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File: 1490780807360.jpg (315.78 KB, 1704x958, WTF.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 705023ddf9 No.16666[Reply]

anons I've just recorded something and I have very mixed feelings about this. I actually don't know what to feel about it. I'm just gonna upload it now. Let's make this a weird unsecured camera thread. I'll post the link in the next post.
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ID: b0bdfc69b8 No.16677

did you watch it on mless? all you see is them fucking doggie style. no kid and no sound…

ID: c5ee7f6202 No.16695

maybe he uploaded the wrong vid

ID: 705023ddf9 No.16696

did all of you watch this to the end? The guy walks over to the baby. Obviously you can't see it, but she is holding onto a baby seat kinda thing the whole way through

ID: 4532e9bfdb No.16705

lol nice vid. im all for weird unsecured cam vids. I wanna see a dog lick some cooch or something but I havent gotten that lucky yet unfortunately

ID: b0bdfc69b8 No.16707

There are a few vids of a girl who smeared peanut butter on her cooch and let her dog lick it off. there is also a girl getting boned "DOGGIE" style lol. Not sure how mentally fucked up you have to be to do this let alone video it but they are out there look harder 16705. ahhaha

File: 1490817689534.jpg (51.38 KB, 379x380, avatar_6641913_b_148590900….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 1d9a0ec06d No.16691[Reply]

Any body have window_watcher's private videos on xhamster?

ID: bd006db0a4 No.16692

I do, what do u have in exchange?

ID: 7147ca3c9b No.16700

lumpy ass titties

ID: 2a419d976c No.16704

just post the vids faggatore.

ID: bd006db0a4 No.16706

let me see, ok, fuck urself!

File: 1490268874498.png (329.24 KB, 720x546, purple.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 97e63655aa No.16538[Reply]

Any more info about this video or girl? I think i found it on the archive a while back
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ID: 4e817320c8 No.16612

I dont even care about this chick or the vid but dude stop being a fag. No need to act like an asshole in 2 posts when you could have just posted a link in the first one. Why are you so angry little man?>>16609

ID: abd1669907 No.16613

I dont even care about this chick or the vid but dude stop being a fag. No need to act like an asshole in 2 posts when you could have just posted a link in the first one. Why are you so angry little man?

ID: 499420cbc7 No.16697

does anyone have this?

ID: 26c0330773 No.16698

ready the thread above brother, why ask this question?

ID: 6ce48709db No.16703

openload co/f/sPk6zoRYPH4/purple.mp4

File: 1472139598451.png (175.83 KB, 1000x204, 01fe8575e39a9af00c49a5a459….png) ImgOps Google

ID: 4959173d96 No.12235[Reply]

RealSelf is a medical site people sign up to post their pictures for a doctor to see, although its free for the public to view.

I have this fetish of finding girls who have shown their face either in their profile picture or in another post on their channel and also posted their genitalia in a separate post
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ID: 47e1ae2f9d No.16513


New anon here. Click on video to make it play, and you will see how the address bar changes. Ok now press f12 to bring out the developer tools on Chrome. Go to network tab. Now refresh the page that has the vid, it should autoplay.Organize by type and look for " x-shockwave-fash" to the right on the initiater subtab it should have a https domain. thats how you its the right one. Now, under the NAME subtab, right click, copy link address. Put link into clipconverter.cc on google and you are finished

ID: 47e1ae2f9d No.16514

Dont forget to share good vids pls

ID: 992c0c63ee No.16679


Not entirely true. My wife became progressively less tight after each kid we had. Married 12 years and have 4 kids. I WISH she were as tight as she was before the first one.

Having kids does permanently loosen a woman's vagina. It's just an unfortunate fact of life.

ID: 754ef0e940 No.16681

Try getting her to do Kegel exercises. I'm also married with kids, but my wife does them, and she is very tight.

