-advance". The main reason more of this girl is not being posted is because the exif data from her original pics and the subsequent release of her modelling/social media info suggest that this girl was jailbait back in 2012. This has already been discussed in the thread.. However no one has yet been able to verify whether those social media pages are actually her or just a catfish.

ID: bfbfb3c739 No.29369

Shut up nerd.

ID: 111bf1d043 No.29409

You're right, no real proof

ID: 1d1e688993 No.29420


guessing this is spam?

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.29501


so, "nobody here looking for them, has anything to offer in return" - cash isn't enough? seems like you are full of shit….unless you are holding out for something more than cash….OK, I offer eternal life….is that enough for you?

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.29509

As much as I appreciate that witty sarcasm, you're an idiot.

You'd think that with all the money people are willing throw around about this subject that there would be more than five videos anywhere to be found on the Internet. But, alas, they're not. You choose to believe that's because there isn't anymore.

Meanwhile, there are DOZENS (plural) of videos - including multiple hardcore videos and quite a bit of unseen pictures - that you haven't and will probably never see. Gee, I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because money isn't as big of a commodity in regards to the people who have the stuff as you think it is.

Most of the people that have the videos are full grown-adults with their own jobs and money. They don't need the extra 50 or 100 dollars that you're gonna spend for the videos when they make triple that (minimum) in a week. It's pointless. The only people that think money is worth anything in regards to pictures on the Internet are people who are either too young or too broke to pay anything worth a shit.

TL;DR: They have their own money, they don't need yours.

ID: bfbfb3c739 No.29510

Always entertaining to watch someone so emotionally involved with the subject that they drag out these long unnecessary reply's. Good job cuck!

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.29511

Awh, can someone not read? Little bit too complicated for you? It's okay little guy, you'll learn eventually.

And then people wonder why nobody posts. Anon is filled with a bunch of faggots.

ID: bfbfb3c739 No.29512

Lol. Thanks for proving my point.

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.29513

L0000L! 0mg, Ur s0 w3l0m3 d00d!

ID: 2fc1667631 No.29519

Sounds like only one guy has anything and he doesn't want to post or sell

ID: c6f331b32b No.29561

Because he doesnt have anything. Duh. Hes a fag lookin for attention. Instead of naked bitches

ID: 2fc1667631 No.29797

Interested in b/g videos or rip. If anyone has something hit me up

ID: 2fc1667631 No.29880


ID: 75387a865f No.30011

guys a scammer no one trade he just wants to steal your wins!!!!!!!!

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.30012

^ Hahaha. Ya caught me guys. Just trying to steal your wins. Mr. Steal yo n00dez over hur.

Watch out, I might steal yo shit. Like his, which were shitty no-faced non-verifiable nudes of an "Instagram model" and a "playboy model." that could not be confirmed to be of who he says they were.

Forgive me guys.

ID: a4431d36f1 No.30013

Why not just share what ya got?

ID: 4fdc362b06 No.30019

Welp. Was gonna give til Sunday, but my post was deleted.

Offers over. Peace everybody.

ID: f10868372f No.30027


ID: ec16887d5d No.30436

Yum slut

ID: a4431d36f1 No.30891


ID: add740abf5 No.31118


ID: a4431d36f1 No.31529


ID: 3d6bf9fb9b No.31822


ID: ab594896d0 No.32556


ID: c7f220ad12 No.33035


ID: 051656b45b No.33942


someone ask for more

ID: 642bf40d77 No.33983

I saw 2 pics of her on a MA thread on 4chan few days ago. Think they might new as well cuz ive never seen them before.

ID: 34ff1cc0d2 No.33992

Can you share those two from 4chan?

ID: 85e0e24086 No.34003

Ok. More?

ID: 642bf40d77 No.34005

File: 1496264462017-0.jpg (85.92 KB, 768x1024, 1495593944046.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1496264462017-1.jpg (27.6 KB, 348x463, 1495592151679.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Like I said, I think they're new cuz I haven't seen them before. Also what happened to her tits? They used to be so much better

ID: 642bf40d77 No.34007

Also forgot to mention that her pussy and ass looks like they've taken a beating…her pussy mostly

ID: e11a35704b No.34027

Damn thanks anon! Those are definitely new I've never seen them before. Did that ma thread die?

