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ID: ba824b3aa5 No.727

I figured I'd start a thread of REAL, and I mean REAL stories of anything that happened to you growing up or anything recently. PLEASE keep it legit…people can usually tell when it's fake

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.728

File: 1442235393983.jpg (104.38 KB, 541x720, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

My story involves my Aunt. She was the youngest child of three, my mother being the oldest. The first memory I ever have of anything sexual was when I first spent the night at her house. She was married to her second husband at the time and for some reason they were keeping us for the night at their house, i dont remember why. We had been out all day and into the night so by the time we got to their house we had been asleep in the car for a while, so I was semi asleep and semi awake when we were brought into the house and changed for bed. All i remember was my clothes being taken off and my groin area being touched. I don't remember if it was because my underwear needed to be changed or if it was an accidental touch of the back of a hand maybe. I dont think it was anything sexual, it's just something i remember. The same night I woke up to use the bathroom and went to their bedroom to ask for help and I remember hearing noises from their bedroom. I walked in and asked for help and she jumped up and lead me to the bathroom, i know now she was nude but I didn't see anything but her butt on her way out of the bathroom as she didn't turn on the light until her way out. That was my first encounter with my aunt, i guess she was not doing anything sexual towards me but it was my first memory of her that truly stuck with me

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.729

My next encounter with family included my female cousin. When we were younger she had taken a really bad fall off her bike going down a super steep hill. She ended up in a body cast from the chest down to both her legs. She wasnt able to walk of course and had to be carried, if she wasn't being carried she had this wooden plank type thing on wheels (kind of like the things mechanics use to slide on cars)that she would lay on her stomach and push herself around on. The year that she was in the body cast was the same year we hosted Christmas at our house. All the adult were eating in the kitchen and the 4 kids had to eat in the living room. My sister and my other cousin sat on the couch while i sat in a recliner and my cousin in the cast was on her plank thing in front of me but to the side of my sister and other cousin. After we were done eating and watching TV i noticed her arm was under her chest (above the cast of course) and down between her legs. For a few min i got a good view of her ass and vagina (they had a huge section cut out for her to use the bathroom i guess). I sat there for a good 10 min and watched my cousin play with and finger herself. I had no idea at the time what she was doing, but, like the first experience with my aunt, it was a memory that stuck with me.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.730

not long after the Christmas incident my 2 cousins were spending the night at our house and all 4 of us were sleeping in the living room with my cousin sleeping on the couch. (not the same cousin from Christmas). By this time I was getting curious about my body and the bodies of girls. This story isn't that great, but it happened so I figured I would include it. While my cousin was sleeping i simple moved the covers and lifted her night gown and tried to sneak a peek at what she had down there, but she woke up and all I got was a panty peek.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.731

This story happened a few years after the others. Me and my sister were staying with my aunt who was now divorced. She now had a kid of her own and her was about 5. We were all watching movies and by the end of the first movie my sister and cousin went to bed. I was still awake and my aunt asked if I wanted her to start another movie, i said yes and she did. It was Ace Ventura 2. When it got to the part where the black tribe woman makes him horny and he goes into his hut to masturbate and then gets caught by the chubby white guy who was his guide, my aunt laughed kind of hard. I also laughed because she had laughed and she asked me if knew what was going on or if i laughed because she did, i told her i laughed because she laughed. She then asked me again if i knew what he was doing and i said no. She then told me he was masturbating and described that it was when a boy or man plays with his private area because it feels really good. She said that all boys and men do it. She told me i should try it when im alone and that i would enjoy it. Nothing else happened that night, but this is the event that I blame why i masturbate so much and became such a perv in my teen years.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.732

By this time i knew nothing about sex but I knew about masturbation and how it felt. Me and my sister had a tradition every Christmas where we would sleep in the same bed and try to stay awake to hear Santa. This one year was completely different. My sister asked me if i wanted to pretend that I was a boy she liked and do what adult do. I said sure and she told me to lay on my back and she mounted me. We both had clothes on though. She then said that I could touch her anywhere but her boobs or her girl parts. So i rubbed my hands up and down her sides and on her butt. She then said that people who like each other make out, but we wernt going to really kiss, she put her hand between our mouths and she acted like we were making out and she had me rub her side and butt. I never got a boner because i guess it didn't turn me on. When it was my turn to pretend she was a girl i liked she got off of me and literally kissed her hand and put it on my mouth and rolled over and went to bed. I assume she, at that point had felt ashamed of what she had just done. Im not sure if she got off on me or not as i don't remember if she had grinded me or not

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.733

By this point I still wasnt aware of what sex really was but I was always touching myself because it felt good, i used to draw nipples on my sister's barbies and rub them on my dick and simulate what my sister had done to me the prior Christmas. This story is where I got to see a girls parts for the first time. My sister asked me if I wanted to play a game where we take turns kissing each others private parts, i was always eager to hang out with my sister and feel included in anything she did so I agreed. She said we would take turns kissing the front and the back of each others privates. She laid down first and had her pants and panties off. So i bent down and kissed her private area. It was then my turn and i took my pants off and she told me to close my eyes and she kissed my private parts. Now it was her turn again and she laid on her stomach with her pants off and i kissed her butt, and in turn she did the same with me. We did this back and forth for a while and at one point i opened my eyes while she was kissing my privates and realized she was kissing two fingers and the touching them to my privates and not actually kissing my privates. I got mad and told her she wasn't following the rules and she said she would do it from now on as long as we did more than kissing. She told me that adults lick each others privates and we should do that. So, like always, i went first and she laid down bottomless. I licked her privates and i had to lick between her butt before she said it was my turn.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.734