ID: f92d1ca5ba No.16702

File: 1490846258708.jpg (26.19 KB, 400x300, userimage-2234889.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what they look like now, what a shame

File: 1488178610323.jpg (22.85 KB, 231x400, 7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: b71443d8dd No.16071[Reply]

any of you guys know where i can find this series aside from voyeurzona?
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ID: 103dd01940 No.16523

Bump for German series

ID: cfe4af919f No.16545


ID: 0dca67cf68 No.16546

requesting all the videos from this series


ID: 266dcab7d1 No.16549

looks like they're switching back to ex-load now lol they must've caught wind of this thread. Fuck them! :)

ID: c2407b09a3 No.16701


File: 1490399285895.jpg (5.7 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 7c06cb98bd No.16567[Reply]

Anyone used this app with any success?

I've been messing around with it and it seems to work pretty damn well.
Unlike most other cams, this just uses a cellphone. Meaning it has WiFi and can upload footage to the cloud, it can livestream to another device, and has a whole range of options like motion detection and discreet-screen disguising.
That also means it's cell-cam quality footage.

Only problem I've found is that A- a cellphone is pretty large and cuts down on hiding places, and B- the better lens on cells is the back one, so it's not exactly 'pinhole'. Though, you can use the front camera I guess and those have a pretty tiny footprint.

Anyone have any experience/opinions? Or ideas and methods of hiding a cam so large?
One good thing about the cloud upload is that if you can plug it in, you never need to go in and touch the cam (reducing chances of getting caught) until you extract it entirely.

I'll post my story in the comments. (And might be convinced to post the wins I got. Step-sister and Sister-In-Law though, so probably not.)

ID: 0e4ccdc23e No.16594

I call BS on the SIL ans step sis

ID: 8c47f9a9cb No.16653

File: 1490750369498-0.jpg (39.77 KB, 1296x736, 2016-0~1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490750369498-1.jpg (82.84 KB, 1308x736, 20170322.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Alright, finally got home from vacation (where I tried out Securet)

First I got it set up in a shared bathroom, hidden in some debris in the trashbin near the toilet. Didn't have a way to keep it charged, so it died after a few hours, triggered once though and got my Sister-In-Law. (1st pic)

Next I had access to my Step-Sister's room overnight, as she was spending the night out with friends. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out a good spot, and eventually spotted an outlet covered by a bookshelf. I plugged a standard phone charger in and routed the cable through the open back and hid the phone well below eye-line and behind some knick-knacks. The thing did 45sec videos every time motion was detected for TWO DAYS. But alas, I was a moron and forgot to check the "delete captures after upload" and the thing filled up halfway through the second day and recorded nothing but 0kb corrupt files. (2nd pic)

I used a really old Droid Razr, and it worked pretty well, though getting the results home now and looking at them on a big screen, there's a bit of fuzziness in the shadows and such… Might be better on a newer handset, or if I cleaned the damn thing first.

Trying to think of a good way to better disguise the thing for the future though.
I just like the upload feature, as you could theoretically install a permanent or semi-permanent object in a bathroom or such and it could run non-stop almost indefinitely.

ID: 90919b4e9e No.16654

Interested. Can we see some more revealing pics? Tits?

These photos could be dudes, so little shown in them

ID: 8c47f9a9cb No.16699


Not a win-sharing thread. Was trying to get a discussion about the app going.
Nobody can think past their next fap can they? lol

File: 1474575894521-0.jpg (239.94 KB, 1500x2000, imageproxy_005.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1474575894521-1.jpg (82.88 KB, 1500x843, imageproxy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1474575894521-2.jpg (280.55 KB, 1500x1125, imageproxy_052.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1474575894521-3.jpg (154.7 KB, 1500x2000, imageproxy_033.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1474575894521-4.jpg (128.55 KB, 1500x1125, imageproxy_02.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 65c6e53a47 No.13048[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

mega(dot)nz /#!RU4S2bqK!-VNI1ufFnWQ2e7dwV0L3z6xL9hr8s_oST9i1XyjdGIA
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ID: cb820b861f No.16527

File: 1490223123314-0.jpg (84.24 KB, 1042x694, DSC_5071 (1).JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490223123314-1.jpg (1.5 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_0774.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490223123314-2.jpg (43.86 KB, 480x640, IMG_2434.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490223123314-3.jpg (324.85 KB, 1024x1894, IMG_0586_1.mp4_thumbs_[201….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490223123314-4.jpg (133.58 KB, 1024x644, IMG_9547_1.mp4_thumbs_[201….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: cb820b861f No.16555