ID: 642bf40d77 No.34032

MA threads die rather quickly on 4chan. Was probably a up for about an hour.

ID: 51323f82b1 No.34034

good catch then. hopefully there's some hc out there.

ID: ee8cd5a67b No.34053

damn nice!!!! i've been waiting for new stuff for so long haha

ID: 50e382f16b No.34056

There is definitely some HC out there. But I don't think anybody will post them.

ID: 038336ace7 No.34057


It's a good resemblance and all; but I'm not convinced this is the same girl

ID: d2b8332335 No.34113

I agree. similar bodies but the face looks completely different

ID: 8bd11207e0 No.34118

thats because shes like 5 years older and does her make up different man.

ID: 8bd11207e0 No.34119

thats because shes like 5 years older and does her make up different man look at her twitter its the same phone in all her recent pics and in those nudes.

ID: 642bf40d77 No.34120

This. People get older you guys. Her face was rounder and her body was more full also she only wore mascara in the original leaks. If you look at her now her face is more drawn out and she's pretty thin as well. Also her pussy looks pretty beaten up in the new pic hard to tell from angle though

ID: cb17254462 No.34146

Multiple HC videos exist. I've only seen a couple the guy that has them was asking for too much

ID: cb17254462 No.34147

We need this to be released, too bad traders horde the good stuff

ID: 8bd11207e0 No.34151

What did he want? Do you know how to contact him?

ID: aa180c6895 No.34159

It was the guy that was going to trade until "Sunday". His post was deleted but he does infact have at least some of her HC videos. They were a bit out of my price range.

ID: d2b8332335 No.34168

nah, I mean the faces aren't even close to being the same. put them side by side. noticeable structural differences. plus her boobs/tits are much larger in the older pics

ID: 52f79259bc No.34172

It's her. If you look at some of her older pics she has a birthmark under her right arm.(The one she's raising) and look at these new pics it's the same. As for her boobs…Some women boobs start to sag as they get older. It looks like for it just started much younger.

ID: 642bf40d77 No.34173

People's faces and bodies change as they get older dude. Her original nudes are 5 years old. Obviously she doesn't look the same. Are you even listening to yourself

ID: cb17254462 No.34174

It's her just look at her recent pics

ID: 3ad1920f79 No.34618

We finally get to see her asshole. That's her phone and she has taken pictures with those socks before. 100% her

ID: 42bfac98dd No.34723

Bump! Is there more??? She's the best!

ID: 7335e6901d No.35038

Is this thread still relevant? I have pics and vids of her. I bought them directly from her. A screenshot of one of them I have is in this thread. I had access to 5 others but she took them off her drive. Don't believe me I'll show you all that I have. Kik me @ SpankyMeat​

Also looking for the content that shared with me but deleted and new content too

ID: fdaf615746 No.35056

I don't have a kik do you have an email? Also can you post some screen caps please? I have like 7 vids and wanna see if they are the same.

ID: 3d23a82d29 No.35059

Who can I just buy these vids from

ID: 11115ba5d3 No.35063

Not that guy but what type of videos do you have? I have several that aren't out

ID: 6190329195 No.35064

People with hardcore or BJ videos can hit me up. I have a couple. Email is in the blue link

ID: 7335e6901d No.35079

File: 1497672517357-0.jpg (98.23 KB, 1024x768, xG-qnmA1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1497672517357-1.jpg (53.8 KB, 568x1024, _usgos3S.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1497672517357-2.jpg (57.12 KB, 561x980, hEnS_43U.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Guy here with SpankyMeat kik. If you don't have it, email me at spankinmymeat @ Yahoo
People with content only

For those with hope of sharing I'll give you these

ID: fdaf615746 No.35085

Hey spanky I don't have access to my pc till Sunday but I'll shoot you an email when I do. I have a lot of solo vids and pics. Look forward to seeing what you have too!

ID: 8897de2365 No.35146

Yes it's her, multiple people have the "unreleased" (LOL) stuff because she literally can't stop taking nudes, scatters that shit everywhere, barely tries to hide her identity, can't stop sending it to random dudes, and is openly selling them now. So a) wait for more of the "unreleased" stuff to be posted or hit her up for your own OC. She takes request and sells to you even if your anonymous. And now you know why more and more gets leaked. Hit her up on twitter. Once again I know you are skeptical because a girl can't be that dumb to make all those mistakes but I'm assuming she just doesn't give a fuck anymore since so much has been leaked for so many years she's just decided to make cash off it. No don't care if you post any OC. Seen this girl from every angle at this point sort of bored of her but to the rest of you good luck and enjoy.