When my turn came she said that girls don't lick boy they just out boy parts in their mouth and she put my penis and testicles in her mouth. I remember feeling the warmth of her mouth and the movement of her tongue. We literally stopped after that and I asked her why she didn't have to lick between my butt and she told me girls didn't do that to boys

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.735

At random times my sister would have friends over and they would often want to play games. Im not sure if she would tell them what we had/would do or if they would ask. But either way she would often ask me into her room and tell me if they showed me theirs would i show them mine, and i always would. So she actually hooked me up by seeing a lot of her friends nude. 2 times really stuck in my memory. One was with her and a red headed friend where i made them walk in circles with their pants off and i agreed to do the same, but the best part was my grandma came home before i had to do my walk. The second time we were in our swim wear and she told me if i took my clothes off under my towel that her and her friend would do the same, so i did and so did they. She then said if i took off my towel then they would too, so i did and so did her friend, but she, herself, did not but her friend ripped it off anyway

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.736

A lot of years went by where nothing happened. By this time I had come into my main perv stage and would often go through my cousins underwear drawers and their personal items. One time at Thanksgiving at my aunt's house (the middle sister on my mom's side…the one with the two girls close to my age) i was snooping through the family computer looking for pictures. This was when computers were just becoming a common thing and the internet was taking off and cameras were starting to become digital(back when you had to put a floppy disk in the camera itself) and i managed to find pictures of my oldest cousin nude with a female friend of hers and some pics of them doing sexual acts on each other. This story is lame, but it involves family and i used those pictures for masturbation for years until I lost the disk some how….still mad about that. This was the same cousin whom i had seen masturbating a few years earlier at Christmas.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.737

For many years I would steal women's panties(i would actually staple their pictures to them and sell them to friends)I would steal my cousins', my aunts, my sister's friends' and any female's panties whom i could get enough alone time in their house to grab a few pair. There was one time where i got greedy, part because i got a thrill for doing it and partly because of the demand for the panties from friends. This time I was baby sitting my cousin and when he went to be i went into my aunt's room looking for anything sexual i could find and to grab as many dirty and clean panties as I could. I managed to find a collection of penthouse forum books and a huge amount of toys. I licked and sucked on all her toys, most were dildos and anal beads. I beat off and came all over her dildo and was even pervy enough to rub her tooth brush in my cum.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.738

I ended up taking probably 15 pairs of used and clean panties that night. The next few days I remember her telling me she thought the men who remodeling her house were stealing items. It always made me smile knowing it was me. Well there was one night I was at a friend's house and my dad had to go into my room to get to the attic and he managed to see the box of panties I had stored up with the pictures stapled on them. Needless to say when I got home my life was hell. My dad beat the shit out of me and it broke my mom's heart, i remember her crying while she told her sister (who the panties belonged to). They ended up sending me to the a menatl doctor about why I did it. I remember telling him it made me a lot of money lol, he told me i needed to find a better way to make momey lol

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.739

I took a lot of heat after they found the panties for a long time. One of the things they made me do was explain to my aunt why i did it. The worst part of that was that her thrid husband, who was a hard ass, asshole type of guy, felt the need to sit there with her while i explained everything. He soon walked off acting pissed and saying some really shitty things about me. My aunt kept telling me it wasnt my fault and that its normal for boys to be curious, but stealing was wrong and I would not be allowed anywhere in her house alone ever again. A few hours later when her husband left for work she asked me again if i really sold them of if i kept them for myself for personal use. I told her i got a thrill from stealing and it was exciting. She asked me if I had ever gone through any other stuff of hers as she had noticed stuff had been moved and other items were missing that were not found.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.740

I told her I had taken her penthouse forums and that was it. She then asked if I had seen or touched anything else that was in the same drawer as her forums. I lied and said no, so she then asked me how come her toys were moved around then. I told her they must have been moved when i took the forum books. She told me if i wasnt honest she would tell my mother about all the jewelry that was missing that she knew i had also stolen. So i told her i had looked at all her toys and held them. She asked why and i told her i was just curious. She said it was ok but they were personal items and not mine to touch. She then asked if there was anything else i needed to tell her and that talking about all of this was a great first step in fixing my personal issues and her trust issues with me.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.741

I told her that was all that had happened and i told her that her son was asleep the whole time and didn't know what I was doing. She then asked me why I took so many pairs of her panties knowing she would noticed. I told her i figured she wouldnt notice, she told me that there was no way i figured she wouldn't notice. So i told her that a lot of my friends requested more panties from her. This is when it got kind of weird as she obviously got flattered that her panties were being asked for. She told me had I been honest with her she would have given me panties to sell. (lets be honest though, who the fuck would ever assume that a family member would be ok with you selling their stuff to sell). She actually went to her hamper and pulled out like three pairs of panties and handed them to me along with a bra.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.742

I just stood there like a deer in headlights. I asked her what they were for and she said for me to sell. I just stood there not saying a word and after like3 of the longest minutes ever she said that im not mentally ill or sick in anyway, she said that most boys my age are perverted and curious and she would rather give me what i wanted than have me steal them and possible get arrested and labeled a sexual deviant by taking them from other women. She walked into the kitchen and left me standing there looking and feeling stupid as fuck. When she walked back in she caught me pulling the panties she had given me away from my face (lets be honest, who doesnt sniff a woman's panties). I apologized for what she saw me doing and i actually started to cry

