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File: 1502157656012.jpg (252.23 KB, 1906x1702, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 2be5bf9e8e No.20954[View All]

Is Colorado Cabin Guy dead or in jail? That was the most promising thread in a long time.
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ID: 035a0d25af No.22140

i dont have 100 invites i have none lol

ID: 03969c4fa8 No.22141

I was talking about OP. ;)

ID: 03969c4fa8 No.22142

I was talking about OP. ;)

ID: 035a0d25af No.22144

sorry man miscommuication. Any other way we can see these vids?

ID: 57673437b8 No.22170

I think your vids look great, my dude. I've got no complaints about the quality!

ID: 13071855d3 No.22171

I am still waiting on the puke vids my god man. You can't put those on omegle. How about you do me that solid, and I will help you by lightening your vids with my adobe software???

ID: cb5b152117 No.22172

Fuck, the puke vids ok man. I'll post here within 24 hours. I use photoshop it's adobe ive got it figured out except I have to open run the action and render them one at a time

I guess they're acceptable but I knew I could make them look better

ID: 035a0d25af No.22199

really wanna see these vids can you add me on xham aj04200 or somebody mega these..please

ID: 013743cb37 No.22204


you don't have to be friends with him to see his vids on xham. he even explains that in this thread. just go to his page for fucks sake!

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22208

The Xham vids have been taken down, right? I can't get any to work.

ID: 5a80c49b08 No.22209


Fuck you're stupid

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22210

Why's that?

ID: bbdfa7aa81 No.22211

because they're working just fine

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22213

OK, must be my phone because when I click on the videos it says "video not found".

ID: bbdfa7aa81 No.22215

fyi just in case you must not use the url that has something with porncache in it. Just go to x(rodent).com, go to voyeurxham's user profile and play the vids from there. Googling his username once took me to said porncache thing and the vids did not work there either even though it looked exactly like the actual website.

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22216

That was it! Thanks, man!

ID: be47da805d No.22262

voila room this one pls. she looks tight af.

ID: d20b68ac30 No.22307

we ever gonna get more of your babysitter series?

ID: b80e74a807 No.22308

bump for more. also, OP, can you accept my friend request on xham?

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.22374

>I still need to post the puking girls but I couldn't find them this morning.
You find these yet? I've really been looking forward to them.

ID: 26ce02bf1d No.22411

Another round of babysitter gifs would be amazing!

ID: bd965341da No.22414

Child pornography is being distributed around

I'd like to recommend the mods do a better job at looking as to what is going on, on their site please

Thank you

ID: 82d19a3930 No.22415

File: 1505026112093.jpg (35.7 KB, 259x194, IMG_0853.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



ID: 7afbeb72c1 No.22419

add me to xham

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22420

Can you add me as a friend? I've been a fan since the beginning.

ID: 29a5e18479 No.22928

Is there any more coming soon? Or is he gone for good?

ID: bb4f6c4064 No.22933

puke vids?

ID: 168f790d41 No.22936

probably got tired of requests for illegal material

ID: dae064d27e No.23041

was he got arrested? haven't heard from him in ages…..

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23044

Id say hes some niggers bitch right about now

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23045

xhamster dot com/videos/hidden-cam-rave-toilet-1-7922411
Any know if theres more to this series or jus the two on xham

ID: db145e9ae9 No.23046

Anyone get added on xham? How?

ID: 137ad884b1 No.23047

Come on man, of course I wasn’t arrested. Working full time lots of moving around and other responsibilities I’m tired. Don’t have the energy at the moment to go through all the messages and invites and decide who’s legit and who’s LEA but I hope to soon, still have more to post. For awhile i didn’t add anybody who signed up recently, I don’t know maybe I’ll just add everyone who asked next time i log in

ID: cd73833524 No.23051

Just the two? I see 19 in total, go to the site and search “Colorado cabin”

ID: db145e9ae9 No.23059

I've been a fan since day 1. Would love to be added.

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23060

You aint colorado guy

ID: 137ad884b1 No.23061

Yeah, I am, but that rave vid isn’t mine

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23062

Good to see ya back amongst us… ya i no it wasnt yours jus thought someone would no sumtin about that series

ID: ad2d363801 No.23085

File: 1506260101601.jpg (228.35 KB, 1000x747, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ok cool, brand new vid here from August 2


ID: a4a9b786a7 No.23092

You are my hero - please upload more tampon or pad change stuff

ID: c91a16fa12 No.23123


or not

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.23169

seconded, please

ID: dae064d27e No.23231

he disappeared again……worry about him

ID: 8087d03c15 No.23236

How does everyone download these videos? I don't mean actually how to do it - I know that. My question is do you use certain browsers and other things to protect your anonymity?

ID: 10177243f6 No.23254

VPN that doesn't keep logs and that does not operate under US law. Which is something everyone should be using anyway, not just for stuff like that…

ID: b6e28982c4 No.23619

Please don't let this thread die.

ID: 7536b5544d No.23638

Don't Die On Me Now!!

ID: a81d5e62f3 No.23866

Yo bump

ID: 6f356a601d No.25470

Nice captures mate

ID: 6f356a601d No.25471

Great captures mate

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