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ID: 353ea1a2ee No.1277

Want to start a thread describing and talking about interactions and scenarios. Would like opinions on mine. Feel free to post all fam related content

ID: 73bbb9222d No.1290

One time I went to the bar with my mom my girlfriend and her sister well I followed my mom home and helped her into the house helped her up to her room grabbing her boobs the hole way she was just laughing n saying stop I told her to shut up she knew she liked it she just laughed more when we got to her room a laid her down she instantly pretended to be passed out so I stripped off her clothes and started to play with her boobs and fuzzy pussy I even licked her pussy for a few seconds I wanted to fuck her so bad but I was to drunk to get my dick hard I quit eating her pussy and left because my girlfriend was waiting in the car… FML I'd kill for this chance again I fantasize about it daily

ID: aeda28f02e No.1299

My mother drinks a lot as well .. Sometimes I'll throw my hands in my pants like in just warming my hand or watev.. I'll grab my shit and I catch her looking but not saying anything while she's trying to be discreet sometimes I can't tell if I should just pull it out or blatatly just make it more obvious I'm not warming my hands .. I'll post pics if someone will do the same if there own

ID: dfd1bf5a57 No.1300

I'm going to my moms today! I'm going to try something I'll post the candid pics I have if you do tho

ID: aeda28f02e No.1301

I'll do the same

ID: 52d496e40e No.1302

Phone won't let me upload anything .. If you have an e-mail or Something I'd love to chat/ trade stories or wateva

ID: 8a079f9fd1 No.1304

What's your story?

ID: 4b90db7bf5 No.1344

Bump for stories

ID: b821195c61 No.1403

So for a while I went through a cuckold phase with my wife. I enjoyed seeing her fuck other men. So I found a chat group on kik about wife sharing, we would post pics and stories and try to bang each other's wives. Most of them were full of shit and probably didn't even have wives. Just there to chat with cuckolds like myself. Anyways, one guy was right down the street from where I lived so I asked to private chat and he agreed. We talked a few minutes I showed him my wife and he said he'd be over later that night. He told me he couldn't wait to fuck her because he had known her for a long time. I didn't even think to inquire about it because we live in a small town, so that's normal. My wife loved to be blindfolded and tied up, it gave her a thrill. So he shows up, goes in and busts like 50 nuts before finally leaving. I never heard from him again until about 6 months later when me and my wife were shopping. I seen him first but didnt go say anything because at this point the cuckold phase was pretth much over and felt like it would be awkward. Then my wife spots him and starts yelling his name and runs up and gives him a big hug and they do the normal small talk shit. The whole time he smiles at me and winks pretty much every chance he can and puts his finger up to his lips to say "sshhhh" as me and my wife walk away. So I ask my wife who it was and she said it's her uncle that none of the family talks too because he travels all the time. My. Jaw. Dropped.

ID: ce045f96de No.1404

Wow that's crazy…good story thanks for sharing

ID: c377ff2a46 No.1431

More stories please even if its just you spying on a family member changing or fantasies

ID: 95c093d2f7 No.1452

Bump come on nobody has any stories?

ID: ca409226b7 No.1453

My ex when she was younger would get her pussy played with by her grandpa. He would wait till she went to sleep then pull down her underwear and rub her pussy. But alot of times ex was awake and just pretend to sleep because she didnt know what to do. He would also have her sit on his lap when he was hard and have her rock back and forth on him. She never told anyone except for me a long time after it happen.

ID: ca409226b7 No.1454

Same ex also when she was younger did stuff with her younger brother. She would get them both naked then would play with his dick or get on top of him and grind on his stomach and dick. He would usually play with her tits. Went on for a few years before their dad caught them

ID: 288041c209 No.1463

Awesome story. When I was younger my big cousin used to baby sit me one time she showered with the door open I watched her from on top of the stairs getting in and out she had an amazing body I used to grab her boobs when we both fell asleep watching TV I think she was awake a few times..I'd still give my left nutt to fuck her

ID: 52f6ac2c65 No.1465

Be me
Home alone
See sisters room open
See ipad of my moms that sis uses
Looks through pics
Sees ass
Instant hard on
Months go by
Same thing but my sisters computer
Camera app had plenty, vids, pics, hooked up my hardrive and im good

ID: 61779ab1f2 No.1466

Prove it.

ID: 75d9d002b8 No.1470

Me and my u 2 cousins did stuff when we were young touch tips rub up against her and everything we got caught eventually then a few years later me and my one cousin got caught with and a different cousin did stuff for a few years I mean everything then eventually we just got bored with it and stopped

ID: 0ee60e1aa4 No.1471


post it or fake

ID: 4122c32d90 No.1476

You wanna cum to my sister? I will oblige.

ID: 95bcec98a7 No.1478

Yes please.

ID: 826da8c750 No.1479

Well my mom is having a get together and fireworks for the firth of July at her house I'm sure a lot of people will be there but I doubt anyone stays except me and maybe a few other family members she's a bit if a drinker so I plan on getting her extra drunk and hopefully getting some alone time with her and see how lucky I can get…wish me luck I will try to get some titty and pussy pics she has a great body for being over 50

ID: 2addf5abfc No.1481

I ate two of my sisters pussies and played with their tits. One was asleep when I did those things, the other was awake. Neither did anything for me though, so I used to just jerk off after. One time I rubbed my cock between her thighs against her pussy until I came.

ID: b56779456c No.1511

I used to shoot loads of cum into my sister's clean panties so that she'd have my jazz all over her pushy without knowing it

ID: b56779456c No.1512

Jizz* pussy*

ID: 95bcec98a7 No.1515

Where's the anon with pics and vids of his sister?

ID: 1ee84707c5 No.3506

Except for that's bullshit little faggot. If you'd ever reall came in a girls panties and left it to dry you'd know that it dries hard and stiff as fuck, and there is no way it could ever be just not noticed against her sensitive pussy skin. You are a fffaa fa faa fukin liar!

ID: 33b4625cfc No.3611

When i was young maybe like 10-11 my older cousin (she’s like 5 yrs older than me) we would always dance to music, reggae to be exact and she would grind on me to the point that i would come in my underwear lol fast foward to my teen years id sleep over her house and she would always want to “help me” shower knowing daaamn well id be rock hard lol basically jerking me off with soap, she would shower also and even now (im 31 btw) if i go over her house she gets undressed infront of me no prob

And now to my younger aunt around the same time my older cousin would do those things i would dry hump my aunt moving fowrd that aunt ended up moving in with my me and my mom and sister and we ended up fucking for like 2yrs till we got caught.

ID: 4f08eb6347 No.3612

Sister recently “accidentally” sent me nude pic. Today after her shower (in just a towel) she bent over in front of my room, clearly exposing her pussy. Not sure she knew I was watching, but I can’t stop fantasizing about her. looking for advice.

ID: 94b6e80826 No.3670


advice = post pictures for us

ID: 05d30b295e No.3674

pics or it didn't happen

ID: 872d49d5a0 No.3696

My step-cousin's (uncle's wife's daughter) like two or three years younger than me and everytime we see eachother at eachother's houses we end up wrestling or chasing eachother one way or another. Sometimes I smack her ass or very intentionally grope her tits or legs. A few weeks ago I wound up burying her face into her sheets and holding her hands behind her, pelvis to ass. I was hard as rock too, so theres no way she didn't notice. She loved it too.

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