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.743

She assured me it was normal and that my uncle would do the same thing from time to time. She took off her shirt and told me to turn around and a minute or so later told me to turn back around and was hold her bra and a pair of panties. She told me to smell the bra and i did, she told me that bras will usually smell like a woman's sweat. She then told me to smell the panties and told me that each woman smells different and that is what she smells like. She told me to keep both items but told me i owed her $50 for the items she had given me. I then asked her if women taste the same way they smell

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.744

She laughed hard and said it doesn't matter because she was not going to let me "taste her", she said that was pushing it and she asked for all the items she had given me back. I told her i was sorry and wouldn't ask again and asked to please keep the items. I told her that I had tasted her toys and sucked on them. She then asked for the items back again and told me this had gone way too far and she was sorry she let it go on and that it was all very wrong. She asked me to leave and that was that.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.745

sorry that last story was so long

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.746

Nothing had happened with my family since my last encounter with my aunt. But there was some stuff that happened with people who are now my in laws. Before i married my wife i actually fucked all 3 of her younger sisters (not at once) and even fucked her mom. This was all before me and my now wife started dating. One of her sisters was married, one was in college and the other had literally just turned 18 and was still in high school. He mom of course was married as well. My wife only knows that I fucked one of her sisters as we actually dated before i realized she was psycho and started dating my wife. Needless to say that no one in her family like me….except the sister that's right below her in age and her mom, everyone else seems to hate me

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.747

Years and years later (while i was dating my future wife) we had a family vacation at the beach, it was me and my girlfriend, my sister and her kids, my mom and her two sisters. The was one night where my aunt had been drinking all day and was acting sloppy and kept crying how no one in the family (her sisters or her mom or dad) every really cared for her and some other shit. My mom and other aunt seemed very annoyed and didnt want to hear it. When me and my girl friend came to their room she ran up and hugged me and said i was an awesome man who was always sweet to everyone. I looked at my mom like wtf and she just shrugged her shoulders. It was at that time i noticed how hard my aunts boobs felt on my as she hugged me. When she left me go and walked into the other room i asked my mom what was up with her boobs and she said she got a boob job. My aunt kept drinking the rest of the night and around 7pm everyone wanted to go eat. I didn't want to go because im not big on going places with larger groups of people. So i stayed behind and they didn't let my aunt go because the bitch couldnt even stand up.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.748

So i was sitting in our room watching tv and my aunt walked in from their room and sat beside me, talking some shit about how my mom always ignored her and shit. I didnt really care bc she was acting like a dumb ass college drunk blonde bitch. She randomly asked me if i still stole panties and sucked on women's toys. I got pissed and told her that i was young and the past is the past and to drop that shit. She felt the need to tell me how she will always remember how sick i was then, then called me a dirty pervert and said i probably used her toys on myself. I fucking flipped and told her to leave and go be a druken bitch in her own room. She got up and went into the bathroom. A few min later i heard a thud and so i ran to go see what happened and sitting on the toilet nude

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.749

i turned away and walked away and she came storming out and shoved her panties in my face and got them in my mouth and yelled "that's how i fucking taste you faggot". I bit down on her hand hard and tried to get out of the room. She came up behind me and grabbed my junk so hard it felt like i got kicked in the balls. At this point i can honestly say I have no idea what i was thinking or if i was at the point i was just sick of her shit

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.750

I slapped her hard and told her she was an old bat shit crazy lady who was trying too hard to stay young. I pushed her on the floor and got down myself and licked her clit and stuck my tongue in her vagina and the jammed my fingers in her vagina and rammed them in so hard i felt like i was punching her, i then sucked my fingers and screamed, no bitch, this is how you taste. I got up and went to drive off for a while but she started screaming i violated her and i asked her what she thought jamming her panties in my mouth and grabbing my junk was and that we were now even. She got up and said i was just a scared faggot and that why i sucked on her toys. I told her to eat a dick and called her a dumb bitch. She told me she would bite my dick off. I literally pulled it out and told her to try and i would beat her to death. Needless to say she started sucking my dick.

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.751

So in her drunken rage and my blind anger of being called a pervert and a faggot and all the shit she brought back up from the past we ended up fucking. I don't remember a lot about the fucking except it was in the hallway of the room and that i was doing it from pure hatred and was trying to hurt her. I know i bit her nipples so hard i felt like i was going to bite them off and i remember fucking her so hard that my balls actually hurt for like 3 days from slapping against her, i remember her vagina looking purple after i was done and i remember making her cry and shit on herself when i jammed it in her ass. Sorry i dont have more details about the sex, i was literally blind with rage. Afterwards i left and remember freaking out about how i was going to lose my girlfriend and probably my family when she told them what happened. I didnt come back until the next morning and nothing was said, she never said a word to me about it and acted like nothing happened. I dont know if she remembered or not but i guess that doesnt matter, i admit i had always wanted to fuck her when i was a virgin and how sick i felt that i had done it

ID: ba824b3aa5 No.752

I have other minor stories about how i used to spy on my mom in the shower and masturbate, but nothing really exciting. I told all the stories where stuff actually happened, not just me spying (except where i masturbated to my cousins pics). I swear on my patapaw's life (grandmother) these stories are true and are in order of when they happened. Ive never told anyone about any of these and it feels good to type it all out. I dont think i broke any forum rules, if i did then the mods can delete the posts…but like i said im not aware i broke any rules. I want to know if anyone else had any thing like my stories happen to them…only REAL stories. I know i can't be the only one.

