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File: 1501876229850.png (1.38 MB, 1360x764, NYC1 - Copy.png) ImgOps Google

ID: 0f9607c317 No.20852[View All]

Posted on Mother and was deleted a few minutes later… there was a video too.. I was too late. Anyone have source?!
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ID: 43bf2189dd No.22285

Damn you are an impatient lot. The best things in life are worth waiting for.


ID: e9fb816f45 No.22291

Hmmm… Downloading this now.. But it is "huge" 6.74 gigs.
Will confirm if this is what everyone's been waiting for or not shortly. God bless you sir if it is!

ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.22292

I am downloading as well but might take longer don't have a superb DL speed.

I am a bit skeptical could be a raw file with the entire footage he shot during the day, just not cut up. Can't see it being a malicious file that is that large. either way be safe mate.

ID: 022cfcc126 No.22293

It's a bamboozle. Just a megalink to a download of star wars from a Spanish website.

ID: e7df058a8c No.22294

Yep, just google the link, it's a starwars trilogy.
>>22285 is just another degenerate troll on this thread lmao

ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.22295

figures nothing but trolls here

ID: e9fb816f45 No.22296

Lmao… Well, guess im watching a starwars trilogy in Spanish to quell my pain.
Wasn't a complete waste of time.
At least I got Starwars.

ID: 7da9b3fbc2 No.22302

Looks like people are just gonna keep it for themselves.
Oh well. I mean she's def hot and all, but those tits look fake af

ID: b5861f5f24 No.22309

File: 1504781214115.jpg (50.66 KB, 625x468, 11700819_1613902385562191_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: e9fb816f45 No.22316

Spanish Starwars was alright.

ID: a156a22ec4 No.22343

bump for video

ID: a156a22ec4 No.22384

bumperino kripperino

ID: e9fb816f45 No.22390

Forever on our minds.

ID: a156a22ec4 No.22407

patience we have had

ID: 482bb26ac2 No.22440

Still holding out

ID: a156a22ec4 No.22480


ID: 0d1839ff3d No.22529


ID: 18637f14c8 No.22532

Now that is a hot bitch! Finer than frog hair. She puts the 'Fine' in 'Ahhhhhh skeet skeet skeet'

ID: 818045fd0f No.22541

suck my dick HOWBOWDAH

ID: 9b5bc1a6c9 No.22543

trading links of a vid that was already posted of a dressing room vid that isnt even your own content LMFAOOOOOMFKLASDFDS you guys are sad. It doesnt even look all that interesting so what a bitch with big tits changing in a dressing room there's a million vids like that on xhamster

ID: f850750eb1 No.22585


ID: ed778a435a No.22612

I don't have it, but i have seen it in full. Can't remember where though.
Anyway… like other anons have said. Its just another dressing room vid. And to be perfectly honest, her tits look fucking terrible. They have literally no jiggle or bounce at all. horrible fake monstrosities.

ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.22614

throw in the towels boys nobody is going to share this blonde bombshell been over a month with teasing here and there time to give up.

pls share bump

ID: 18637f14c8 No.22621

Did you say give it up and then ask one more time to share, and bump it? Are you always this confusing?

ID: a156a22ec4 No.22765

send noods; send vid

ID: a156a22ec4 No.23054

bumping for video

ID: c52fe85e3c No.23056

File: 1506160633898.png (4.35 MB, 1553x1096, noods.png) ImgOps Google

As requested.

ID: 5b03c51c69 No.23193


ID: 727ce1df30 No.23348

You guys are all morons. Just post it already. No one is gonna willing to pay for this. Fcking 60 year old fat virgins

ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.23495


ID: 7f48d015d6 No.24075

So have we given up on this? I would be willing to trade some OC for it if its still available.

ID: b436925d2c No.24239


ID: e46fa85af9 No.24649

Would be willing to trade/buy

ID: 9160cbfbbc No.24703



ID: 9160cbfbbc No.24737

I'm sorry but I have to bump again. Would be willing to pay for sauce.

ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.24763

Yes I'd be willing to pay and share with everyone

ID: f850750eb1 No.24772


ID: d090ba5e3b No.24776


Willing to trade/buy

ID: d090ba5e3b No.24878


ID: 13cd73c0c1 No.24914

email me at darkman023@protonmail.ch

if you have the video and can prove it willing to pay

ID: 72c9d7da5b No.24918

stop bumping for this weak ass vid. I dont even know why these virgins are hoarding judging from those boring ass screen caps it looks like she does nothing but change clothes, if you want to see a blonde changing clothes in dressing room then just go to xhamster. Dont listen to these fags overhyping a vid they prob just want you to pay them for or trade for it.

ID: e8d8c0d65f No.24929

Found it! Not my link, but here is a hosted version. share-online biz /dl/ W8UN4SUOY9

ID: a65e485fb3 No.24944

it's been taken down :(

ID: 818045fd0f No.24946

No its still up but it is however not the full vid. Just clips of the lady are featured in the vid.

ID: f7175a29d7 No.24947

The share online link isnt down! You are a moron! Erase the spaces in the link and you see the link is still online!

ID: dff1c123b7 No.24954

Share online can go fuck itself I keep getting redirected to some bs Walmart thing

ID: b6419e2e88 No.24999

Sad cunts she not even that nice squabbling over an average at best vid lol

ID: 9160cbfbbc No.25031


Nothing average about the clips I've seen. Adding another bump for the full vid.

ID: c826bc46b9 No.25037

post the clips !!

ID: 93de660425 No.25368

Bump for clips

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