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File: 1502157656012.jpg (252.23 KB, 1906x1702, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 2be5bf9e8e No.20954[Last 50 Posts]

Is Colorado Cabin Guy dead or in jail? That was the most promising thread in a long time.

ID: 2be5bf9e8e No.20955

Original links he posted all still seem to be up

upfile.mobi /4nK5ejIFasP upfile.mobi /c5LGaWDzjtm upfile.mobi /nmpKoeGp5s0 upfile.mobi /ockWYll0Zba

ID: db145e9ae9 No.20957

Hopefully he'll post again. I suspect he was also the OP of a different (even better imo) thread that has since been deleted.

ID: ea02f3794f No.20958

He probably got tired of the threads getting Dleted

ID: f123f93d1d No.20960

He just doesnt care anymore.

Posting here was a hobby on his vacations where he nothing else to do.

Now hes back, he has more stuff to do, the content got old to him after so many faps, he doesnt care anymore obviously.

Just move on, he clearly did

ID: 70930aa9b6 No.21078


ID: 11c3c80649 No.21143

Please give us a sign.

ID: 6c9255c890 No.21253

File: 1502745172577-0.jpeg (337.8 KB, 1280x969, 1.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1502745172577-1.jpeg (336.22 KB, 1280x969, 2.jpeg) ImgOps Google

I'm alive bitches. Here's a new vid!


ID: 5aad3a4f4a No.21254

Saints be praised!

ID: 52864154d3 No.21258

OP, thanks man. Glad you still walk amongst the living.

Appreciate your sharing. Hope to see some of those teens. You had posted a screencap awhile back of 2 girls in the stall at once.

ID: e702d55e6f No.21260

Thx for the reminder I should be able to post it, haven't really watched it yet and not with sound. I think it's going to be really good though. If they're not talking about anything that'll give away the location I'll post it guaranteed.

ID: fb4312a2d8 No.21261

File: 1502754302533-0.jpg (417.81 KB, 1600x1350, 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1502754302533-1.jpg (408.83 KB, 1600x1350, 3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

U mean these girls right?

ID: cc610f7d2b No.21263

dude there were some really good ones on your imgsrc, can you please share them??? :)

ID: ea02f3794f No.21264

yes please post them

ID: a0d3ac6806 No.21265

whats your imgsrc? i cant find it

ID: 2f99852fc1 No.21266

Cool, well why don't you just remove the audio from the vid. I do that all the time in case something said gives away the location.

ID: b9a8f4ae16 No.21271

Appreciate your work!

ID: 6b5a7a43ff No.21274

Yeah, those couple with all of them in the stall look super hot! Would love to see those ones!!

ID: f123f93d1d No.21276

lets wait another month then my boys

ID: a5c607cb19 No.21281

You're a legend .

ID: dd6834d35a No.21305

GROSS we're not here to see fatties FFS what's wrong with you there's nothing "milfy" about this creature at all you freak

ID: e87f127925 No.21309

hows the upload going bro?


as for you, make your own thread on the grannies section ffs

ID: dd262c05e0 No.21331

colorado dude-

thanks for the good work!

any chance you could upload the duo vid? thanks :)

ID: 9c412b2068 No.21334

Mr. Cabins…if you need assistance in editing video for sharing, please contact me directly on mega me at barabas 8888 @ yahoo. com (remove all spaces) I have done video editing/blurs for others who had OC but wanted to hide identities of friends/relatives.

ID: fee574c5ea No.21336

Thx dudes appreciate the appreciation. I'm good though I can remove audio np, just away from town from work for 2 days back tmrw. Wish I brought my Mac. Figured out best way to work with the clips. They're in 5 min segments but I know how to work with that now if I have to merge them.

I'll upload the duo soon, happy to share and can't wait the whole vids myself with audio

ID: fee574c5ea No.21337

Can't wait to watch I mean

ID: f123f93d1d No.21346

LOL see?
2 days out of town >> starts posting things on anon just out of boredom, like the last time

ID: e87f127925 No.21375

any news buddy? :)

ID: 33107ce656 No.21376


can you read? he said he'll be back in 2 days

ID: 33107ce656 No.21381

actually, i can't read apparently. he said he'd back back tomorrow lul

ID: f123f93d1d No.21389

yeah sure ahah

ID: 05663c458a No.21401

Upping to xhamster. Will post vids there, waiting for them to get through publishing step

ID: b64fae8159 No.21402

What's your xham name?