ID: 972633f996 No.753

Back in my younger days I had a cousin I used to play around with. She was never shy about showing off her stuff if you should her yours. We were looking at her dads porn mag stash one day, and decided to give some of the things we saw in the pics a try. I licked her pussy, and she tried to suck my dick, but only put her mouth around the head and closed her lips on it. She wouldn't let me fuck her though, only touch her pussy with my dick. So I would run the tip of the head up and down her slit, rub her clit with the underside of my dick, and lay my dick lengthwise along her slit and push back and forth like I was actually fucking her. It must have felt good for her because she would moan, her pussy would get really wet, and I would cum so hard it would shoot all the way to her tits. No it wasn't as good as doing the real thing. I still remember the first time we did that thinking wow my dick is actually touching a pussy. Which at that age was not an easy thing to have happen. We did that for several years until we got old enough to get boyfriends/girlfriends.

ID: 979ea4c53a No.759

dude let me fuck your aunt

ID: fd9c4f7d7c No.767

This happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My dad would always leave for work at about 5 in the morning. Everyday my mom would always come to my bed to get some more sleep (I dont remember why she would always come to my bed). I remember one time when I woke up she was lying next to me with her eyes closed (I dont think she was sleeping) She was wearing like a pijama dress with buttons on the top. She was not under the sheets and one or two buttons were open. I was curious as to what her breast look like so I began to open the rest of the buttons, I think she had like 4 or 5 more. I managed to open all of them and I slowly started to move one side of the pijama to one side so I could see her boob. Suddenly she moved or something and I got really scared so I really quickly got up and ran out of the room. I was standing next to my room for about a minute or so and I decided to go back inside. When I went back to lay in my bed again I saw one of the boobs was fully out(I'm pretty sure she was not asleep and she knew what I was trying to do so she just took the boob out herself, it would not be possible for the boob to just slip out so she must have took it out herself) I went to lay next to her again (she still had her eyes closed pretending to sleep) and I started to look and touch the nipple. I remember I was touching it with my finger and I put my whole hand on the boob and squeezed it gently to see what it feels like. After that I stopped and I cant remember what happened next but I wish I could. This is real story

ID: fd9c4f7d7c No.768

This is another story with my mom that happened a couple of years after the first incident. I think I was about 10 or 11. It was a really hot summer day and I was just playing outside. I used to live in a place where we had like 6 blocks of flats next to each other. My mom would always come out on the balcony and shout for me to come home for dinner. I got home for my dinner and I sat at the table and my mom brought me my food. I dont know why but she was wearing like a kind of black fishnet top with no bra underneath. It wasn't like a proper fishnet top but you could still see underneath. I remember her nipples were popping out of this fishnet top and I could really see them from close. She handed me my food and went back to the kitchen. I dont remember when happened afterwards but I think I just ate my food and went back outside.

ID: fd9c4f7d7c No.769

Another one from when I was young, nothing special though. I think I was still like 10 or something. I dont know why but my mom would always get changed in the toilet without closing the door. One day I was just walking out of the living room (we had corridor going from the living room into the bathroom, kitchen and my room and at the end of the corridor was the bathroom) and I saw my mom completely naked, getting dresses. She was standing sideways so I didnt see that much, but when she was me she turned her head towards me and her body kind of twisted my way too so I could see her boobs. I looked at her boobs and then at her, we shared an eye contact and then I just went back into the living room without saying anything. I cant remember what happened next

ID: fd9c4f7d7c No.770

Thats the last most recent one. I think I was about 16 or 17. We moved house couple of years back. It was a hot summer evening. We had a big garden at the back of the house with like a swing. My mom would always go there and water her flowers etc at the evening time. I remember I was hungry back then so I went to the garden to ask my mom if she could make me some food.(I dont know why I just didnt make anything myself). Anyway I went to the garden and she was just swinging on the swing. She was wearing like a white tight tshirt but it was kind of see through. I dont know why but she was sitting on the swing and she had her bra next to her. I came up to her and asked if she could make me anything to eat. I noticed the bra next to her and then I kind of quickly looked at her boobs in the tshirt(you could really see her nipples through the shirt. I remember they were kind of small and dark colour thats why I could see them) and then quickly looked back at her. She noticed me checking her boobs and she kind of crossed her arms trying to hide her boobs. She said she will come and make me some food in 5 minutes. I said ok and I went to play with the dog at the entrance to the house. I saw her walking towards me and the house still without the bra underneath and I could really see her boobs through the tshirt again. I was trying not to look at them without making it obvious. We went to the kitchen and she made me some food and then left. I cant remember what happened next

ID: 47b143fd22 No.855

We I was younger, about 14, my step sister and I would fool around. It started by us sitting close together. At some point, we were both wearin shorts and our thighs were touching. She went and got a blanket and came back wearing only a nightgown with panties. She would slowly move her hand closer to my crotch and I moved mine to hers. This went on for a couple days until she finally grabbed my dick. Then we would masturbate each other for almost an entire year. At one point, we were naked and I tried to fuck her but she just wanted me to fuck her thighs. I was disappointed still came on her belly. We are adults now living in different states and never talk about it. I was visiting a month ago and tried ping hints that I wanted to ducks he wasn't picking them up. Oh well.

ID: ae2bc4a594 No.858

Why do these faggots ruin every incest thread with fake bullshit. GTFO.

ID: 47b143fd22 No.864

Not fake bullshit but believe what you want

ID: d8172eb316 No.1123

when i was in highschool we moved to a two-story townhouse type thing and the attic access was in my bedroom on the 2nd floor. my sister was 3 years younger than me and everytime she would go to take a shower i would climb into the attic and pull up the air conditioner duct of the bathroom just far enough so i could watch her take a shower. i did this for years. i wish there had been digital cameras back then.

