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File: 1507096443336.png (156.89 KB, 500x304, [REQUEST] tina.png) ImgOps Google

ID: cc0d1ffdc5 No.42866

Okay….lets stop with the games….who has the wins….last thread was deleted, this the new thread.

ID: 82d09d8d8e No.42883

A f u c k i n idiot called laugh god who usually hangs around Vola boo b s and discord. He is a true leecher always asking for things and then never gives anything

ID: 7aa42dab45 No.42888

Need this. Been waiting… months… plz anon

ID: 7aa42dab45 No.42990


ID: 2f6c2332df No.43024


ID: 4e4726789c No.43168

yup, laughgod and maybe 2 other people have this and they wont give it up. they do ask for stuff all the time but wont share anything worth shit. if you come across laughgod dont even try to deal with him because he IS a leecher and you need to quit making his collection bigger. i hope his damn HD crashes and loses everything since he has the god complex and acts all high and mighty. he has this video and he has a lot of other stuff that you are probably looking for but wont share a damn thing. im not salty cuz i havent even been to the vola room in a long time and i could give a fuck less about discord.

ID: aaf1c98380 No.43188

kek, you do know he has a 1000 files uploaded and 40 gigs of videos up, he got vola pro or w.e it called from all the people downloading his files. You can call him a hoarder, sure but you can't call him a leecher unless you managed to upload more than him (i doubt it). You just sound like a bitter anon who can't talk to girls so you take it out on people who actually contribute to the community.

ID: 60bd72b629 No.43192

Pretty easy to upload the same 200 MB size 150 seconds length videos that you are just resharing every week to rakc up those ul/dl numbers.
I got nothing against LG, his Discord secret treehouse club or the fact that they want to hoard, but judging his resharing of already well known material as "contributing" is ridicolous.
When the scumbag community started everyone was sharing, nowadays every thread on every board is about this war between hoarders/cappers and leechers. It's a little bit sad.

ID: aaf1c98380 No.43194

if it was so easy alot more people would have vola pro currently, point stands he was dedicated enough to keep reuploading and that enough people benefited from the downloads for him to get his star. My final point is the whole reason things are being hoarded is because of numb nuts on anon ib/vola who come at the girls and scare them off, let alone whenever the vola as a whole tried to get wins off of girls there would always be a troll sending the girls the vola link. So you can blame the few that ruined it for the many. Before that yea mostly everything was being upped on the vola

ID: 8782078d3d No.43207

Trading=100% niggers

ID: 4e4726789c No.43211


I expected the laughgod nut riders to come and defend him. He uploads bullshit and shares bullshit but keeps everything that everyone wants for himself and wants to do trades for all of that or wants them to send him money. Nobody besides people like you are going to ride his nuts. I don't give a fuck, I have moved on from vola and discord. If people don't want to share, then don't share, but don't sit there talking about -I have this and I have that- and then posting teaser pics all the damn time and when asked to upload certain things lol about it. You can get the fuck out of vola, discord, and this board if you are going to be a douche like that because we won't miss that kind of bullshit. You can be delusional if you want because I have seen through laughgod's bullshit a long time ago. I can agree that idiots harass the girls and try to blackmail them and then scare them off and that being a reason why some files not being shared. But when is the best time to share these vids and pics? After the girl dies or gets fat and unattractive? When they stop using the internet for over a year? When you are done leeching all the content you can of her and get tired of the chase? It is all bullshit, and that is how we got that picture of her licking her boob in the first place, laughgod uploaded it to tease at it and then laughs when you ask him to share anything. Fuck the dude, and fuck anyone who defends him.

ID: 4e4726789c No.43212

That is why if he ever asks you source for anything or ask you for anything at all, just ignore him or laugh at him. He is just as bitter and gets just as butthurt as you may accuse anyone else of being. I don't have time for any of these bullshit games.

ID: aaf1c98380 No.43230

> kick laughgod off of vola and discord
> I don't use vola and discord anymore because of laughgod
So if you're no longer part of the community what are you griping about? Form a comprehensive argument and get back at me. You can be sour and bitch that he has all the wins but if you really want them you can go after them yourself. You're whining like a little girl rather than doing anything about getting those wins you want so bad. There have been hella chicks i would have loved uploaded but they either get forgotten on the roadside or people dont want to share. What do i do? Not bitch and move on with my life. The fact that you're holding such a strong grudge over boobs is pathetic, lol. For all that he has hoarded he's shared plenty, more than what most of what you bitter autists have shared. Wins won't be released ever because of the few who ruined it for everyone else. You can blame Laughgod all you want but I've been in the vola plenty of times where people specifically targeted him saying that they told the girl he uploaded from his own personal stash that he uploaded her just to fuck him over. Would you upload Tina if ungrateful fucks are trying to ruin your source of win? No. You wouldn't. I'm done replying to this thread you all can cry to each other how unfair the world is until it ends instead of actively trying to get wins for yourself.

ID: 4e4726789c No.43250

fuck off asshole. stop riding laughgods nuts. i have uploaded plenty. when ask by the lurkers who the girl is and what is the source i now ignore them because laughgod doesnt always sign in because he knows if he asks for anything when signed in he isnt going to get shit. so he tries to do that when he is not logged in and acts like he is just a visitor. i dont hold any grudges and i have moved on. why would i stick around when the same shit is being uploaded over and over again, and new stuff that i am not even interested in, and really nobody else could care about. im sure you are just another leecher but accuse me of all that you have. really, just go fuck off. im not going to be a piece of shit like laughgod and lie like a dirty dog to all these girls just to get wins. i could care less anymore. he claims that he cams with them and whatnot but he has paid girls before too and will say that he doesnt. i am just tired of all the leeching, deceit, and bullshit. i am tired of being around such shitty people whether it is on vola or discord or here on this stupid fucking board where nobody shares shit but censored photos, and they have wins but want even more wins, wont share what they have uncensored, make empty promises that if someone uploads something else then they will share what they have uncensored. it is all bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. fuck off and go away from here.