ID: a1617310d7 No.21404

Voyeurxham, original I know. I'll post one more time after the first vids are up

ID: 2a80a915d9 No.21405

any chance you could post the original files too? I like preserving the quality :)


ID: cb34d83c54 No.21417

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that your rodent video/s were taken down…

ID: 9c412b2068 No.21419

Yeah what a bummer….there is nothing there

ID: 893901d184 No.21436

Nope still waiting to be published, takes forever sometimes. Only posted 2 so hang in there, if it works and the quality is good and I get some views and comments I've got like 50-100 to post over the next while

ID: d8fd16bca2 No.21443


Horry shit.

ID: 70ad83bd44 No.21446

I will start saving my sperm now

ID: dce4bc7d79 No.21451

File: 1503084435679.jpg (150.4 KB, 1000x755, 18.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Xham vids not up yet so here's a new one


ID: fc161469ac No.21452

love these. any chance you could post the vids with the two girls? thanks

ID: dce4bc7d79 No.21453

File: 1503085758456.jpg (194.1 KB, 677x1000, 16y.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Thanks, yeah the last one I'm upping here, the rest will be on the rodent


ID: 33107ce656 No.21468


WOW. I actually love you.

Can I go to your house and suck your dick? Please?

ID: e02849e7b5 No.21470

OP add me on the XHAM ericsmith400 please and thank you!

ID: 6dbf193649 No.21472

File: 1503118995665.gif (1.86 MB, 320x681, 1.gif) ImgOps Google

Love you too bruh

Done, problem though, xhamster now only allows ONE upload per DAY wtf? I don't know what to do…I don't have time for that. Feel free to contact me there in the meantime and I'll just upload there when I get the chance. Another vid


ID: 83563a1ef3 No.21474

File: 1503120753584.jpeg (439.21 KB, 1920x1450, 1501420949224-1.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Can we get this video?

ID: 683f3b1aae No.21475

You can always combine your clips together to make a longer video

ID: 52de507b01 No.21476


try motherless?

ID: 9124a916b8 No.21477

I might do that

ID: a3edf0897f No.21478


I just wish motherless didn't compress all videos to 360p shit-quality, otherwise it would be such a good website.

ID: cc610f7d2b No.21481

Why don't you just chuck them all on mega?

ID: 765de726c7 No.21484

I concur. A good mega folder would be awesome and you don't have to compromise with video compression from the tube sites.

Also thanks OP, you are doing god's work here.

ID: 1837affc4a No.21485


OP….this is fucking outstanding. Love these girls. Thank you.

At your leisure, can you add me, friendlyj?

ID: 52de507b01 No.21486

ahh didnt think of that
yeah, if you can do this, we'ed love it…

ID: 35e0226e76 No.21487

OP is a the fucking man!!! do we need to friend req you on rodent for access?

ID: ce522a59fa No.21491

File: 1503159677333.jpg (188.19 KB, 1000x755, 22.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nope just bookmark

I'll put the puking girls in one clip

Sucks that it still does that in 2017, forget that option

I have a mega it's almost full and I don't want to start another, plus its going to take weeks to put all the vids together.

I think I'll just focus on posting good vids here and up what I post here to xhamster. If anyone wants to contact me I'm there

Here's a hot preggo soon to be milf


ID: 4f76474d6d No.21492

Can't wait for the rodent uploads!

ID: ce522a59fa No.21493

Preggo vid here in case the text got cut off


ID: d5cb9b8883 No.21494

Pregnant is the best!
Thank you!

ID: 296a3ecf0a No.21495


don't u think its a bad idea to add the name of the place on ur vids? Idk just sayin. Maybe u shouldnt be so specific on ur xhamster vids

ID: cb32621fef No.21497

Yea xrod is not really that safe. A couple years ago a guy who went by CBRvoy cause during one of his vids he was spotted they later called the cops and found all his vid he had uploaded on the rodent

ID: a3edf0897f No.21498

lmao "colorado beach cabiins"

think about it dude. i highly doubt its anywhere near colorado

ID: 4da9d109f5 No.21500

what is rodent?
how can i watch the videos?