ID: dfe2609ef6 No.1126

Pretty sure the majority of these "stories" are made up. That being said, most of you will likely think the same of mine.

It isnt legitimate incest, as it involved my step sister rather than an actual family member, and it was several years after before I came to understand what sex, or sexual contact in general really meant.

My mother married my step father when I was three. With that, came his daughter, who was 3 years older than me. Obviously, at that age, I was barely sentient, much less curious about the female body. So theres nothing to tell for the next few years.

Then when I was 6 and she was 9, we came up with this game, that I guess you'd describe as "kissing monster." In it she would slap her hands over her mouth, and it was my job to try to pull them away and kiss her. The rule was, if I managed to pull a hand away, she couldn't put it back. I cant remember how much we played this game, as it has been 20 years now. But one incidence stuck with me.

ID: dfe2609ef6 No.1127

We were playing our game on her bed. I managed to pull her hands away, and then held her head still to kiss her as usual. But it entered my mind to try something I had seen in a movie, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She seemed shocked for a moment, because I dont think that our game had ever involved more than little pecks. But then she lifted her nightgown, and said, "if you want to lick, lick me here," and pointed to her nipple. I of course still knew basically nothing about sex, and had no idea that it was anything but part of the game. So I licked her nipple. After that, she slipped off her panties, and said "now here" and spread her legs. It was the first time I ever remember really seeing a vagina. I dont think I really understood, but I did as she told me, and stuck out my tongue and licked it. With that, the game was done.

I think thats the day that really sparked my curiosity for the female body. After that point I began to sneak into her bed at night, which wasn't hard as we had bunk beds and I was on the top.

ID: dfe2609ef6 No.1128

She, like most kids, was a deep sleeper, and since she usually slept in a nightgown and panties, it was usually simple to touch her, even occasionally totally remove her panties altogether. I dont believe I ever licked her again. But I enjoyed touching, and sometimes smelling her vagina and ass.

There were a few times when she caught me, and told me I needed to stop, but most of the time she slept through it all. However, there was one night worth mentioning.

ID: dfe2609ef6 No.1129

That night, it was really cold, and we lived in a trailer with no central heating. Because of that, we had to share her bed. She slept at one end, and I, at the other.

The bed was small, and because of that, our groins were basically side by side. I waited for her to fall asleep, so that I could touch her, but was surprised when her hand settled on my thigh, and then slipped up into my shorts. This was the only time I ever remember her touching my penis, and I in turn, slipped my hand into her nightgown to touch her. We continued that way for several minutes, just softly rubbing each other, before going to sleep.

ID: dfe2609ef6 No.1130

That was the last real encounter with her that I remember, besides continuing to touch her at night. However she often had friends over, and never told them, although I believe she knew I touched them as well.

She moved out to live with her mom when she was 11, and it was 7 years before I began having sexual contact with other girls.

To this day I still have a fetish for sleeping girls, and have even touched or masturbated over a few, despite the obvious risks. I believe my encounters with my step sister played a large part in my sexual urges throughout the rest of my life.

ID: c693715706 No.1248

There was quite a few thing with my little sisters. One thing I can still remember very clearly is that me my youngest sister and my step sister were all playing a game in a dark cupboard. Kind of like blind mans buff but it being so dark I had my cock out gently stroking it while my two cute sisters fumble around in the dark because of this the first erect cock my little sister placed her hands around were mine. She turned on the light instantly knowing something wasn't right. Almost instantly she turned the light on as I had curled up in a ball and she thought it must have been my face. She asked if she could touch my face afterwards and obviously not the same. Fuck knows how I got away with that one.

ID: 91c94cb769 No.1258

I have a true story but it isn't really incest. Closest I have though. I have a male cousin that's about 2 years younger than me. He had a cousin (unrelated to me) that was only a few months younger than me, and when we were very little we would all play together. As we grew up, she got a bit chubby but with big tits and I was horny. Turns out she liked me quite a bit. First thing that happened was mid summer before we both turned 15. We were swimming in my cousin's pool and I remember I could see the outline of her areolas through her top because it became see-through in the water. I told my cousin and he told her and she turned sort of red and smiled at me before running back into the house to fix it. Later that summer we all went on a camping trip. We would all ditch our parents during the day and climb trees and I remember being turned on by her because her tits were big and I was horny and had never had a girlfriend. The two of us started talking privately and she told me stories about how she would sometimes find the girls toilets at school locked and when she managed to get in, she found a girl masturbating in there with pencils. The next day I managed to get her alone again and pushed her to tell me more. She finally told me that it was actually her doing it, not some other girl.

ID: 91c94cb769 No.1259

Finally, we all went fishing and everyone went off to find a fishing spot. The two of us wound up fishing together. No one else was around but we knew they could come back at any second. We started talking and the conversation somehow wound up about nipples. She said that no matter what, she didn't feel anything when she played with her nipples. I told her I didn't believe her. She said it was true and I told her to prove it, so she lifted up her shirt and showed me one of her nipples and let me suck on it. She sat there completely still while I sucked on it. I stopped and asked if she felt anything. Her voice was shaky but she said no. I ended up with my hand down her pants and played with her clit until she came. I asked her to stick her hand down my pants too and she did but then said I was really big and yanked her hand out. We didn't do anything after that.