File: 1490343211344-0.jpg (1.19 MB, 1712x2560, DSC07733.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490343211344-1.jpg (436.05 KB, 1200x1600, DSC00553.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490343211344-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1712, DSC07737.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490343211344-3.jpg (159.09 KB, 1024x838, MOV00002.3gp_thumbs_[2017.….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 549deba174 No.16610


ID: cb820b861f No.16660

File: 1490773288831-0.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, P1020207.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490773288831-1.jpg (106.07 KB, 1024x646, M4H00104.MP4_thumbs_[2017.….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490773288831-2.jpg (105.79 KB, 1024x646, M4H00105.MP4_thumbs_[2017.….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 790ddd40b0 No.16693

File: 1490822385095-0.jpg (1.78 MB, 1704x2272, 00002133 (2016_09_24 17_29….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1490822385095-1.jpg (1.38 MB, 2272x1704, 00001639 (2016_09_24 17_29….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

win on here

File: 1453272471427.jpg (1.99 KB, 120x90, download.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 012c6c5c84 No.7175[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

HAMSTER7 posted many videos of his sister in the shower ect.

They are now deleted from momless…

Please, anyone help a brother out??
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ID: db575c65fc No.16520


ID: 3034738bb5 No.16525

pussys wont post it as if anyone give a fuck. she is at least 14 for sure prob like 16 i say and thats legal in most countries. but pussy ass americans think they prob get in trouble for posting it since legal age there is like 21 or some shit.

ID: 538c67c981 No.16683

How do you know?

I'm one away from fourty, but i have repeats because he was using the square on some. (you?)

ID: c0b52f85ce No.16687

vola has some 1448eq0

any chance you could post them? i cant find the rest anywhere

ID: 5688926768 No.16688

sorry b1448eq0

File: 1454611188289.jpeg (144.64 KB, 676x1200, peaacchhh-b27a241c-4646-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

ID: 1bd608d0fa No.7644[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Updated viewer here: dreamsnipe(dot)parseapp(dot)com

It hides images from users that get downvoted a bunch
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ID: 9b39d5413c No.16662

Here you go guys. The password is anon-ib.


ID: 9b39d5413c No.16663


Without the period, I mean. The password is…


ID: ab2a29e097 No.16665

Just me or doesn't work for all anons ? :(

ID: 5ce4fdea1c No.16682

Works for me. Thanks anon!

ID: 2c2f5f2eac No.16686

The password doesn't work for me. What's up?

File: 1490345629979.png (223.3 KB, 882x1075, iphone6-plus-spacegrey.png) ImgOps Google

ID: fdfc8960b6 No.16556[Reply]

I recently purchased an iphone 6. The seller did not reset the phone to factory defaults. All the old programs are still installed and the appleid info is still there (no password obviously). The photos were manually deleted and I would like to know how to recover them like one would do with an SD card or hard drive.
Anyone know what the process is or best program to use?
Any help is GREAATLY appreciated and any win will be shared as I do not know the seller at all.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ID: 7bc61d19b0 No.16623


wondershare could help you, dont know if all can be retrieved because of th ios.

it usually can though, i have a registred version.. it can help.. do not post it on a mega like some tard requested.. cause all will be spread, and you will be responsible

ID: 40e71ddc16 No.16638

There is a crack you can use that unlocks everything to be premium. I'll see if I can figure out a way to get it to you.

ID: fdfc8960b6 No.16640

Thanks. I tried the trial version of wondershare and there is a video that suggests win, but cant recover without a code.


I would greatly appreciate that. Like I said, I found a full version of fonelab, but that showed that there were no deleted texts or any other deleted data. I know there is because Dr. Fone does show results, but I can't recover them without the full version.

ID: 785cbeeb78 No.16651


He would be responsible for what exactly?

He, I am guessing, purchased the phone from a reseller. If that phone was not stolen then it and everything on it are legally his. The onus is on the original owner to wipe the phone before they sold it to the reseller. If they didn't then they are effectively selling what ever is on the phone also.

As long as the new owner did not tried to blackmail or extort the original owner. Then he is within his rights to do what ever he pleases with the content on the phone.

ID: fdfc8960b6 No.16668

Correct. And that is what I intend to do, but I can't get the unlock code for Dr. Fone.

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