ID: 6af04e3d0a No.35154


You can't pm on twitter if she isnt following you. Her twitter seems pretty dead. Am I missing something?

ID: 1dbe04fa40 No.35168


exactly what I was thinking….

while >>35146 is correct that she has been seen so much, I would be willing to pay for her doing a "Wednesday Adams" set of pics.

ID: 2fce24401f No.35334

Who got the contact info

ID: ccb83cddd3 No.35363

We need this to be released, too bad traders horde the good stuff

ID: d9bbf3873c No.35919

I need to see the hc videos

ID: 6af04e3d0a No.35924


Not everyday is mother's day for win to rain from the sky. You gotta work for some of the stuff. The people that have HC probably invested time, effort and possibly money, its only human to expect some sort of return.

I too wish people would share but I'm being realistic here.

ID: a355b52870 No.36284

File: 1499227631540.jpg (93.25 KB, 1024x1024, DD16d68VwAEvqOS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 42bfac98dd No.36327


ID: 42bfac98dd No.36438

where are the new pics coming from? Bump!

ID: 7e502b56b6 No.36569

Gtfo tradenigger.

ID: 50501dad56 No.36571


sorry bro, I got fed up with waiting over 5 years for her hc do just drop out of thin air. So I traded into having it. Deal with it.

ID: 42bfac98dd No.37547


ID: 9ceae57032 No.37988


ID: 880f0ae036 No.38002

So you traded content that you probably didn't pay for, for something else that you didn't end up paying for.

So just post it here for free?

ID: c0da29cb01 No.38647

Show her another photo. She's very cool

ID: c0da29cb01 No.38650

Send more photos of her

ID: a355b52870 No.38785

File: 1502368609619.jpg (59.89 KB, 960x960, 20376016_10214316606375298….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: a4431d36f1 No.39424

Bump. Hoping on something new

ID: a4431d36f1 No.39754

No one has anything to share?

ID: a4431d36f1 No.40189


ID: a4431d36f1 No.40602


ID: e406b09393 No.40866


ID: c0da29cb01 No.40964

Send her more photos please

ID: a4431d36f1 No.41126

So she just stopped being slutty?

ID: bb36228f9b No.41437

Hello kitty why the long face

ID: 1b707ecb2c No.41681

File: 1505793183753.jpg (90.8 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20170918_235126.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a4431d36f1 No.41766

Damn. Wish she was missing the top

ID: c0da29cb01 No.41919

Send her photos, naked

ID: a4431d36f1 No.42123


ID: 91d3c2a621 No.42438

File: 1506821179234-0.jpg (70.88 KB, 651x1024, DK8M9xRUMAAGP6H.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1506821179234-1.jpg (97.88 KB, 747x1200, DK8M85jUMAAnQl4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looking better

ID: a4431d36f1 No.42524

Now we just need her to take off her clothes

ID: 7486652bc4 No.42544


and her face covered in cum

ID: a4431d36f1 No.42768


ID: a4431d36f1 No.43092

Anything new?

ID: 40f18ad825 No.43874

Kik: SpankyMeat

ID: 932ffd460d No.43878


Can confirm, is legit.

ID: a4431d36f1 No.43879

Anyone land anything good lately?

ID: 91d3c2a621 No.43952

File: 1508310532122.jpg (139.82 KB, 1200x900, DMXybfpUMAEjjS5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a4431d36f1 No.43958

Nice. Where'd you get it?

ID: 91d3c2a621 No.44088

File: 1508452882024.jpg (28.13 KB, 600x600, twitter.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 91d3c2a621 No.44138

File: 1508553752076.jpg (33.32 KB, 600x600, 484RbwLM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a4431d36f1 No.44148

God damn. If that's what she publicly posts, there has to be great stuff hidden

ID: a4431d36f1 No.44332

Back to the top.

ID: a4431d36f1 No.44836

ANything new?