ID: 91c94cb769 No.1260

I was so freaked out I didn't talk to her for the rest of the trip. Once we'd gone back to school (different schools) I messaged her on MSN and she ended up masturbating and playing for me a few times. I got cold feet and told her I didn't want to anymore though. If our family found out it would be the end, plus even though I was really into her and her tits, once I came it felt like a really bad idea again. We stopped doing anything for a few months. I turned 15 first before Christmas and then I went with my cousins to get their christmas tree. I sat in the back with her and I ended up sticking my hand underneath her ass and rubbing her while my aunt drove home. She tried not to make a sound. Absolutely nothing happened after that until I broke up with my first major girlfriend at 18. I messaged her and she sent me a story about giving me a blowjob. Last thing I ever got from her. She was a total weeb that wrote fanfiction and shit, so she was confident in her writing. I still have the story if you want.

ID: 56c9f14933 No.1262


Holy fucking christ dude that went from 0-100 real fucking quick

ID: ba61fe4ef4 No.1264

Im the brother of


I always spy on her and take pics, when I was 16 and she 15 we used to fool around, what do you want to know?

ID: ba61fe4ef4 No.1265


I love to see guys checking her out in public, posting her on the internet, reading what other people would do to her, reading why she is hot as fuck, etc.

ID: 2f9baa9587 No.1267

Can we have this story she wrote please?

ID: 56295d438e No.1513

I'd sneak into my sister's room when she wasn't home and Jack off, when it came time to cum I'd get a pair of her clean panties and shoot inside of them so she could unknowingly wear my semen. I also would sneak in while she was asleep and Jack off over her

ID: 2b6ae75eff No.1544


ID: f829a71a64 No.1567

When we were around 7 i think. My sister and i used to play doctor and would get naked when we played it. Was alot of touching and using those fake plastic kid doctor toys on each other. I used to take (not sure what it was other than a stick thing with handle) and put the tip of it in her pussy. And use the ear things and put them on her nipples lol

ID: f86ef28ee7 No.1578


Probably the only real story here

ID: 93797933f1 No.1584

When was younger me and my two guys cousins would do everything together we eventually stopped because we all started dating girls

ID: eb9ccab317 No.1585

My 16 yrld niece flashes me time to time, Rubs her pussy with her legs open with shorts on and giggles when noones around and the odd time she slaps my ass. Not going to react on it but would have been nice

ID: 78d9aa448a No.1590


I would agree. Cant believe how fake some of these are. Seems like more people would have gone through something similar when they were kids on experimenting with sibling

ID: b77d6de305 No.1592

LOL, my sister always had big tits, natural F cups, (has since had them reduced down to a D cup) when she was in high school (she is three years older then me) I used to always accidently rub against them, one time i tripped and took her down with me, just so i could grab them at some point. I even tried to "Accidently" drop by towel getting out of the shower. Nothing ever seemed to make her want to do anything. she did giggle when i dropped my towel. although she wasnt stupid. i stroked my cock to a hard on. so when i dropped it, i was erect. her only comment was. "Nice try. if you just got out of a shower, you wouldnt be hard" LOL. anyway. sometime around her graduation. she was drunk and came home one night. she was only 17. so if my parents caught her, she would be in deep shit for being underage and drunk. so she made a deal with me. if i didnt tell mom or dad, she would flash me and i could touch them. I asked her if i could jack off. she said fine. so She sat in my desk chair topless, and I sat on my bed and jacked it. when i was about to cum. she told me to put a sock on it, and jerk into the sock, which i did. she then told me to put it in her hamper under her clothes and she would wash it, so mom and dad wouldnt find out.

that was all that ever happend between us. i used to peak at her from time to time

ID: 1ceb08fcf3 No.1593

"so she made a deal with me. if i didnt tell mom or dad, she would flash me and i could touch them. I asked her if i could jack off. she said fine. so She sat in my desk chair topless, and I sat on my bed and jacked it. "

So you didn't touch them? If you did give us some details, what were they like, how did she react, did you get to suck on them?

ID: 83114f3398 No.1601

I wanna fuck my mom so bad! I ate her pussy once when she was passed out drunk (I think she was pretending) she has a great body for her mid 50s I've seen her naked a bunch of times I used to peek at her in the shower when I still lived with her…I've told her I wanna fuck her but she says she just can't I need to get her drunk again!

ID: a00941e0e7 No.1605

I have a niece who is only two years younger than me. She used to spend the night and sneak into my bed after the rest of the family went to bed. We'd make out. Play with each other. I'd finger her, rub her clit and suck her tits. She'd give me handjobs. She liked to ask questions like "does your girlfriend do it like this? Or do I do it better than her?" We stopped when she got a boyfriend who she eventually married. Holidays are awkward but I still catch her staring at me. If it wasn't for her getting a boyfriend I think I would have been able to fuck her eventually. Her smile and lips remind me of porn star Brandi Love. So I can imagine her going down on me thanks to Brandi Love vids. haha

ID: 1e1311fc13 No.1659

Saw my sisters puss

ID: ea9f1e8d05 No.1661

How? Details? Story?

ID: c6bdecdf5a No.1990

> My sister and my other cousin sat on the couch while i sat in a recliner and my cousin in the cast was on her plank thing in front of me but to the side of my sister and other cousin.

.. can you draw out the orientation of this on mspaint

ID: 02609a14c2 No.2530

this is all true with minimal embellishment. This story is why im in love with my sister. my sister and i used to share a bed up at my cabin up until we were about 14 and 15, and it was on the other side of the house as our parents room so we alwasy felt pretty isolated. we would talk about everything, like all the stuff we did at school, but also more intimate stuff. the first time anything happened i we were like 12.