ID: 57718144a6 No.21501

^if you don't already know, you don't have to know

ID: d0f611fd77 No.21502


lmao "I highly doubt its anywhere near Colorado"

So you are saying there are no lakes in Colorado?

No lakes with beaches?

Think about it dude. You are a bit of a moron.

ID: 897bd28039 No.21506

you assuming the dude who labeled these "Colorado beach Cabin" is a moron. you know what they say about ASSuming…

ID: a3edf0897f No.21509

A–Are you serious? You think this dude who went through all this effort decided to post exactly where he filmed everything? And you think I'm the moron?

just when i thought anonib was getting less retarded

ID: 296a3ecf0a No.21524


lmao i guess ur right. well whatever. I wasn't trying to start a war or anything. Just dont wanna see a brotha getting dicked by some determined losers.

Yeah, it's really not hard to get a lot of information out of some minor details.

ID: 035a0d25af No.21525

how do you find users on rodent or add friends? or do they have to add you??

ID: 1e91f5be9b No.21529

(OP) It's all good. I'll tell you what, it is by a lake, not by the coast, and the same time zone as Colorado give or take an hour.
If you're talking about me, just send a message and I'll add you. I'm not going to post anything there that I'm not posting here though. I'll keep posting here whenever I have time

ID: 1e91f5be9b No.21530

(OP) It's all good. I'll tell you what, it is by a lake, not by the coast, and the same time zone as Colorado give or take an hour. I took a nice video tour of the cabin with my phone showing the hiding spot and everything and walking out with phone at my hip. There's a cute chick as I walk outside and the name of the park etc that gives away the location. I'll post it here in a year or so or if I decide to not hide a cam there anymore
If you're talking about me, just send a message and I'll add you. I'm not going to post anything there that I'm not posting here though. I'll keep posting here whenever I have time

ID: db145e9ae9 No.21532


Thanks man!!!

BTW, you used to have another OC thread (since deleted) on here, right? Different location, more "residential"? The style and quality are similar.

ID: 512e6644f9 No.21535

Best to reach me on xrod for now if you want to chat. Lots of other ways to chat if we connect there. I feel like I'm monopolizing the board apologies for anyone sick of seeing these posts.

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.21537

Monopolize the board all you want, you're posting amazing content and I can't wait to see more.

I've been checking all day hoping for something new

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.21538


Anyone understand what these girls are saying? At one point one of them talks about shaving and says she's "not gonna have a hairy pussy" something something, and the other girl says "I didn't shave mine" and the one girl goes "Really?!"

ID: f2bdaa16c2 No.21554

File: 1503264080095.jpg (221.84 KB, 1000x755, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Cute young teen changing


ID: 2f99852fc1 No.21555

Monopolize everything you want as long as you keep posting gems like this.


ID: 2f99852fc1 No.21556

OP, ever catch anyone masturbating?

ID: b9b7ad8938 No.21559

OP, can you post a few of the MILF videos that you have?

ID: a3edf0897f No.21560


Sick of seeing your posts? The opposite my man! I look forward everytime you post something.

ID: c02907031f No.21562

For sure

No, unfortunately

Thx I'lll try to post a couple tmrw

ID: 75fa4b2c0a No.21564

Dumb question… but how do you watch these vids on mobile?

ID: 75fa4b2c0a No.21565

And can u share your mega?

ID: 99df2c048d No.21566

OP Can you post the one where the girl gets walked in on?

ID: 0c003b423a No.21567


Download the file.

ID: a5c607cb19 No.21590

Hey OP, what do you use as your camera?
You're a legend and I'm interested in doing something similar.

ID: 14350ec010 No.21591

what is xrod, i cant find the site

ID: f4b787570b No.21593

try hamster ;)

ID: df9ae25128 No.21594

made my monday. love the OC… just awesome.

ID: 13071855d3 No.21595

Gotta have the puking vids my friend!!