ID: c0da29cb01 No.45027

File: 1509537865240.jpg (58.42 KB, 499x371, 9543271.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 830818711a No.45029

Like the pic but that's not becky

ID: b3bcf3e196 No.45030

Sure looks like her pussy

ID: 830818711a No.45043

File: 1509553499466.jpg (46.3 KB, 564x752, 20.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I called my puss guy to take a look. He's a bit of a connoisseur. This is another pic from the girl you posted who still isn't becky. Sorry mate she's hot but not the nudes we are looking for

ID: 7486652bc4 No.45047


damn, that is hot. even with so many nudes of her out there I would still pay her for some new stuff.

ID: 9718fe5975 No.45058


ID: a4431d36f1 No.45490

Anything new?

ID: c3618f3213 No.45659


not even sure how you thought these were her lol

ID: 195ce6d62d No.45898

Drop those vids!

ID: a4431d36f1 No.46889

Seems dead, unfortunately

ID: 40f18ad825 No.47568

File: 1512631924118-0.png (331.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-134145.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1512631924118-1.png (645.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-134231.png) ImgOps Google

Kik: SpankyMeat

ID: 7e502b56b6 No.47584

Why would we Kik you?

Post here or fuck the fuck off

ID: 262e8e69d3 No.47603

first guy to post anything new in 9 months and you tell him to fuck off. Noice.

ID: 7230fc79d3 No.47613

Fuck off

ID: 262e8e69d3 No.47617

guess i wont share either haha

ID: 13d486eb53 No.47618

To be fair, it's right there in the rules at the top of this board.

ID: a4431d36f1 No.47629

Lets try this again.

Hey, those vids look awesome. How about uploading them to Mega so we can all enjoy them? Would be dope

ID: 3e0e2fe5a1 No.47673

holy shit! Awesome!!

ID: 262e8e69d3 No.47674

damn dude thanks a lot you da man!

ID: 8c1e39a058 No.47675

You are the best, anon.Thanks for sharing.

ID: 5913048e94 No.47696

whre did the vid link go and an explanation of how to get to it

ID: 71b3fe1d68 No.47712

I nutted in your honor good sir. What a champ!

ID: a3a166303c No.47714

Guy linked to his entire mega by mistake, lots of other sets on there lawl. I got all of it but out of respect I aint posting it.

ID: 750037bd44 No.47722

Lots of awesome stuff in the mega, are those 2 videos not in it?

ID: dcf99ff05f No.47825

uggggh, got to 66 percent downloaded and they were deleted, can someone reup?

ID: a4431d36f1 No.47829

For the love of everything, please reup

ID: a4431d36f1 No.47831

Please up what you downloaded

ID: 5da2cc1b3f No.47860

Bump re-up

ID: 6a1d2a52d6 No.47872

Anons, this thread is 90% bickering with flagrant trolls. If an anon claims to have something and isn't sharing it, he's a troll. If you have you share because that is how this site works. That is the only way this site works. Please, please, please stop feeding the trolls.

ID: dfb30aea22 No.47874

File: 1513027541844.jpg (90.65 KB, 628x933, IMG_8981.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

C'mon guys…. Less Bitchin, More Postin!

ID: f6766364a0 No.47887

How can I buy her nudes/vids

ID: a4431d36f1 No.47914

Bump. More wins are out there. Need to get em.

ID: f6766364a0 No.47925

Would buy from her not you. If you have em post em in a Dropbox or mega

ID: c0da29cb01 No.47943

Hello! Send more photos of this beauty! And where do you take her photo? If some sites where she uploads them ??

ID: 40f18ad825 No.47961

Whoever has the full sextapes, how can I contact you? I'm interested

ID: 1746e3ab4e No.47972

re-up the mega

ID: a4431d36f1 No.48063

Pretty sure the mega was fake, and just a troll. :(

ID: 1b883b7b40 No.48067


ID: a4431d36f1 No.48068

Holy shit. Where did this all come from?

ID: f6766364a0 No.48072

How can I get that to open in my mega app?

ID: 25211958af No.48089

No fucking or blowjob vids in that though

ID: 91d3c2a621 No.48113

File: 1513298812694-0.jpg (39.88 KB, 640x640, ojj92WCs.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: a4431d36f1 No.48127

This is true. Where are they hiding? o_O

ID: dc206f6409 No.48133

the man who posted his kik earlier on…he has what you need i can vouch for him.

ID: 7e502b56b6 No.48139

He has aids cause trading is gay af

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