ID: 02609a14c2 No.2531

we started talking about boyfriend girlfriend stuff and she asked if I had kissed anyone, i said no, and she asked if id like to, so i said sure. we made out for a while and then she turned over and went to sleep. i woke up later and the bed was shaking. i didnt know it at the time, but i think she was masturbating. like a two or three years later we were back, it was rainy all day so we played board games and cards. eventually we ran out of games so we started making some up. eventually we went to our room and our parents went to bed. she told me she wasnt tired and asked if i wanted to play a new game, i said sure.

ID: 02609a14c2 No.2532

she blind folded me, made me lay in bed, and after some shuffeling, she got in next to me. she told me object of the game was to guess what you were feeling. my fingers felt something kind of soft with a nub on it. her tit. i guessed her knuckle. she said correct. she grabed my hand and moved it. another soft mound with a harder nub. her other breast. i feign ignorance as i circle the nub, feeling it harden. i guess her other hand. she whispered correct. she placed my hand just below her mounds and slid my hand down her stomach. I slid my hand around lower and guessed belly, she said correct. next she placed my fingers in her in her mouth between her teeth. she said i should wringgle my fingers to get a better idea. I was confused (as i could clearly feel her teeth) but obliged. i guessed mouth and she gargled correct. she removed my fingers from her mouth and there was more shuffling as i felt her turn around.

ID: 02609a14c2 No.2533

she wrapped her hand around mine and pressed my fingers against something moist. she moved my hand lower, and i could feel where the curve of her inner thigh met her ass. she wrapped her fingers around mine and slid them into a wet fleshy tube. understanding the point of the mouth earlier, i began wriggling my fingers. she immediately grabbed my hand and it felt like she was shaking. the shaking stopped and i guessed mouth. she didnt say anything. my fingers slid out and up her slit, causing her to jerk. there was shuffling and she said she was tired so we should go to bed. we played the game a few more times, but once we turned 16ish it stopped. we made out one more time at the end of high school (drunk party bet that kept going later). were both in our 20s now and nothing has happened recently, but any time shes drunk she gets very touchy feely with me.
secretly hoping eventually we have more encounters, but im not going to push it. I do love her after all

ID: 02609a14c2 No.2534

i am thinking about making this a scene in my book between two main characters (not between a brother and a sister, not at a cabin) that will be just for her. assume everyone else will think it was my high school crush (fooled around with her some too) critiques appreciated!

ID: a845152af3 No.2536

This is a good story, but it is lacking something – characterization. These character didn't have any personalities or uniqueness that came through. It could have been a story about any two random people.

ID: 19a9e19b47 No.2597

All I have is a non-incest story.

>be 12

>have brainwashed mother and occultbabbling stepfather
>he's convinced I'm an evil spirit and edipic too
>stepdad decides to get the evil out of my body at cock's point
>grabs my ass, once licks it with the excuse of a "treatment"
>being retarded, I don't see it coming
>makes me suck his cock
>wouldn't had been as bad had he not kept belittling me, making me say weird shit and asking me loaded questions like how many times I had done that to my schoolmates
>hold it two hours, spill the beans to mom
>she throws him out
>the sound of no police sirens should have been obvious, but it isn't
>that night we have a talk
>"Anon, I could do anything to fix this. If you want to, I can bunk with you and make you feel like a man again".
>refuse because retardation (namely, I was afraid something bad could happen because she's pregnant, and because fucking her would be proving stepdad right)
Anon has gained Rare Fetish: Pregnant_on_shota + incest.
>a week goes by
>mom guilt trips me into not telling my dad
>he returns
>mom guilt trips me into forgiving him
>he's back in
>a week goes by
>he grabs my cock and makes me cum
>he licks my ears, rubs his cock on my ass
>make a passing remark to my mom
>"Oh, well, tell me if something real bad happens"
brain.exe has stopped working
>eventually sucking cock, being buttfucked and waking up to a finger in my asshole
>being a cumrag is now another chore: do your homework, clean your room, take the semen
>never thell mom, for the good that it's done before…
>leave at 13 for grandparents' house

ID: 19a9e19b47 No.2598

Fast forward -six years later

>go back to hometown, this time to dad's house

>dad's a control freak, schizotipal and psychopatic
>little sister has weird attitudes
>she opens her towel when coming out of the bathroom and tells me to "lookie"
>she licks my face at the drop of a hat
>she keeps telling me how good she is at "keeping secrets"
>always straddling me one way or the other
>reject her by playing dumbass because legality and because you don't shit where you eat
Anon has gained a new Hindrance: Lolicon
>meanwhile, find dad lefts porn lying around so my sister can see it
>realize dad was trying to ship us
>thus we'd have a dirty secret he could use to bend us to his will
>play even dumber
>she takes it personal
>relationship crumbles
>we part ways a year later
>time goes by
>she runs from home with Tyrone Jamal McSlumnigga
>gets pregnant
>gets dumped
Little Sister has de-evolved into Single Mom!
>she's back with my dad, under his tyrannical rule
>lots of physical violence, from what I hear

In both cases, it was a case of "woman scorned". My mom felt scorned by her man cheating on her with her son and then her son rejecting her gift-wrapped body, so she reduced the fucks she gav to zero. My sister got rejected by her first crush, a good-for-nothing teen, and escaped to get one of her own, while lacking actual capacities to face my father.

If I had fucked my mom, we could have built a relation strong enough to cast away that child fucker.
If I had fucked my sister the child fucker would have been me, but together we could have stood a chance to make it work.
I could have saved me.
I could have saved her.