ID: 6ace6e0e2b No.21596

File: 1503328964015-0.jpeg (124.53 KB, 1000x757, 22.jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1503328964015-1.jpeg (118.81 KB, 1000x757, 23.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Yes! See below
I'll take a pic and post it and maybe give an amazon link
I will hang on



ID: 6ace6e0e2b No.21597

File: 1503330138725.jpg (206.16 KB, 1000x755, 24.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I think this woman is so hot, I love how she faces the camera to wipe her pussy


ID: d37201c213 No.21599

OP, bless you for this amazing thread. A teen pooping in a public restroom is an especially rare and amazing catch. If you have more of that, consider this a humble request for them to be shared.

ID: 8651570a7b No.21600

what video are you referring to?

ID: 168f489945 No.21601

OP, thank you.

Curious what you might have in the way of itty bitty titties

Epic stuff so far. Again, thanks

ID: 765de726c7 No.21602

Cabin OP is a god amongst us mere mortals.

And fuck the traders.

ID: d37201c213 No.21603

In the video with two girls, one of them takes a shit. She tells her friend, "Its weird shitting with you right there"

ID: 56735a0669 No.21604

Hey OP, underneath the diaper changing station there seems to be some kind of hole under the wall. If you can conceal your camera in there really well, you should be able to get a fantastic angle on these pretty ladies using the toilet.

ID: befdfec117 No.21609

Thanks OP. Awesome videos with full body shot and face, not those close-up abominations where the only thing you can see an asshole or a headless body. I fucking hate those. I wish they were high res, and the girls were a little younger.

Whats your imgsrc? I'm new here and missed the old thread.

Never stop posting.

And yes, fuck the traders.

ID: f123f93d1d No.21610

"a little younger"

pedo alert right here

ID: 8454c4d55a No.21614

hey we all thought it haha

ID: 296a3ecf0a No.21618

lol smart.
you're a fucking legend. I thought about it for a bit and I felt like that's the only other explanation lol

ID: 580a02e90e No.21620

give the OP a medal!

love your work man! and thank you so much for sharing them here. tubesites suck so much…

ID: befdfec117 No.21623

imgsrc link please

ID: 0105d1025c No.21653

are there just two on xrodent

ID: 5c7823d605 No.21654

OP, my dick needs a workout.

got anything for us today?

ID: 487700fe89 No.21655

Thx everyone, didn't get a chance today will make up for it tomorrow or the day after though. Wasted half an hour trying avidemux to rotate, trim, fix aspect ratio all in one encode for better quality but it kept crashing. Any other suggestions for avi files on a Mac besides handbrake? Or anyone know how to rotate in handbrake? I think it's a keyword in the advanced settings but couldn't get it to work…

ID: 9c412b2068 No.21666

Dude for all of the contributions, I'd gladly edit shit for you. email Barabas 8888 @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)

ID: 99e59f3c76 No.21673

Does anyone have the imgsrc from one of the old threads?

ID: df832b07f9 No.21676

There is no imgsrc, OP deleted it after 1 day b/c he said he was got hundreds of emails from dummies sending him dumb shit.

ID: b08ce07fb9 No.21681


Rotation in Handbrake is under Filters if you're using the GUI version. From the command line it's something like –rotate=90 (or 180 or whatever).

ID: 60964cf16c No.21692

Awesome thanks that would be so helpful if it works and the quality will be better, more in 24 hours I think

ID: 20a1e62904 No.21752

File: 1503636213758.png (815.11 KB, 1000x753, 430_1000.png) ImgOps Google

Hey OP. Great work. Can you put this one up next?

ID: ac0d442b96 No.21772

where do you get that image?

ID: 8454c4d55a No.21781

^right? where'd that come from? either way, want that vid too!

ID: 70ad83bd44 No.21783

Love those stick skinny arms

ID: d8677bbf4d No.21788

Figured it out ":rotate=3"
Vid to come soon

ID: d8677bbf4d No.21790

File: 1503672017470.jpg (159.79 KB, 1000x757, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

No, for a multitude of reasons. I still need to post the puking girls but I couldn't find them this morning. Here's a cute teen, maybe early 20's


ID: 776cc39c6a No.21793

File: 1503672564896.jpg (122.83 KB, 1000x755, 123_1000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

This one also please sir

ID: 3ec70d7e4e No.21794

why even post the cap if you aren't planning on posting the video?