ID: 8782078d3d No.43251

Whole thread=too gay;didn't read

ID: c113109234 No.43254

Can confirm that LaughGod is a fucking faggot. He is the worst kind of hoarding scum

ID: 1b978ba805 No.43296

well the worst thing abut LG is that he is blackmailing UA girls in order to obtain goods. Girl from Cali has pressed charges towards him and his discord and vola pro. So he ahs it coming no doubt about that.Will be funny to see how he proudly thinks about Tinas vid in a small prison shower with a big mama c o c k sticking up his azz..he thought he was smarted than anyone

ID: 83c74256e9 No.43318

stop making stuff up

ID: 8782078d3d No.43336

Blackmailing is gay but moralfaggotry is Ricky Martin tier homosexual

Die in a fire you bitches who cry oceans of tears over age

ID: 4d72bb0e9c No.43340

I don't blackmail. I'm not the owner of any discord servers. I haven't used my vola room in months and when I did it was strictly 18+. If this girl really reported someone than it wasn't me. Do you have have any proof of your claims?

ID: 7aa42dab45 No.43365

Post more Tina and I'll believe you

ID: be85636136 No.43367

Its so fucking weird how hardcore you guys are about this shit.

ID: 7aa42dab45 No.43376

Yet hoarding and posting tease screenshots is not somehow weird and/or hardcore?

ID: c113109234 No.43414

Whoa, I didn't even consider him blackmailing but that explains a lot and really puts a twist on things. He hoards videos like a virgin hoarder faggot because he obtained them illegally by blackmailing like a creepy virgin faggot

ID: 29050712a6 No.43419

Wait a min, was the girl he blackmailed Lily?

ID: 76208f333b No.43450


ID: cc0d1ffdc5 No.43490

File: 1507582466966-0.png (612.18 KB, 829x751, shesfreaky.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1507582466966-1.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Tina_censored.png) ImgOps Google

Just got a bug drop…wins incoming??

ID: bd06dfcb5f No.43636

There will be no wins ever as long as Laugh God the op holds her wins. That son of a bitch leecher will never share. His way of acting is I take as much as I can request and then save it to myself and never share. He does that constantly in his discord channel on hidden channels as well. Many folks kindly help him and when he gets what he needs he just ignores them. That is the way laugh god plays his cards in this game. I would strongly recommend for folks who like me move on the hidden channels of discord to stop sharing anything with this son of a bitch motha fucker leecher who loves to black mail girls..right laugh god? If more then one user we start ignoring this bastard pig you will see how he will start sharing and not stealing peoples work.

ID: be85636136 No.43646

Nig its all weird. All of you begging to see a chick naked, all of his hoarding and blackmailing. Sad human beings.

ID: 90779a147d No.43656

Keeping the faith alive

ID: 60bd72b629 No.43658

It's the fucking vola, man. Before we were all anons, who wanted to share shared, who wanted to troll trolled, but they were faceless anons like everyone else so the responsa was lesser.
Now the trolls have a name, if they post censored screenshots or brag on vola or wehatever it sticks to them, it gets brought up constantly, every other thread on this board is some laughgod unbearable shit. This scene has gone to fucking garbage.

ID: 76208f333b No.43663

Both Anon-ib and vola have gone to complete shit. Mods cracking down on literally everything, hoarders being cunts everywhere, whiteknights ruining everything for everyone …

ID: 9b3e5b8d45 No.43679

laughgod is fitnessfreak014..look up his shit

ID: 78a2b2a600 No.43681

Things were better back in the day = Shit from the beginning

Now that mods and posters are trying to make it less shitty by putting up and spreading around good content and wins, the biggest assholes get to fight among each other over the CP scraps of non-nudes, will never be nude, and ittybittytitty stuffers while making threads like this.

ID: c7e1eb5282 No.43689

I remember at first people would give and receive wins and everything was great. Now anonib and vola is just a bunch of drama queens and greedy hoarders at this point. Basically modern America

ID: eb1ba73579 No.43729

vola is straight trash now with the mods hoarding and banning. Someone should create a new ygwbt vola room

ID: 4e4726789c No.43812

dont trade or do deals with ygwbtloverpc, ygwbtmobile, laughgod, laughdog, chryson. ygwbtloverpc is the more tolerable one out of the bunch, he is also the same person as ygwbtmobile but when you ask him about sharing stuff he ignores you or denies he has certain stuff that he has or he likes to share teaser screenshots but he does post and is a shining example of what laughgod should aim to be. you cant trust hoarders because they will leave you high and dry. they could care less about sharing they just want to build their collection larger, share more teaser screenshots to get someone to share something he wants but never returns the favor. i suggest everyone just hoard because laughgod pretends to be plenty of different people in vola and discord to try to persuade people to share with him, knowing they wont share with him if he is logged in under his name. this didnt only start with the tina video, it has happened countless times with different girls and different teaser pics he shared then laughs at you when you ask about it. i believe that blackmail thing too, maybe not UA girls but he has spoke on the subject of blackmailing and ive seen what he had to say about it even though he claims he doesnt do it.

ID: f46c73cbf7 No.43823

Ya'll ever seen a real titty? Like in real life?

ID: 8782078d3d No.43857

Too gay;didn't read

ID: eb1ba73579 No.43889

How lame does one have to be to hoard nudes? LOL

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