Incest saves lives, guys.

ID: d4f08be791 No.3095

So I just recently got into this whole incest thing. Came across this site this morning looking online about stuff haha. Ive had sex with my cousin a few times now. Well 5 times to be exact. So when we were younger we kinda grew up close and at one point I lived with my aunt and uncle while my parents were going thru some stuff. It was me and my older sister by 5 years. My cousin that I am sleeping with now is my sisters age. I wanna say this was a period of time when I was between 8 and 10. We used to just play kid games like play house or play doctor and me and my cousin would sneak off to a closet or under blankets and kinda just explore each others bodies. Eventually he was fingering me and we would hump naked but never had penetration.

ID: d4f08be791 No.3096

So when I was like 10 me and my sister moved to florida with my mom and then I moved back to michigan when I was 21. Im 25 now. Ok so like 6 months ago my cousin was snapchatting me he was at some party at a bonefire. And we got to chatting thru snapchat text. Im sure it was cause he was drinking that gave him the courage to test the waters with me. He was kinda flirting and hinting at stuff and eventually just came out and asked if I remembered messing around when we were younger. I was super shocked cause I really just looked at it as child curiosity and burried those memories. He told me he has wanted me ever since and ive been his fantasy all this time. Then for weeks he would just text me and was super bold about stuff and was asking if I would ever consider doing anything. At the time I didnt know how I felt about it other than it was weird. I did admit to him I found him to be an attractive man but still he is my cousin! Idk how but he really convinced me slowly to try it at least once. I went over to his house to just hang out and see how things felt and he proposed we try to just make out for starters. Obviously that led to other stuff and we had sex. I didnt think I would be turned on or enjoy it and I definitely thought I would feel gross with myself after it was done but I was so wrong. It really was amazing like the most intense best sex ive had. And so here we are today and ive had sex with my own cousin 5 times…..so there I got it out lol. Feels good to get off my chest

ID: 35f81b9794 No.3097

Super sexy. He's a lucky guy.

ID: e5ec356033 No.3124

start dating this girl i used to work with, things escalte quickly after our 3rd date, we kiss. She finds out we are related, our great-grandmothers were sisters or something like that. I tell idgaf and to come over. Damn that was the best may long weekend i ever had lol. The whole time i spent making her hole sore. We must have fucked like nine times that one day. Just felt i had to tell someone

ID: e629f5129b No.3128

So im dating a girl who used to date my exs brother and found naked pictures of the brother on her computer. Decided to make a fake account pretending to be him and sent ex the pics of her brother.

ID: 200a8e7a62 No.3686

I was hanging out at my mother in law’s and my wife and her went to bed. My niece was visiting and was staying the night. I’m America and she is from England. At some point we started talking about sex and how far she’s been with a guy. She didn’t understand the whole baseball and based reference, so I had to explain it to her. Bless her, she thought that a boy reaching down her pants and grabbing her butt was 2nd base, so I had to explain that what I mean by doing things with your hands is touching each other’s private parts. I could tell she was very interested and she always told me that her friends all thought I was hot. I decided to see how far I could take it and decided to demonstrate what second base was. I grabbed her thigh and moved my hand up her leg and palmed her pussy through her jeans. Then I kissed her neck. I explained that this wasn’t considered second base yet. I then unbutton her pants and slid my hand down then and slid my middle finger inside her.

ID: 200a8e7a62 No.3687

She was so wet and just laying there and moaning. I explained this is second base. Then I continued to finger her until she came. I asked if she like that and she said yes, but she never felt that before even when playing with herself. Then I kissed down her body to her hips and pulled down her pants. I tasted her sweet little pussy do several minutes and I’m pretty sure she came again. I said that was third base, but it only counted if she did it to me. So I pulled out my cock and grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She stroked it for a little bit and it felt so good I almost came, but I didn’t want to hit yet. Then I grabbed her head and asked if she would put her mouth on it and she nodded her head yes. She put my cock in her mouth and it felt amazing. Just knowing this girl was my niece and my wife could come down at any minutes got me so excited. It wasn’t the best blowjob I had, but because it was wrong it felt so good. She seemed like she was nervous she didn’t want to do it wrong, but it felt great. I wanted to cum in her mouth, but I wasn’t sure how’d she take it. I went back to licking her sweet pussy.

ID: 200a8e7a62 No.3688

I said we’ve been to third base now, do you want to go all the way to home plate? She nodded her head. So I touched the head of my cock on her soaking wet pussy and rubbed it back and forth, then pushed it in slowly. She was so tight and I’m pretty big too. I went in a little bit further and pulled out almost all the way. I kept pushing it in deeper each time as I went. She was hurting, but I could tell she liked it. I never did get all the way in, because I didn’t want to hurt her, but I started fucking her faster and just before I came, I pulled out and shot my cum on her stomach. She looked surprised and almost grossed out a little, but I told her that I didn’t want to get her pregnant and I knew she wasn’t on birth control so I had to. I helped her clean up and we sat and talked a little longer. She asked if I liked her and if I enjoyed it and of course I said yes to both. She said good and said she liked it too. She admitted that it wasn’t just her friends that thought I was hot and that they all talked about me all the time. I said she probably shouldn’t tell her friends what we did though and she agreed. Now I am always trying to find reasons to get time alone with her so we can do it again. We’ve fucked a couple times since then, but I don’t get to travel to England very often any more. At least when I do, I know I’ve got a sexy little niece that misses her uncle very much.

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