ID: 30239bee30 No.21795

I didnt post the caps here

ID: 495f240959 No.21796

i want >>21752 too (actually i want all the vids)

where the caps came from?

ID: 05663c458a No.21797

Read the whole thread

ID: 18cf5fc5e3 No.21798

It's called bait. Of the trade kind, possibly the other kind. Both of which are frowned upon here. Pls show some discretion, no more questions about that - yes read the whole thread - still lots of good stuff to post. If it wasn't for /v/ I would have given up after 3 days of trying with 2 total failures this is my way of repaying..

ID: ff0036b032 No.21799

I guess he doesn't immediately delete the UA stuff huh…

ID: df9ae25128 No.21803

yeah that vid is def UA, don't hold your breath for him to post it. gotta figure he gets a lot of… questionable (even for us) material that has to be edited out. Strange that cap even was ever posted tbh.

ID: 168f790d41 No.21807

it's uploaded on one of his xham galleries

ID: a884252b68 No.21808

Cannot wait for more…

ID: e02849e7b5 No.21814

why cant i see his xham galleries? OP please check xham messages and add us i sent you a message.

ID: a1617310d7 No.21822

What's your uname? Some white knight probably had them removed

ID: e02849e7b5 No.21825


ID: a5c607cb19 No.21826

Aw man :(
I'm a huge fan of your work and try to collect the all. Now that's one video I know I'll never have.
I guess you have your reasons. Either way, your work is awesome.

ID: db145e9ae9 No.21846

Where? Help a brotha out.

ID: a10c29e49b No.21852

Great stuff I would love to have some UA though hit me up if you wanna exchange……. nevthegreat

ID: 33107ce656 No.21911

any chance you could post some more videos my man?


ID: 70ad83bd44 No.21960


ID: 280da79f82 No.21969

Bumper - please more naughty stuff!

ID: 0105d1025c No.22009

i can only find 2 videos on xham

are there more

does he have two accoutns?

ID: 2d8763e7b3 No.22048

FYI, 18 clips just posted to his xhamster account. Eternal gratitude for your great work my man!

ID: 4cd098b0eb No.22071

OP here, 21 vids now. Xham now lets me up 10 per day and wait time is down from 2+ days to a few hours so it's best way for me thx for the support anons

ID: 10177243f6 No.22072

#3 and #6 seem to be missing? Anyhow this is fantastic, you're a legend

ID: ee602ace7e No.22074

Yeah they were deleted not by me, thanks'

ID: 035a0d25af No.22112

add me on xham aj04200

ID: 035a0d25af No.22114

how do you add people on xham???

ID: 01807553a2 No.22118

OP why did you block me on xham? Did I do something wrong? -choco.

ID: 035a0d25af No.22131

asking again how to you find friends on xham? i know op name but cant find how to add.. or can op add me .. aj04200

ID: 03969c4fa8 No.22139

"This user has >100 unanswered invites and can't receive more !"

ID: 035a0d25af No.22140

i dont have 100 invites i have none lol

ID: 03969c4fa8 No.22141

I was talking about OP. ;)

ID: 03969c4fa8 No.22142

I was talking about OP. ;)

ID: 035a0d25af No.22144

sorry man miscommuication. Any other way we can see these vids?

ID: 57673437b8 No.22170

I think your vids look great, my dude. I've got no complaints about the quality!

ID: 13071855d3 No.22171

I am still waiting on the puke vids my god man. You can't put those on omegle. How about you do me that solid, and I will help you by lightening your vids with my adobe software???

ID: cb5b152117 No.22172

Fuck, the puke vids ok man. I'll post here within 24 hours. I use photoshop it's adobe ive got it figured out except I have to open run the action and render them one at a time

I guess they're acceptable but I knew I could make them look better

ID: 035a0d25af No.22199

really wanna see these vids can you add me on xham aj04200 or somebody mega these..please

ID: 013743cb37 No.22204


you don't have to be friends with him to see his vids on xham. he even explains that in this thread. just go to his page for fucks sake!

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22208

The Xham vids have been taken down, right? I can't get any to work.

ID: 5a80c49b08 No.22209


Fuck you're stupid

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22210

Why's that?

ID: bbdfa7aa81 No.22211

because they're working just fine

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22213

OK, must be my phone because when I click on the videos it says "video not found".

ID: bbdfa7aa81 No.22215

fyi just in case you must not use the url that has something with porncache in it. Just go to x(rodent).com, go to voyeurxham's user profile and play the vids from there. Googling his username once took me to said porncache thing and the vids did not work there either even though it looked exactly like the actual website.

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22216

That was it! Thanks, man!

ID: be47da805d No.22262

voila room this one pls. she looks tight af.

ID: d20b68ac30 No.22307

we ever gonna get more of your babysitter series?

ID: b80e74a807 No.22308

bump for more. also, OP, can you accept my friend request on xham?

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.22374

>I still need to post the puking girls but I couldn't find them this morning.
You find these yet? I've really been looking forward to them.

ID: 26ce02bf1d No.22411

Another round of babysitter gifs would be amazing!

ID: bd965341da No.22414

Child pornography is being distributed around

I'd like to recommend the mods do a better job at looking as to what is going on, on their site please

Thank you

ID: 82d19a3930 No.22415

File: 1505026112093.jpg (35.7 KB, 259x194, IMG_0853.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



ID: 7afbeb72c1 No.22419

add me to xham

ID: db145e9ae9 No.22420

Can you add me as a friend? I've been a fan since the beginning.

ID: 29a5e18479 No.22928

Is there any more coming soon? Or is he gone for good?

ID: bb4f6c4064 No.22933

puke vids?

ID: 168f790d41 No.22936

probably got tired of requests for illegal material

ID: dae064d27e No.23041

was he got arrested? haven't heard from him in ages…..

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23044

Id say hes some niggers bitch right about now

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23045

xhamster dot com/videos/hidden-cam-rave-toilet-1-7922411
Any know if theres more to this series or jus the two on xham

ID: db145e9ae9 No.23046

Anyone get added on xham? How?

ID: 137ad884b1 No.23047

Come on man, of course I wasn’t arrested. Working full time lots of moving around and other responsibilities I’m tired. Don’t have the energy at the moment to go through all the messages and invites and decide who’s legit and who’s LEA but I hope to soon, still have more to post. For awhile i didn’t add anybody who signed up recently, I don’t know maybe I’ll just add everyone who asked next time i log in

ID: cd73833524 No.23051

Just the two? I see 19 in total, go to the site and search “Colorado cabin”

ID: db145e9ae9 No.23059

I've been a fan since day 1. Would love to be added.

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23060

You aint colorado guy

ID: 137ad884b1 No.23061

Yeah, I am, but that rave vid isn’t mine

ID: 726ae4c221 No.23062

Good to see ya back amongst us… ya i no it wasnt yours jus thought someone would no sumtin about that series

ID: ad2d363801 No.23085

File: 1506260101601.jpg (228.35 KB, 1000x747, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Ok cool, brand new vid here from August 2


ID: a4a9b786a7 No.23092

You are my hero - please upload more tampon or pad change stuff

ID: c91a16fa12 No.23123


or not

ID: 83563a1ef3 No.23169

seconded, please

ID: dae064d27e No.23231

he disappeared again……worry about him

ID: 8087d03c15 No.23236

How does everyone download these videos? I don't mean actually how to do it - I know that. My question is do you use certain browsers and other things to protect your anonymity?

ID: 10177243f6 No.23254

VPN that doesn't keep logs and that does not operate under US law. Which is something everyone should be using anyway, not just for stuff like that…

ID: b6e28982c4 No.23619

Please don't let this thread die.

ID: 7536b5544d No.23638

Don't Die On Me Now!!

ID: a81d5e62f3 No.23866

Yo bump

ID: 6f356a601d No.25470

Nice captures mate

ID: 6f356a601d No.25471

Great captures mate

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